Suite Scarlett

Suite Scarlett

by Maureen Johnson


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ISBN-13: 9780545096324
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 05/01/2009
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

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Suite Scarlett 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 224 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've never been a huge fan of Maureen Johnson's. I know, it's a crime. It's just that none of the books of hers that I've read have made much of an impression on me. I do admit that she's a good writer and has some great story ideas, but out of the books I've read so far, I didn't really like them enough to say that she's one of my favorite authors. But, I think that may have changed after I read this book. While reading I thought to myself this must be the kind of Maureen Johnson writing that has made people fall in love with her. It's really good! She's witty, precise, clever, funny, and her whole writing style made this book completely enjoyable to read. It's got nice flow and has enough little quirky things to it that nothing ever gets boring. I'm definitely understanding what people like so much about Maureen. I'm a fan now. Besides the writing, there were, of course, other elements that I liked about the book. I really liked the reality of it all. Maybe not the reality of the plot, because I have a feeling that that part was meant to be not so real and more funny and captivating, but I really liked how the author was able to write about the setting and the characters so that it felt as if you were there and you knew them. I've been to New York once, like five years ago so I don't really remember a ton, but from reading this book I was able to understand the whole dynamic and feel of the city which was cool. I'd love to be able to go and spend a week or two among the crazy hecticness of New York. It seems like it would be a really cool place to live. And besides the setting, the characters were completely awesome. They each had some interesting personality trait that made them unique. I also liked how the cute guy in this story had things wrong with him! Yay! Cheers for realistic and screwed up guys. Sure, I'm not as fond of Eric as I am of more unflawed guy leads, but I do admire him for having the strength to defy the character mold. Ha. Overall, I think Suite Scarlett was a super great book. I loved every part of it and am looking forward to the next Scarlett book with tons of anticipation.
booksrgr8_teen258 More than 1 year ago
Suite Scarlett is a very good read. The climax took a little while to get there, but the author did not want to make it a nonunderstandable. I started to like Eric in the beginning but later in this book and the next kind of changed for the worse. He was there, but again his character seemed to change in every scene. Also, Mrs.Amberson is hilarious! I loved her charecter! She always made me laugh with all of her crazy antics! All in all it was an ok read. I do reccomend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay im one of those readers who when i read a book it HAS to be VERY INTERRESTING from the start!!! This one was!!! I think this book is one that teens can really relate too!! It has the annoying get everything-anything she wants little sister Marlene. The older sister and her rich boyfriend..the older brother who wants to act but has a culinary scholarship! And scarlett who is the main person!!! You will like this book...its pretty good!!!!
_cass_ More than 1 year ago
Suite Scarlett is a great book for tennage girls. Also, for young adult. This book is a great romance, comedy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson is about a girl named Scarlett, and she has to help run the family hotel instead of having fu during the summer. She eventually meets an actor named Eric and starts to date him after a little while. Throughout the book there are a few ups and downs is their relationship and Scarlett’s family, but eventually everything turns out the way Scarlett wants. I think people shouldn’t read this book because it really dragged on. It kind of confused me at certain points during the story because there was one thing happening then another without any parts of the book leading up to that point. For example, one of the chapters ‘The Good Burn’ ends with Scarlett running towards her mom to the next chapter ‘A Guest Arrives’ starting with Scarlett hearing someone come in and once she gets up she says “Mom?” It makes me wonder what happened between those two chapters. For the review that ‘Anonymous’ wrote I agree with him/her because I believe Maureen Johnson is a great writer. The only thing is that the books she writes doesn’t interest me, it sometimes confuses me. A few times I feel like there were unneeded things in the book. For example, “Something about her stance suggested that at any moment she might raise her arms above her head and superhero it right through the ceiling and every consecutive floor until she hit the sky”(Johnson 41). My favorite character is Eric, because somehow he managed to make Scarlett’s boring summer into a very busy, fun, and dramatic summer. I also like how special he makes Scarlett feel, because sometimes Scarlett will question Eric’s feelings for her. But he always manages to show her how much he likes her and that he won’t leave her for another person, especially someone famous. “In reply, a tall figure appeared in the doorway dressed in what looked like a blue silk karate outfit and little Japanese slippers” (Johnson 76). I like this quote because it’s funny how some people dress in public. My brother always makes fun of the way I dress but to think there are people who dress like this in public makes me more comfortable with the way I dress.
Winnie_the_PoohVP More than 1 year ago
This is a great book to read If you are bored. I assure you that you wont be bored anymore. Suite Scarlett is filled with romance, hotel rooms, and just plain fun! I loved this book alot and i know you will too!!!!!!!!!!
Bethsue4 More than 1 year ago
This was a surprisingly cute story! There were several moments when I found myself laughing out loud!
ImBookingIt on LibraryThing 18 days ago
A sweet, fluffy, fun book with entertaining characters and an amusing plot. I think my daughter will enjoy it as well. The strength of this book is in the characters. The action flows from them and their quirks. While the author focuses on Scarlett, each of the siblings gets a chance to show some quirks and some growth over the course of the novel.It's also a fun look into New York, into theater, into the world of a family run hotel.I felt that the romantic storylines (particularly Scarlett's) played out well as part of the story without overwhelming the other aspects.I listened to the audio version of this book. The narrator was pleasant to listen to and did a good job with her reading of Suite Scarlett.In retrospect, I wish I'd saved this book to listen to in the car with my 12 year old daughter when we go on a road trip this summer. I didn't like it well enough to re-listen this soon (there are very few books that would stand up to listening twice in a season!), but I'll look into some of her other books. I'll certainly be reading more of her work.
papersister on LibraryThing 21 days ago
This was just a fun book to read. A great light read that lets you dream about life in the city.
BookSwarm on LibraryThing 21 days ago
This is an older book, released in May 2009, but it's well worth the read. Scarlett was a fantastic character. She was bright, caring and a sane voice in an otherwise nutty family. I'm not overly-familiar with New York, having only been there once in my life, but this book just felt like I think New York should "feel" like. Scarlett was a true New Yorker, navigating the city that never sleeps with an ease only someone who lives there could have.The characters who surround her are fantastic. Her brother shines as a struggling actor and her best friend (in her family anyway). Her little sister cracked me up. She was such a demanding little chick, believing that everyone should bow and curtsy to her because she was once terribly sick (she recovered). And Mrs. Amberson, the C-list Broadway star, runs Scarlett ragged (and gets her moving outside of her comfort zone).There's a great little romance going on in Suite Scarlett, too. Hottie Eric is working with Scarlett's brother, Spencer, on an off-Broadway production, and Scarlett's in love.If you haven't yet had a chance to read this book, I highly suggest it. Maureen Johnson is one of my favorite YA authors--she captures the voice of each character so well and writes with a fantastic sense of humor. Suite Scarlett and the sequel, Scarlett Fever, are books well worth checking out.
DrApple on LibraryThing 21 days ago
A thoroughly charming book about romance, the theater, and being a teenager. Scarlett lives in a hotel which her family owns. The hotel is struggling when a strange woman, Mrs. Amberson, moves in a shakes everthing up. Hilarity ensues.
15ellisc on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I can't wait until my room at the Hopewell is ready.
Dinahsaur on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I found Suite Scarlett to be a fun and unique look into New York life. It is far from the typical tale of those living the high life in the city or the struggling performers scraping by on water and crust of bread between auditions... while it does have a touch of each of the above, it manages to portray a life that will bring both joy and frustration with the trivialities that we all have experienced.
evet on LibraryThing 21 days ago
For someone who loves NYC and loves theatre, this book was a treat from beginning to end. Scarlett was no idealized heroine. She had a bumpy ride of it during her 15th summer helping her hotel family make it through. I loved her three siblings: younger sister whose cancer brought out the worst in her, older "perfect" sister, and older crazy loveable brother. And then there is Mrs. Amberson, a full blown eccentric ex-actress with a heart of,not quite gold. Funny, fashionable, fun to read.
allthesedarnbooks on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I loved this young adult novel! I read Johnson's Devilish a few years and really enjoyed it, but for whatever reason, I had yet to pick up another one of her books. This was a great reintroduction. 15-year-old Scarlett Martin lives in a rundown, once-grand hotel in Manhattan with her parents and her three siblings. Her older brother Spencer is an aspiring actor, her older sister Lola is a beautiful neat freak, and her younger sister, Marlene, is a grouchy cancer survivor. Into the hotel and Scarlett's life breezes Amy Amberson, an eccentric rich woman and former actress. There's boy trouble, a troubled production of Hamlet with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on unicycles, and a little bit angst as Scarlett struggles with her family's financial situation. The hijinks and the drama never overtake the characterization and the realness of the novel, and by the end you feel like you're a Martin, too. I immediately went and bought the sequel. Four and a half stars.
stephaniechase on LibraryThing 21 days ago
Very cute, and a fun read. I think I actually would have enjoyed it more if I didn't follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter, because her wit doesn't entirely translate into her fiction work (and she is *so* funny in "real life.").
nomadreader on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I started reading it on the train home from our Christmas vacation, and I instantly liked it. It's the story of Scarlett, a delightful teenager who lives in a New York City hotel. Her parents own the hotel, which has declined in prestige over the years. There's some teen angst: her friends are all off doing exciting things all summer, and she has to work at the hotel. There's some romance too. I adore New York City, and this story is a partial ode to the city. Most importantly though, it's laugh-out-loud funny. (There's a joke about That's So Raven fan fiction.) The story dances somewhere between the ridiculous and the real, and it works.
ededman on LibraryThing 21 days ago
Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson was a great book. It was about a fifteen year old girl named Scarlett who lives in New York City. She has two older siblings, Spencer and Lola, and she also has a younger sister named Marlene. Her family owns a hotel which is facing financial trouble. Scarlett, Lola, and Spencer work hard to get more money for their family. Spencer is an actor and has a show that could help him make his career successful. A guest comes to their hotel and she stays there full time. This guest makes Scarlett¿s summer more exciting, and could even help the hotel survive. This book was good because the plot was interesting. The story kept changing and there were many parts to the story. Also, it was a fun book to read, so I wanted to keep reading it.
ShellyPYA on LibraryThing 21 days ago
Listened to on audio. Scarlett lives in the hotel owned by her family. Instead of getting a normal summer job, she has to help out at the hotel and is in charge of its only guest, the very exuberant Mrs. Amberson. Balancing her relationship with her brother and sisters, as well as a budding romance, Scarlett's summer turns out to be anything but ordinary.
samripley on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I loved Suite Scarlett from the very beginning. Johnson¿s writing is, as I said, hilarious, but also very true to life. She doesn¿t over describe things or pad her paragraphs with cliches. She writes the way I aspire to, almost as if you¿re just talking. Her characters are almost so real that they jump off the page; my favorite was definitely Spencer, the older brother unemployed actor. He and Scarlett have a connection that I wish I had with my siblings and it makes sense: they formed a bond when their little sister, Marlene, was in the hospital.Marlene is also an exceptional character: she had cancer when she was younger, so her parents don¿t boss her around and she acts like a spoiled brat because she can do whatever she wants. I loved the fact that she was like that. It seemed so real to me.The love story was cute and I loved that it wasn¿t the entire point of the story; there¿s obviously more to Scarlett¿s life, which is how it is in reality. And Eric seemed very true-to-life, although I thought she should¿ve dropped him at the end.Overall, I loved Suite Scarlett. However, it doesn¿t get a 5 star rating because of one thing that just niggled at my brain the entire time: the story didn¿t seem¿ finished. It felt like just an episode in Scarlett¿s crazy life, not something that totally changed as a person. Sure, there was character development, but it didn¿t seem SO significant. I know that there¿s a sequel coming out, so that might be why I feel like her story isn¿t over.
iwriteinbooks on LibraryThing 21 days ago
The Hopewell is a family owned, failing, but one time great, boutique hotel in Manhattan. Fifteen-year old Scarlett has just been given her own room to supervise and oversee when the space¿s newest occupant, a flamboyant ex-actress, bursts onto the scene. With her busy city friends out of town for the summer and a diva to tend to, Scarlett gives in to the whimsy of her charge is and taken for a very dramatic ride.You know those kids in school who would act out their scenes for the spring musical in the hallways? They would rehearse their Shakespeare monologues standing on top of the lunchroom tables and break into random song in the middle of math class? I¿m pretty sure Maureen Johnson has known a few in her time because Suite Scarlett is spot on. Under the guise of a story centered around hotels, Suite Scarlett is more about what happens when those kids grow up.The center calamity is focused on Scarlett¿s brother whose acting career has one foot in culinary school and the other in the grave. In order to convince his parents he shouldn¿t be shipped off to make souffle, he has to come up with a paying gig and soon. The most fantastic part about this was the detail to the actors both major and minor. Most of the actors we see on TV or even in theater have made a name for themselves and frankly make it look easy. We really only see the tip of the ice burg, forgetting all of the former high school stage stars who still have the moxie but aren¿t making money.Aside from the actual reality check served up, the tone that rings true is in the little details. The romances born of proximity when working on a show, cast fights, late nights, the works. It has the effect of both making the reader wish she was back on the stage and thanking her lucky starts that she got out when she did!As far as the writing goes, I enjoyed it but I think having read Devilish recently, it just struck me as less funny. The banter between Scarlett and Spencer (and certainly Scarlett¿s inner monologue) was fantastic and totally indicative of Johnson¿s work but for some reason the other characters fell flat for me. Over all, a fun read, though and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read it prior to Devlish.
MickyFine on LibraryThing 21 days ago
Scarlett Martin has always had an unusual life. Growing up in a hotel that her family owns in New York City comes with its own oddities. Her life gets more complicated however when, as per family tradition, she is given responsibility for an entire suite on her fifteenth birthday. With the suite comes the eccentric Mrs Amberson, the hotel's live-in guest. Throw in meeting the gorgeous and freshly arrived to New York, Eric, an up and coming actor and Scarlett's summer has more kinks in it than she could ever have anticipated.This book was a delight. Scarlett is a lovely heroine who must deal with the typical issues surrounding a romantic relationship but she also has the added dramas that life in a hotel and the unpredictable Mrs Amberson provide. I absolutely adored all of the Martin children, particularly Spencer who is a wonderfully sweet older brother. Johnson's quirky sense of humour is evident throughout the novel, but she deftly intertwines it with real moments of insight that make the novel thoroughly enjoyable. A very sweet novel whose sequel I will be hunting down shortly.
FallingForBooks on LibraryThing 21 days ago
First Line: The Hopewell has been a family-run institution on the Upper East Side for over seventy-five years.Favorite Quote: Only Scarlett was in the city for the summer, not doing anything to improve herself. It wasn¿t laziness or lack of ability. She was more than willing and able. The question was entirely one of funding. Hotels make money¿but they also bleed it. Especially hotels with fragile decorations and plumbing from 1929 that sit empty much of the time.My thoughts: I¿ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a hotel. I¿m not sure why this appeals to me but it seems like a really fun idea! So, I was kind of drawn into the story from just the setting. So, I really loved this book and all of the characters. I liked Scarlett and really enjoyed her quirky family as well. All of the characters in the book were just like real likeable people. I definitely thought the Martins were very interesting to read about. I really liked Mrs. Amberson. I thought she was a great character. I liked that this book made me feel a wide range of emotions.I loved the setting of this book. I loved reading about NYC and all of the different landmarks. The writing made it feel so real. I loved the descriptions of locations that were in the book and felt like I was there with Scarlett.This book has two covers. My copy has the key on it. I really like that cover. I think it's bright and catchy! I also like the contrast of colors on the other cover as well and Scarlett's bright lipstick! Which is your favorite?Overall: Great, fun read!
angelicacraig on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I want to hang out with Scarlett. I want a big brother like Spencer. I want to spent my days at the Hopewell. It¿s no wonder this book received such rave reviews from awesome authors like Meg Cabot and Scott Westerfield. It deserves every single great review it got. Johnson did a great job of creating realistic, likeable characters that are going through realistic trials. I cannot wait to read the sequel to this!Oh, and you should totally follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter. She¿s sort of fabulous.
bookwyrmm on LibraryThing 21 days ago
Listening to Suite Scarlett was a definite delight. Johnson's humorous writing hooked me immediately, and I loved how the story had deep roots in theatre. There were plenty of ups and downs, as one expects from a YA Contemporary, and, of course, Scarlett grew over the course of the story. Listening to it, I was also able to form deeper emotions towards the characters based on how they were read. This was a very cute story.