Summary of Constitution: Book 1 of The Legacy Fleet Trilogyby Nick Webb Summary & Analysis

Summary of Constitution: Book 1 of The Legacy Fleet Trilogyby Nick Webb Summary & Analysis

by aBookaDay


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Humanity survived an attack by an extraterrestrial species - aliens known as the Swarm - roughly seventy-five years ago. In response to experiencing extreme devastation and barely surviving, humanity has mostly united under a centralized command. Mostly, because the Russian Confederation remains, while involved, very withdrawn and preoccupied with their own concerns.

Still, despite the near destruction of humanity, our species survived. Humanity rebuilt great cities and newer, better interstellar ships. Humanity researched, designed, and created increasingly more effective weapons and armor for these ships. And humanity stood vigilant and determined in the isolation and darkness of space for many decades.

But after seventy-five years of peace without intelligence agencies reflecting a resurgent threat, the call for vigilance wains. The Eagleton Commission, tasked with evaluating the threat of the Swarm and recommending actions accordingly, responds with a report recommending reduction in military spending and the diminished, or no longer existent, threat of the Swarm.

This leads us to the beginning of the novel, where we see the orders for the first of the Legacy Fleet (a small number of older ships from the first Swarm War) to be decommissioned, and the first hints that the Swarm isn't really gone.

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