Sun and Planetary System: Proceedings of the Sixth European Regional Meeting in Astronomy, Held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 19-23 October 1981

Sun and Planetary System: Proceedings of the Sixth European Regional Meeting in Astronomy, Held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 19-23 October 1981

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1982)

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Proceedings of the Sixth European Regional Meeting in Astronomy, held in Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, October 19-23, 1981

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ISBN-13: 9789400978485
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 10/19/2011
Series: Astrophysics and Space Science Library , #96
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1982
Pages: 552
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Address by.- Opening Address by.- Address by.- New Impetus to the Exploration of the Solar System (Inaugural Address).- The Solar System — Known Facts and Unsolved Problems (Opening Invited Lecture).- Section I — Sun from the Astronomical and Physical Points of View.- The Star “Sun” (Invited Review Paper).- Resultats d’Observations du Soleil a l’Astrolabe du CERGA.- The Effect of Personal Equation on Measurements of the Solar Semi-diameter by Transit Circle Observers.- A Direct UBV Color Measurement of the Sun.- Nuclear Astrophysics of the Sun (Invited Paper).- The Solar Neutrino Puzzle (Invited Paper).- Solar Models and Neutrino Problem.- The Rotation-Magnetism-Convection Coupling in the Sun (Invited Review Paper).- Relationship between Photospheric and Chromospheric ?(?,t) deduced by Temporarily and Spatially Correlated Tracers.- Line-of-sight Velocity Field of Synodic Solar Rotation.- Solar Rotation and Meridional Motions Derived from Sunspot Groups.- Subphotospheric Velocity Fields Inferred by Sunspots Motions.- Granulation, Supergranulation and Atmospheric Waves (Invited Review Paper).- A Noisy Sun?.- Spectral Analysis of Wave Motions in the Region of Temperature Minimum of the Sun’s Atmosphere.- On the Detection of the Periodic Oscillations of the Inclination of the Frequency Spectrum of S-Component of Solar Radio Emission.- Some Photospheric Characteristics of the Sun as a Star.- Stark Broadening of Heavy Ion Solar Lines.- The Analysis and Observation of the Neutral Spectrum of Potassium in the Solar Atmosphere.- Mesoturbulence in the Solar Atmosphere.- Voigt Profile for the CO Emission Lines in the Solar Sunspot Spectrum.- Solar Radio Granulation at Microwaves and its Optical Identification.- A Theoretical Model of the Solar Chromosphere over a sunspot.- Space-born and Ground-based Observations of a Solar Active Region and a Flare.- The Beginning of Observations of Large-scale Solar Magnetic Fields at the Sayan Observatory: Instrument, Plans, Preliminary Results.- The Solar Complex of SibIZMIR: Observatories, Instruments and the Main Results of the Investigations.- Motions in Sunspots Like Torsional Oscillations.- Sunspots Proper Motions and Positions of H-Alpha Filaments in the Active Region of August 1979.- On the Umbral Dots.- Turbulent Velocity Fields in Quiescent Prominences.- Determination of the Electron Density in a Quiescent Prominence.- A Polarization Investigation of Prominences.- The Formation of Solar Prominences.- Radiation from Surface Wave Packet and Type II Solar Radiation Emission.- Magnetohydrodynamics and Thermodynamics of Coronal Loops.- Temperature and Steady Flows in Slender Magnetic Tubes.- Gravito-magnetic Explanation of the Temperature of Stellar Coronae and of Planetary van Allen Belts.- Section II — Astronomical, Geophysical and Geodetic Problems Related to the Earth.- Astronomical and Geophysical Problems of the Earth’s Rotation (Invited Review Paper).- A Note on the Initial Results and Future Plans of Project MERIT (Invited Review Paper).- Steps towards the Determination of Earth Rotation Parameters not Dependent on the Observation Technique (Invited Paper).- Secular and Decade Fluctuations in the Earth’s Rotation: 700 BC — AD 1978 (Invited Paper).- Oceanic Tides and the Rotation of the Earth (Invited Paper).- Effects of the Non-Rigidity of the Earth Derived from Astronomical Observations.- Correlation between Solar Activity and Universal Time Variations.- On Investigations of Mean Latitude Variations.- Closing Errors of the Belgrade Latitude Observations and Temperature Influences.- Reference Systems Linkage from Space.- High Precision Tracking of Geosynchronous Satellites: Oceanographic Applications.- Optical Tracking of Synchronous Satellites for Geophysical Purposes.- Gravimetric Geoid Determination for the Area of Greece.- Coincidence of Some Magnetic and Gravity Field Characteristics.- Precession and Nutation Influence on the Harmonic Coefficients of a Planetary Potential.- Aerosol Stratification of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere.- Interplanetary Magnetic Field and Solar Cycle Modulation of the Tropospheric Circulation over West Mediterranean.- On the Evolution of Nearly Circular Orbits of Satellites with Critical Inclination.- Section III — Physics of Planets, Minor Planets, Satellites and Interplanetary Medium.- Excitation in the Early Solar Nebula — New Experimental Findings (Invited Paper).- Physical Processes of Relevance to the Formation of the Planetary System (Invited Review Paper).- Magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn (Invited Paper).- A Physical Detail Relevant to the Savi?-Kašanin Theory of Behaviour of Materials under High Pressure.- On the Lifetime of E-ring Grains and their Nature.- H2 Enrichment of Interplanetary Medium.- Study of the Interplanetary Dust at High Ecliptic Latitudes: Doppler-Fizeau Shifts.- Near Infrared Emission from the Solar Corona.- Associative Ionization and Sodium in the Atmospheres of Planetary System Bodies.- On Physical Interpretation of Hypsometric Characteristics of the Moon and Planets.- The Lunar Photometric Constant in the System of True Full Moon.- Surface Properties of Asteroids (Invited Paper).- Earth-Crossing Asteroids: New Discoveries (Invited Paper).- Synthetic Lightcurves of Asteroidal Binary Systems.- CCD Scanning for Asteroids and Comets (Invited Paper).- Color Variations of Asteroids During Rotation.- Results from Occultations by Minor Planets.- On the Rotation of M Asteroids.- Asteroid Rotation Rates: Comparison Between Theory and Observations.- Asteroid Collisional Evolution: Outcomes of Catastrophic Impacts.- An Improved Representation of the Average Opposition Magnitudes of Asteroids.- A Coordinate Program for Pole Determination of Asteroids.- The Worldwide Photoelectric Campaign for the Asteroid 51 Nemausa.- Halley’s Comets and Plans for its Observation During its Return in 1986 (Invited Paper).- Perihelion Asymmetry in the Photometric Parameters of Long-period Comets at Large Heliocentric Distances.- Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Comets.- Plasma-Dust Interactions in the Solar and Cometary Environment.- The Total Mass and Structure of the Meteor Stream Associated with Comet Halley.- Outbursts of Comets.- On the Electric Charge of Interplanetary Grains.- Observations of Zodiacal Light at AbuSimbel, Egypt, During the Period 1975–1979.- The Brightness Integral Equation. A Different Approach to the Study of the Zodiacal Light.- Sarajevo Observatory Fireball Patrol.- Section IV — Motions in the Planetary System.- Review of the Dynamics of Satellites and Planetary Rings (Invited Review Paper).- Dynamical Evolution and Disintegration of Comets (Invited Review Paper).- A Dynamical Study of Possible Birthplaces of Comets.- An Interstellar Origin for Comets.- Strong Perturbations at Close Encounters with Jupiter (Invited Paper).- Statistics of Close Encounters of Minor Bodies with the Outer Planets.- Keplerian Estimates of Pre-discovery Encounters with Jupiter for Short-Period Comets.- The Motions of Comets near the 2/1 Resonance with Jupiter.- Temporary Satellite Captures by Jupiter for Orbits Resembling the One of Comet P/Gehrels 3.- On the Long-term Orbital Evolution of Comet P/Boethin.- On the Displacement of Meteor Showers Activity.- Some Characteristics of the Asteroid Belt Structure.- Resonances in the Motions of Minor Planets and their Use for the Determination of Masses (Invited Paper).- Stability of Real Hecuba and Hilda Asteroids.- First-order Theory of Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta.- Methods of Computation of the Perturbed Motion of Small Bodies in the Solar System (Invited Paper).- A New Method for Expression of the Perturbation Function.- Relativistic Dynamics of the Earth-Moon System.- On the Secular Effects in the Motion of a Planetary Satellite.- L’Invariabilité Séculaire des Grands Demiaxes des Orbites Planétaires.- On Linear Stability of Triangular Libration Points of the Photogravitational Restricted Three-Body Problem when the More Massive Primary is an Oblate Spheroid.- Nouvelles Theories des Planetes et de la Lune dans les Ephemerides Francaises.- New Planetary Ephemerides back to 4000 B.C..- Ephemerides et Observations de Mars a l’Astrolabe.- Observations of the Sun and Inner Planets with the Large Meridian Circle in Belgrade.- Some Results of the Mercury Transit Observations in 1970 and 1973 at Belgrade.- Contribution of the Pulkovo Observatory to the Improvement of Orientation of the FK4 System Using Observations of Selected Minor Planets.- Section V — Three-Dimensional Refraction.- Problems of Three-dimensional Refraction in Astrpmetry (Invited Paper).- The Use of Lidar to Obtain Three-dimensional Refraction Data (Invited Paper).- Final Refraction Problems in Time and Latitude Observations through Classical Techniques (Invited Paper).- Astronomical Refraction Calculated from Aerological Data in Japan.- Experimental Model for Diurnal Astronomical Refraction.- Astrometric Site Selection (Invited Review Paper).- The Influence of Ionospheric Refraction on Radio Astronomy Interferometry.- Disregard of Some Ray Tracing Principles in Optical and Radio Spectral Bands.- Refraction Effects on Geodetic Measurements in Three-dimensional Terrestrial Nets (Invited Paper).- Experimental Investigation of Refraction above Water Crossings.- Atmospheric Turbulence and its Effects on Direction Measurements (Invited Review Paper).- Local Geodynamics with Two-colour Instruments (Invited Paper).- Terrestrial Refraction and Vertical Temperature Gradient (Invited Paper).- Terrestrial Refraction and Vertical Temperature Gradient in the Area of Thessaloniki.- A Study of the Refractivity N of the Air in the Area of Athens.- List of Participants.

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