Summer Love: Take Two

Summer Love: Take Two

by Shirley Jump


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Lauren Webster has always thought the town of Paradise Key could use a little shaking up. A partner in a marketing firm, Lauren decides to turn her trip to Paradise Key into an opportunity to work with the Tourism Bureau and create a splashy media campaign. Lauren isn’t interested in love—she’s all business from the second she arrives… until the summer love she never forgot leads the fight against her cosmopolitan changes, and Lauren begins to question the life she thought she wanted and the life she left behind.

When Carter Malone‘s father has a heart attack, he runs back home to take care of his family. He revels in the small town life, so when he hears Lauren’s plans for commercializing Paradise Key, he steps up as her most vocal opponent. However, he can’t forget the summer they shared and everything unspoken between them.

If Lauren falls for Carter, she risks losing everything she’s worked for. Will this second chance at love be doomed before it has a chance to rekindle?

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ISBN-13: 9781949068177
Publisher: Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 05/30/2018
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 416,864
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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Summer Love:Take Two 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
Summer Love: Take Two is book one in the Paradise Key series. This is Lauren Webster and Carter Malone’s story. Years ago Carter broke Lauren’s heart. Their paths cross again. Will Lauren give Carter a second chance? I really enjoyed Lauren and Carter’s story. Two people that are learning what’s really important in life. This is a sweet, heartwarming, and emotional second chance romance. FYI, contains mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
GratefulGrandma More than 1 year ago
I am so impressed with these series published by Tule Publishers. The Paradise Key Series, all written by different authors, feature four young women who met in Paradise Key as teenagers. Over the years they have kept in touch and are still BFFs. Unfortunately, there were five of them but one of them, Lily, has tragically died. The remaining four meet up again while attending her funeral. This is Lauren's story. Lauren Webster works for her father’s marketing firm, but does not like her job. She is doing it for her father, trying to make him proud of her. After her marriage breaks up, she takes off for a weekend and some mistakes she made, cause the firm to lose a huge client. She heads off to Paradise Key trying to get the town to hire the firm for a media campaign. Her father has given her a timeline to land the client before he heads down and closes the deal himself. As she tried to convince the town councilors to hire her firm, she becomes reacquainted with Carter Malone. As a teen, she and Carter had a summer romance and he broke her heart. As the book unfolds, Lauren, Carter and her father, all reevaluate their lives to see what is really important to them. This is a wonderful second chance romance which also highlights family dynamics, how people respond to tragedy in their lives, and how small communities come together to support one another. I really wanted to hop in my car and drive down to Paradise Key as I read this story. It seems to be such a wonderful community and a place I would love to spend time in. I loved the ending of this story and am ready to find out what happens to the rest of the friends. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book per my request.
tiggeruoSO More than 1 year ago
Lauren is back in Paradise Key for a funeral and is in hopes of revamping the town. How hard can it be really all she has to do is convince a few people that marketing their town for tourism is the way to go and close the deal. Carter will stop at nothing to protect Paradise Key. He doesn't care if he has known Lauren for ten years but this is his town. Can they work together or will the past between too much? This book was such a sweet story. Lauren is looking for herself while finding a way of helping those she loves. She works hard to keep her heart protected almost through the whole story. She has a way of independence about her but still feels vulnerable. I just loved her fighting spirit. Carter seemed to be searching for who he is. I feel like in this book it wasn't so much as falling in love but discovering who each character was while dealing with a strong attraction too each other. I loved how each wanted to make each other better while working hard to make the town they both loved better. This book has some strong language but overall this book was a quick read and super fun love story.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Lauren loves Paradise Key, it's the only place where she ever felt truly happy. It's also the town where she had her heart broken and she never got over it. Many years after that beautiful summer with its disastrous ending she's back on the island. This time it isn't for fun, she wants to set up a marketing campaign to make Paradise Key more popular with the tourists. She works for her father's prestegious New York agency and Lauren wants to prove herself. However, she doesn't really like working there, but doesn't want to disappoint her father. The relaxed atmosphere and heartwarming community spirit of Paradise Key are making her feel she belongs elsewhere. How can she do this town justice, so everyone can benefit? After studying Carter wanted to live in the city and earn plenty of money. That's exactly what he did, but when his father had a heart attack he returned to his hometown Paradise Key to work at the family store instead. He left everything behind and his fiancée left him. Paradise Key makes him happy though. He loves being part of the small town where people know each other and care about one another. Carter wants to keep that authenticity, so he isn't happy when Lauren wants to put the town on the market. She was once the love of his life and he would like to see if the old flame is still there, but Lauren doesn't want to end up crushed once again. Will they have a chance together or have their differences become too great over time? Summer Love: Take Two is a wonderful romantic story. Lauren is a driven woman, but she wants to have a successful career for all the wrong reasons. Pleasing her father is more important than doing what makes her happy. When she was with Carter she felt carefree and finally thought about her own wishes, but the relationship didn't last and that meant going back to her father and live a life she wasn't made for. Carter has grown up and knows he made a mistake when he let her go. He's a kind man with a gentle soul and he genuinely wants to help people. He doesn't like the corporate version of Lauren very much and hopes he can turn her into the fierce girl she used to be once more. I love second chance love stories and couldn't wait to find out if he'd succeed. Shirley Jump has a lovely warm writing style that made me enjoy Summer Love: Take Two straight away. I really liked how she made Paradise Key come to life. I could easily picture the town and its amazing friendly inhabitants. I was enchanted by the setting and the main characters and read this gorgeous story in one sitting. I loved reading about the special connection between Lauren and Carter and was eager to find out if they'd find true love. I like a great story about soul mates and Summer Love: Take Two definitely falls into that category.
Shweetsandi More than 1 year ago
I adore this series of books. Each one is a stand alone yet it goes with the others. A group of friends come to town for their friend's funeral. Each friend has a book. In this book we start the series off with Lauren and Carter. They met as teens and you know how things go... First love. Yes this idea a Second Chance romance and a really good one at that. But it is not a cheesy romance, not at all... This book had depth and a good story line as well. This book for me is more about the story than a mushy romance. It gives me a great foundation to build on with this amazing town of Paradise Key. And if you are going to read the other 3 books read this one first. It will mean a great deal . ( I boo boo'd and read book 2 first. Wished I had read this one first) There is romance don't get me wrong but the story...the story is oh so good.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
What a delightful start to a new series this proved to be. Okay, so I accidentally read the second book in the series, Love at the Beach Shop by Kira Archer, first but that was great, too, and got me intrigued  enough to check out all four titles in the series . . . . All the stories feature young women who met whilst spent their summers in Paradise Key as teenagers and have kept in touch as best friends ever since. There were five of them but one of them, Lily, has tragically died. The remaining four meet up again whilst attending her funeral. Lauren Webster now works for her father’s marketing firm in a job she isn’t exactly happy in. She’s forever striving to impress her Dad but nothing she does is good enough and she’s recently made a mistake that has cost the firm a very lucrative contract. Now she’s hoping to make amends by getting the Paradise Key Tourism Bureau to agree to her creating a media campaign for the resort. However, the more she remembers of her time as a teen there, the more she reconnects with Carter Malone, the ex who broke her heart, the more she starts to question and re-evaluate her life and future. This is a lovely second chance romance which explores community and family dynamics in a heartwarming manner. It explores the past, shining a new light on events and interactions as well as, though a complex series of twists and turns, leading to a more hopeful future for all concerned. This is one of those stories where you may well need the tissues handy and, I suspect, that you’ll also want to read the other books in the series when you’ve read this one (or any of the others!) I requested and was given a copy of this novel, via NetGalley, with no obligation. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.
ReadingLlama More than 1 year ago
I first found out about this multi-author series when I saw that Priscilla Oliveras had a book in it, so after reading and loving it (review to come!), I went back and requested the rest of the series as well, though this book can be read as a stand-alone. Lauren was ready to give up her chance at a high-powered career in her father's company to stay with Carter years ago, except she became convinced that he didn't love her. She wanted to stay in Paradise Key, the sleepy Florida resort town where they'd fallen in love and where Carter's father owned the general store, but Carter was jonesing to leave as soon as possible and didn't want anything to tie him there. Ten years later, Lauren's back in Paradise Key following the funeral of one of her best friends, and the last thing on her mind is rekindling her summer fling with him. After bungling a high profile client, she needs to land a client to appease the partners are her father's company. Since her memories of summers in Paradise Key are one of the few things she cares about any more, she hatches a plan to sell an advertising campaign to the local tourist board. Unfortunately, her beach bum boyfriend is now somehow one of the de factor town leaders, and he's against anything that would change the tone of Paradise Key. Carter left after high school for Chicago - to go to college and get a job in finance. But the high-powered job - completely with swanky apartment and equally work-obsessed fiancee - paled when he returned to Paradise Key to take care of his father after his heart attack. After seeing how the town rallied around his family, he realized he was home to stay for good. With Lauren back, he realizes what he's been missing... and if only there were some way to show her what she's been missing, too. “There’s just something about this place, isn’t there? Makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do.” For the most part, I enjoyed this book. The descriptions of small-town life were so much fun, and I especially loved all the secondary characters, like Carter's dad and Mr. Evans with his string of lady friends. I liked Carter's attempts to win back Lauren, even when all she wanted to do was talk about an ad campaign for the town. The problems that really brought the book down a star for me were the resolutions of the romance and her conflict with her father. Despite hardly ever being able to stand up to him for her entire life, when he arrives at Paradise Key, Lauren's somehow able to convince him to give up his life's work and move to the small town after a five minute walk on the beach. As for Lauren and Carter's relationship - if you can call it that, based on a summer when they were teens and something like three dates over the course of less than a week - ends in a marriage proposal. While I certainly felt like they had potential as a couple based on their time together, it seemed too short for them to decide to spend the rest of their lives together after spending ten years apart. It just felt like everything wrapped up way too quickly, and with a neat little bow on top as well. Overall, while I enjoyed it, the quickness of the resolution was too much for me. I think it's still a fun summer read, perfect for a beach vacation, and perhaps a reader who wasn't as skeptical of insta-love would enjoy it more. I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading Summer Love: Take Two by Shirley Jump, book one in The Paradise Key series. This is a second chance love story between Lauren and Carter. After ten years, Lauren returned to Paradise Key for the funeral of one of her close friends. This loss hit Lauren hard, making her question the decisions she made regarding the life she led; working for her dad instead of doing what she would chose. In addition to the funeral Lauren was hoping to make her father proud and prove she wanted to work for his firm by landing a contract with the Tourist Bureau to create a media campaign that would put the town on the map. Carter had the world by its tail; the corner office, the money, flashy cars and fiancé, everything he thought he wanted. That is until he returns home to take care of his family after his father’s heart attack. The small town life drew him in, leaving his old life behind. When Carter hears about Lauren’s plans for putting Paradise Key on the map, he steps up as her most vocal opponent. As these two knock heads, neither can forget the summer they shared and all that is unspoken between them. Can Lauren let go of the life she has but doesn’t relish, can Carter trust Lauren and her ideas, or will their stubbornness doom this second chance before it can be rekindled? This was a fun book to read and easy to visualize the story as it occurred. I totally loved these characters and didn’t want to put this book down. Ms. Jump did a fantastic job creating her characters, keeping the story interesting, making me forget the world around me and did not let me go until I turned the last page. I highly recommend this book to other reader and look forward to reading the next book in this four book series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book, supplied by the publisher through Netgalley.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book and it's just the beginning of what should be a fantastic new multi author series. The series is set in Paradise Key. A wonderful summer vacation spot and a fun little town. Four women gather to mourn the death of their friend. They find themselves remembering all the amazing things they enjoyed in their you and all the wonderful memories. For PR rep Lauren Webster her favorite memory is Carter Malone. They had one incredible summer together but in the end they went their separate ways. Now she's all business all the time. No way she'll fall for Carter again and jeopardize everything she's worked so hard for. This is a great book to kick off your summer reading! I highly recommend it and I can't wait for the next Paradise Key story!
DJTP More than 1 year ago
A story of second chance love. A story of going back. Summer Love, Take Two by Shirley Jump is first in the Paradise Key series. A enjoyable beach read. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
Loved this book of second chance love, one of my favorite troupes! Lauren has returned to Paradise Cove after her friend dies but also to work the board of tourism and create a splashy media campaign. She is not interested in love. Little to be known, Carter, her summer romance from years ago has also returned home to run his dad's hardware store. When Carter learns what Lauren has in mind for this quaint little town he is one of her biggest opponents. They soon find out that there is still some sizzling chemistry between them. Will life change for Lauren? Loved these characters, both are not looking for a rekindle but they soon find out different. A quick afternoon read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to the other books in this series.
CatmomJD More than 1 year ago
Lauren Webster always played by the rules. She was a good girl, raised from an early age to take over her father’s marketing firm. But, one summer when she spent time on Paradise Key, she rebelled. And she rebelled in a bad way. She even fell in love with Carter Malone. Lauren and Carter both had different plans for their futures and when summer came to an end, they broke up. But they never forgot each other. After Lauren’s good friend, Lily, passes away, she returns to Paradise Key, but she also has another plan. She wants to try to get Paradise Key’s tourism bureau to agree to a new marketing plan to bring more business to the little island. Lauren needs to land this account to prove to her father that she is serious about her job after she loses a big account and disappoints her father. Carter was surprised when he ran into Lauren and learned of her plan for the island. Everyone knew they needed to make more money to restore parts of the island and increased tourism was the way to do it, but they were afraid of losing their small town atmosphere that the residents have come to love. Lauren and Carter butt heads about Lauren’s marketing plan, but when they let their guard down for a little fun, the old romantic feelings start to return. That’s when this book gets really interesting. This was a fun book to read and easy to visualize. I loved everything about it. The author did a fantastic job writing the characters and keeping their story interesting. My favorite quote: It was almost laughable how the two of them were trying so hard to keep their distances, to pretend they weren’t interested, that nothing existed between them.