Sunni Islam, Shi'ah Islam & The African Race

Sunni Islam, Shi'ah Islam & The African Race

by Ndugu Kamaal Hisani Al-Khemi


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It should be noted that the author considers his work to be the successor to Dr. Edward W. Blyden's work: Christianity, Islam and the Negro Race, a book that was written in the 19th century. Ndugu Kaamal Al Khemi has brought to light another story regarding Islam and its history with his controversial book: Sunni Islam, Shi'ah Islam & The African Race. He contends that Sunni Islam is a colonial religion, running parallel with Christianity. In the author's Introduction, he reveals how "man" has taken control of religion to brainwash its adherents. He considers this form of brainwashing under the banner of religion to be a disease, which he has termed "religiosclerosis." He also emphasized the use of critical and independent thinking skills and the power of reason and logic.

The book consists of nine interesting chapters, in his opening chapter, Tawhid, the author contends that most Sunni scholars do not understand the notion of tawhid. In chapter three, he reveals how there were African companions of Muhammad b. Abdallah who were more devoted, pious, knowledgeable and brave than the Arab companions who have been propped up and rendered as heroes for Sunni Muslims. Most importantly, his most controversial chapter, Were Umar b. Khattab and Uthman b. Affan Racist?, Ndugu. Kamaal has exposed the "racist" and tyrannical policies of these same heroes, rendering them as "zeros" - not heroes. The book is very insightful and should be read by anyone who is interested in Islam (its history), or who have a desire to understand the differences between Sunni and Shi'ah Muslims.

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