Sunny Days

Sunny Days

by Helga Moray




Contemporary Romance Large Print Edition Here we follow the lives and loves of three generations of women who live together in a smart New York apartment. Gorgeous 18-year-old Karyn, is in love with a handsome medical student the scion of an immensely wealthy family whose domineering mother finds Karyn unworthy of her son s affection. Glamourous Moira, Karyn s 36-year-old widowed mother, loves a rising lawyer. But Joan, the still beautiful fifty-four-year-old grandmother, seems destined for a lonely old age until a childhood love comes waltzing into her life . . . * Suggestive

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ISBN-13: 9780786211104
Publisher: Macmillan Library Reference
Publication date: 07/01/1997
Pages: 245
Product dimensions: 5.73(w) x 8.76(h) x 0.96(d)

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