Summary of Memory Man: (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci Summary & Analysis

Summary of Memory Man: (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci Summary & Analysis

by aBookaDay


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Amos Decker's life takes a terrible turn as soon as the book starts. He walks in and finds his family murdered. He has already gone through traumatic life changes as a young adult involved in a brain altering accident. Unfortunately the results of that accident make the murders of his family even more painful and unbearable. Amos cannot forget anything and his brain now has a new way of categorizing information using numbers and color.
Memory Man takes us through Decker's journey of trying to survive the altercations of his own brain. He can never escape his own mind, and therefore he can never recover from the murders of his family. This story follows Decker through decline and discovery as he desperately tries to find out what happened to his family and introduces the reader to the possibilities of the human mind.
Baldacci takes two different scenarios that could both make a good basis for a book and combines them to present a page turning and intelligent experience. The football accident and the murders both intrigue the reader, and Baldacci intertwines them successfully into a story that represents the human will to live against a backdrop of everything that makes us want to give up.

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