SUMMARY: Rogue Lawyer:: By John Grisham

SUMMARY: Rogue Lawyer:: By John Grisham

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Rogue Lawyer: A Full Summary!

Rogue Lawyer is a book written by American author John Grisham. This book offers to its audience a slice of life of a man named Sebastian Rudd, as he manages to handle and to solve several cases in his career, which is represented those whom the legislative system will not otherwise touch.
It is a novel that is very enjoyable and interesting to read as, besides taking about Rudd and his case-solving skills, this book also talks about the state of legal system in the United States, a system that is in great need of reform.

Besides solving his cases, Rudd also attempts to navigate through his personal life, which suffers hence of his work.

And if we consider the fact that it is not easy at all to be a successful lawyer and to have a successful and rich personal life, it will be interesting to read Rogue Lawyer, as its story flows pretty smoothly and is also fairly easy to follow Rudd and other characters through the novel. Sebastian Rudd as a 'street' lawyer, as uncommon as it can be, it is still welcomed change in literature's genres.
Overall, John Grisham's Rogue Lawyer is a novel worth of our attention and something special to read in upcoming cold days of winter.

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