Summer at the Little French Guesthouse: A feel good novel to read in the sun

Summer at the Little French Guesthouse: A feel good novel to read in the sun

by Helen Pollard


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ISBN-13: 9781786812308
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication date: 07/12/2017
Series: La Cour des Roses , #3
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.20(h) x 0.80(d)

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Summer at the Little French Guesthouse: A feel good novel to read in the sun 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
gaele More than 1 year ago
Emmy has finally found her feet: her own upscale holiday property listing site is ticking along nicely, La Cour des Roses is fully booked, and her marriage to Alain is creeping closer. Rupert is still dealing with some fallout from his own divorce from Gloria, but overall things seem to be normalizing. Emmy feels her roots starting to take hold, and plans for moving into Alain’s home after the wedding, and the two week honeymoon in Ruperts Mallorca holiday home before it sells, are all things to look forward to. With her mother back in England organizing and planning the wedding, Emmy is free to check last-minute details, entertain guests with Rupert, and clear the decks for her planned vacation. But all is not smooth: Emmy’s mother is a bit of a martinet and while highly organized, her ideas of what Emmy’s wedding should be, and Emmy’s own desires are often miles apart. And there are lists, calls, checklists and even calls to organize her bridesmaids: Kate, Sophie and Ellie. Dreading every call, text and the upcoming visit, not to mention the stress of holding her ground have Emmy on edge. When you add in some rather peculiar behavior from Alain’s brother and his wife (Alain’s ex) and a few guests at Les Cours des Roses that are either drunk, letchy, demanding or all three: the loss of Madame Dupont’s services couldn’t have come at a worse time. And the poor old lady is shuttling between relatives’ homes after her own home burned. As if all of that wasn’t enough, things between Emmy and Alain are feeling tense, and what should be a relaxing lead up to the wedding (since all the details are sorted) becomes a minefield of sharp words and tense moments, leaving Emmy feeling like she may have made a mistake. When the wedding day dawns after a horribly dramatic night, and one of the members of the wedding party is missing the day passes in a blur of tension, searching and tears: but one where Emmy’s mum takes charge – delegating, organizing and managing the searchers to perfection. All of the moments in Emmy’s story are plausible: while I would hope no one has everything piling on at once, each situation is one that readers can relate to: from the sweet moments with Madame Dupont to the discovery of new circumstances for her friends, and even learning how to deal with her mother as an adult, not reverting to her thirteen year old self, the progress in this story is dramatic. Oh she still doesn’t have much French, but what she does have is a group of friends, and many townspeople who know and admire her, a new husband to love and a wonderful future. Another great installment in the series – a favorite summer feel good for sure, perfect for those who want to escape to ‘elsewhere’ for a few hours. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Emmy loves working for Rupert at La Cour des Roses. She's managing the guesthouse and feels right at home there. She is exactly where she belongs, being in France among people she treasures. She's about to get married to Alain and she can't wait to be his wife. However, the preparations for the wedding are going far from smoothly. Emmy has asked her mother to help with the organization and even though her interference is welcome time wise it is quite a struggle in all other areas. Emmy's mother is a handful and she's making things difficult for Emmy, Alain and Emmy's friends. Will Emmy be able to fix this problem? When the wedding comes nearer something starts feeling wrong and this is threatening Emmy's happiness once more. A terrible family secret comes to the surface and Alain's ex is causing trouble. This puts Emmy and Alain's relationship under pressure. Emmy has got the perfect wedding ahead of her, but will she actually have her much anticipated big day or will something ruin her plans and cause a rift between her and Alain? Summer at the Little French Guesthouse is another wonderful book about Emmy and her adventures in France. I enjoyed reading about La Cour des Roses again very much, it's one of my favorite fictional settings. It's such a gorgeous place and I had fun reading about Rupert's personal life, his guests and his dog as usual. Emmy is a sweetheart and wants to make everybody happy, but sometimes she needs to stand up for herself instead. She's a strong woman and she can handle more than she thinks. She has such a good personality and truly deserves a happy ending, I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to see if she would get it and would actually marry the handsome Alain or not. Helen Pollard has written such a lovely series, I enjoyed reading the La Cour des Roses book from beginning to end. The most amazing thing about them is the atmosphere. I love the way Helen Pollard makes the guesthouse come to life, it's exactly how a cosy guesthouse in France should be. She writes about second chances, interesting relationships, friends, family and true love in a fabulous captivating way. She combines this with plenty of charm and entertainment. Summer at the Little French Guesthouse is another heartwarming feelgood story about Emmy and her friends. I will miss reading about them and highly recommend this series.