Summa Theologiae. The complete paperback set: 60 Volumes, Plus One Index Volume

Summa Theologiae. The complete paperback set: 60 Volumes, Plus One Index Volume

by Thomas Aquinas


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ISBN-13: 9780521690485
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 10/26/2006
Pages: 14716
Product dimensions: 5.43(w) x 8.50(h) x 17.24(d)

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Editor's notexiii
Preface: What the Summa is Aboutxvii
Introduction: The Learning of Men and the Teaching of God1
Why we needed to be taught by God1
This teaching of God is a new science of God1
The language and style of God's teaching3
1What God is Not9
Is there a God?11
That there is a God needs proof11
There is a God12
God's simple perfection14
God is not, like creatures, made up of parts14
Nevertheless God's perfection is all-embracing16
What is goodness?18
God's goodness19
God exists without limit20
God is not limited in any way20
So God is present everywhere in everything22
God does not alter and is not in time23
There is only one God24
We can know God but not comprehend him26
Knowing God in the life to come26
Knowing God in this life29
We can talk about God but not define him30
Can words express what God is?30
Words expressing God as related to the world32
Names for God33
2God's Life36
God knows38
God is his own knowing38
God knows everything that exists or that can exist39
God knows individuals40
God knows the future41
God knows propositions43
God's ideas44
Truth and knowledge45
The possibility of falsehood47
God lives48
God loves50
God's will50
God is love53
God is just and merciful54
God plans55
God is prudent or provident55
God acts60
God's power60
God's happy state61
3Father, Son and Holy Spirit63
How we can conceive of distinct persons in God65
Coming forth in God65
Relatedness within God66
The meaning of person68
The three persons72
Son, Word and Image73
Holy Spirit, Love and Gift74
The grammar of the Trinity76
The sending of the persons of God79
God as creator83
God as source of the world83
Creation is God's way of causing85
Did the world begin?88
The variety and order of creation89
Good and bad91
Spirit and matter94
The world of pure spirits94
Knowledge among spirits96
Love and will among spirits99
The creation of the angels101
The seven days of material creation103
5Man's Place in Creation105
Human nature - embodied spirit108
What is man?108
Man's soul is immortal110
Embodied mind111
Each man has his own individual mind113
Each man has a single soul114
The human body116
Human abilities - bodily and spiritual118
Bodily life119
Our senses120
Mental ability121
Urges, inclinations and desires124
Mind and will127
Emotion and will128
Free will128
How man knows129
Knowing material things129
Our dependence on our senses131
Abstraction of ideas132
The general and the particular134
The simple and the composite136
What don't we know?138
Knowing ourselves139
The soul after death140
The Genesis of man142
God formed man142
It is not good for man to be alone143
Let us make man after our own image143
God made man right145
Let him rule the fishes of the sea146
Death entered the world through sin147
Increase and multiply and fill the earth148
6Running the World150
God's role152
Holding everything in existence154
Directing the world to its goal155
The role of creatures157
Material things159
IIJourneying to God165
7Human Life as a Journey to God167
Human life has a goal171
Acting for goals171
The notion of an ultimate goal173
God is our ultimate goal174
Happiness is seeing God176
What happiness brings with it178
Happiness is possible181
Acting voluntarily182
Willing, enjoying and intending goals185
Choosing, accepting and employing means188
Actions controlled by reason191
What makes action good or bad?193
Good and bad willing196
Good and bad deeds199
Some terminology200
Loving and hating204
Feeling pleased or sad209
Feeling hopeful or despairing215
Feeling afraid or feeling bold216
Feeling angry217
8Living Well and Living Badly220
What is a disposition?224
What sort of things need dispositions?226
How do dispositions arise?227
Varieties of disposition230
What is virtue?231
Mental virtues - speculative and practical234
Moral virtues236
The variety of moral virtues238
Ranking the virtues244
The gifts of the Holy Spirit247
The gospel blessings248
Sin and vice249
What is sin?249
Classification of sins251
Why we sin255
Sinning from ignorance257
Sinning from emotion259
Sinning from bad will260
Does God cause sin?261
Does the devil cause sin?262
Can sin be inherited?263
Sin's effects268
Sin's punishment271
Fatal sin273
9Law and Grace276
What is law?280
Types of law281
The effect of law283
The eternal law284
The law we have in us by nature286
Human law289
How flexible is human law?290
The Old Law294
Subdivisions of the Old Law296
Moral injunctions of the Old Law298
Ritual and judicial injunctions300
The New Law303
Why we need God's grace307
What is grace?312
Sources of grace316
Grace works in us to set sinners right318
Grace works with us to earn heaven321
10Living With God - Faith, Hope and Love325
What we believe328
The act of believing331
The disposition to believe - faith334
Knowing and understanding the faith337
The virtue of hope344
Fear of God347
Despair and presumption348
God's friendship349
Growing in love351
Whom do we love with charity?354
Joy and peace359
Doing good for people361
Giving alms362
Brotherly correction363
Hatred, apathy and envy364
Dissensions and war366
Setting (and following) bad example368
The commandments to love369
The gift of wisdom370
11Living in the World - Moral Virtue372
Function of prudence376
Analysis of prudence379
Doing the just thing382
Being just383
Distributive and commutative justice387
Component parts of justice398
Virtues allied to justice399
Interior devotion and prayer401
External religious behaviour405
Too much religion409
Too little religion414
Loyalty, respect and obedience415
Debts of honour417
The ten commandments421
The virtue of courage422
Virtues allied to courage424
What is moderation?426
Moderation in food and drink428
Moderation in sex429
Virtues allied to moderation432
Mildness and clemency434
Modesty: humility, studiousness, decent behaviour436
12Special Walks of Life442
Charisms related to prophecy449
Ways of life451
States of life453
The notion of a state of life453
Perfection in Christian life454
States of perfection456
The episcopal state457
The religious state460
IIIThe Road to God469
13Jesus Christ - God and Man471
The incarnation474
Why did God become man?474
Two natures in one person477
Christ's grace484
Christ's own grace484
Christ's grace of headship487
Christ's humanity as God's perfect tool490
What did Christ know?490
The power and the weakness of Christ493
Rules for talking about the incarnation496
Christ's existence499
Christ's will500
Christ's activity502
Christ's relations to his Father and to us504
14The Life of Christ511
Christ's entry into the world513
His virgin mother513
He was conceived of the Holy Spirit516
Born of the virgin Mary518
Christ's life in this world519
He was baptized519
His public life520
His transfiguration523
Christ's departure from the world