Suggested Readings: Rhyming and Non Rhyming Poems

Suggested Readings: Rhyming and Non Rhyming Poems

by Arnold Petrus


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ISBN-13: 9780977135301
Publisher: Petrus Publications, LLC.
Publication date: 11/28/2005
Edition description: PETRUS PUBLICATIONS, LLC
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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Work Sick Man! Wake up, work, eat, sleep
Repeat by tendency, by choice, by duty

Must show poise, show discipline
Show wit in situations deemed fit
Repeat by day, by hour, by second

Never show weakness, show jitteriness
Show less, stress, unrest or protest

Receive a wage to pay, to stay
To behave, to never complain
Repeat by week, by mouth, by year

Work Sick Man! Is happy, lonely, rich, poor
No more, no less...........No less, No more

He rode the bus, the train, the enjoyment
Of coming home to the
Happiest Life
Happiest marriage
Happiest children
Perhaps by fatherly love, earthly judge, heavenly might
in the morning, in the afternoon, in the night

Yet, in his hopes, the work, the marriage
The children share equally their time


Soon her weakness
will become darkness
and seek divine acceptance

She sat, She fell, She cried

I heard her say:
"What is life?"
"What is love?"
"Who am I?"

She waited, stared,
She languished in anguish
for answers from the place
Where pretense
makes no sense
Where guidance
is not a coincidence
Where a woman
will never mourn
near the front door
and secretly wish
for a friend who can encourage
less haste and more pace
less time mis-spent
those earlier days
those yesterdays' pain[s]
from those who taught her
How to point the blame
How to embrace the shame
How to allow everyone else
to gain acceptance into a heaven
that has never heard her say
as she walked away:
"Why marriage?"
"Why children?"
"Why darkness?"
"I am best understood in silence?"

Table of Contents

Part I. Time Of Separation

A Note To Miss Fibber
Do You Believe?
Resentment River
Deceptive Food
What Went Wrong?
On Certain Days
Her Elegy
Why Did She...?
Dined Alone
Her Last Boat Ride
Art Gallery

Part Ii. Time Of Love

A Note To My Wife
Healthy Marriage?
Six Weeks To The Day
Frozen Statue
Second Chance
Morning Ritual
Will She Notice?
She Still Remains
I Believe Her
Private Hours
Be A Man

Part Iii. Time Of Loneliness

A Note To My Daughter
Work Sick Man
20 Second Collisions
My Kind Neighbor
What Is It?
Just Listen
Dark Blue
True Friends
My Excuse Before The Act
Thirty-Three Steps
Sunday Afternoon

Part Iv. Serpent's Trickery

The Final Note
The Fallen Angel Belial
The Fallen Angel Lameck
The Fallen Angel Mammon
The Fallen Angel Domiel
The Fallen Angel Penemue
The Fallen Angel Kasbeel
The Fallen Angel Purson
The Fallen Angel Asmodeus
The Final Encounter
The Fallen Angel Dlonra Surtep

Part V. Spiritual Standards

Farewell To The Guilt
A Prater For Our Sisters
O' Lord
Valid Attempt
Petrwinian Iceberg
The Lights Were Dimmed
February 15Th

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