Sunrise to Sunset

Sunrise to Sunset

by Laurie Bowler


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ISBN-13: 9780615433172
Publisher: Esquire Publications
Publication date: 01/12/2011
Pages: 313
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Laurie Bowler resides in Hampshire, a county located in the United Kingdom where she started writing fantasy fiction in late November 2009. She finds it fascinating to create stories that could never happen in the real world. After reading hundreds of romance novels, she knew she wanted to write romance within the fantasy storyline, as she finds them both fascinating and adventurous and that is where the first idea came to write Moon Rising. She attended Andover College where she studied music and English and now teaches adults on a full-time basis.

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Sunrise to Sunset 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
mmvasquez More than 1 year ago
Sunrise To Sunset by Laurie Bowler is the second book in the Moon Rising series. I absolutely adore this series! In this particular series, I'm going to strongly recommend that you read the books in order. Laurie picks up with this second book right where she left off at the end of the first one. Right now you can download Moon Rising (book one) for only $1. So, it's definitely worth it to start the series from the beginning! This series is about Marinette otherwise known as Nessy. She is very unusual because she is half vampire and half human. She refused to kill a human and so she never became a full vampire. After being held prisoner for 300 years, she finally escaped from her maker and began to run. That's how she meets Charles and his unusual coven that also refuse to kill humans. I won't tell you anymore of the story. I don't want to spoil anything for you! I VERY highly recommend this book! Laurie is one of my very favorite authors and I'm very excited that she is offering to give away 5 ebook copies of this book, so be sure to read to the end of the post for details! Her writing is outstanding and these books will hook you from the very start and once you start, you can't put it down until the very end! The characters are wonderful and they stick with you long after you've finished the book. I love Nessy and I am thoroughly enjoying her unique and engaging story! The 3rd book in this series has been released. Golden Horizons is now available! I am really anxious to read it and I hope to get to it soon.
ApexReviews More than 1 year ago
When Nessy awakes from her unconscious state, she has no memory of who she is or what her purpose in life may be. Determined to help her embrace her true identity, Charles endeavors to provide Nessy with as much information as he can about her former life - but it isn't until she revisits the past that everything finally starts to come together. Traveling in the form of a Gulon herself, Nessy meets with other Gulons who have gathered in the hopes of seeing their new queen, the ruler of the underworld - but little does she know, that title actually belongs to her... Sunrise To Sunset is an intriguing fantasy thriller. In the follow up to her debut offering, Moon Rising, author Laurie Bowler brings the reader along on Nessy's spiritual sojourn as she learns to embrace her true destiny. Skillfully maneuvering between the warring worlds of Gulons and vampires, Nessy struggles to establish a lasting peace between the sworn enemies, and throughout the various tests and trials that she's forced to endure, the reader learns much about the indomitable strength of her character. Adding a compelling twist to popular contemporary vampire lore, Sunrise To Sunset is an entertaining read with a host of important underlying messages to share. Recommended for fans of the genre. Cherie Mangum Apex Reviews
LunaMoth More than 1 year ago
Sunrise to Sunset starts off where Moon Rising left off, Hervidor is dead and now Nessy is the the Queen of the Underworld. However, she cannot remember anything! She wakes up with Charles and Hera but she can only remember Hera at first. It takes a chunk of the story for Nessy to remember everything but im glad she did, I would have been devastated if she completely forgot Charles! Nessy is now full vampire, but also Gulon as well. This is an intrigueing development and it was interesting to learn that her DNA kept evolving about itself. The tension of the Gulon and vampire group was realistic, and made even more so with the background knowledge that Hera has fallen in love with a vampire from Nessys coven. I kept wondering, are they going to find out? What will happen? That bit of suspence was what kept me glued to the book. The introduction of new charactors as well as old favorites was a good choice, and I really liked the introduction of the witches. Adding more elements into the mix. The danger is also still in the book as a rival group (The Cassis) vie for Nessys title. The action really dosnt hit until later in the book, but it is worth getting to, to see the vampires fighting between each other brings excitement to the novel. The only thing i would say that brought the book a bit low was the tone and wording. The sentances are simplistic and the characters all speak in one tone. It makes it a bit boring and Nessys thoughts can be monotone, but they are easily looked over if you are wiling to. If you have not read Moon Rising, I urge you too, and the next next book after Sunrise to Sunset (Golden Horizans) is soon to follow!
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Laurie Bowler adds another novel to the vampires-in-love genre with Sunrise to Sunset. Like other vampire tales, this novel is long, filling 312 pages before Nessy finally finds a way to live with her divided nature and avoid "dim-witted" moves. The author includes new twists on old legends, with ancient enemies of vampires being the more feline Gulon rather than traditional werewolves. And there are modern touches with scientific investigation of DNA conducted by a cold-handed man. The story opens with Nessy awaking from sickness, her memories lost and a curious burning in her throat. The author uses fractured sentences, portraying the protagonist's confusion as strangers she feels for but can't quite remember whisper urgently in her ears. All too soon however, or too suddenly, memory returns and introspection leads to repeated scenes that fill dreams and are then described in detail to the audience. Nessy has a backstory that's revealed in memory and conversation, and an age that's never quite made clear. At one point a young man comments that "you might have called it betrothed. back in your time" when talking of his girlfriend, though the events he describes are "a very long time ago," suggesting even girlfriend is an outdated term. The author conveys much of the tale through rapid conversation, though awkward phrasing and repetition slow things down, while Nessy's mercurial nature, blamed on DNA, makes her seem oddly unreliable as a narrator. My analytical side remains unconvinced of DNA that "kept evolving itself," but the plot includes some nice characterization as rules of coven clash with care for villager and friend; strangers die and loyalties are tested; battles, and hormones, rage; and plans are laid aside leading to a final, wild confrontation. It might be interesting to see where Nessy's DNA takes her in later books of the series, or better still, to start reading with book 1, Moon Rising, before reading book 2. Disclosure: I received an ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Universe-in-Words More than 1 year ago
I really liked the introduction of new characters! Especially Carter, who is turned into a vampire halfway through the book. His reaction to all his new powers would be mine! The introduction of the Cassis-coven was also really good. It is the complete opposite to the Eaves-coven. They are gross, cruel and don't clean up after their kills. This boo kwas a real opportunity for Nessy to grow, although I still feel as if Charles is making a lot of decisions for her. The relationship between Hera and Melody (Charles' niece) is heart-warming and shows a different side of the Gulon. They were always very friendly and understanding and now that the others packs have been introduced you can see a different, stricter side. I felt as if Laurie had to many good ideas for one book, causing some confusion at times. A lot of things are happening, which is good because the pace needs to be high if you want to keep everyone interested, but sometimes it all happened to fast, leading to me being confused about what time it was in the book and making it seem chaotic. As I mentioned above I think Nessy needs to be a little more independent, but I can see why the author wrote her the way she is. She just woke up and there isn't a lot of time to explain everything and instruct her. A scene I really enjoyed was the scene where Charles and nessy were at the beach and simply enjoyed the sea. This leads me to something else: I really like the fact that Nessy is part human, part vampire and part Gulon and that her DNA keeps on changing. It is something new that I haven't read in other vampire-books and makes it original.
skyla11377 More than 1 year ago
Laurie has created one heck of a sequel. The continuing plight of Nessy has gotten more sinister and devious. Nessy is in constant danger now that she is Queen of the Underworld. When the book starts off Nessy has no memory of who and what she is. At the end of Moon Rising (book #1) I was shouting omg it can't end this way and now I find I am shouting the same thing only it's more like NOOOO, Nessy has to remember Charles and their love for each other. I find Laurie has brought out some strong feelings in me about her characters. I suffer when they suffer and I want to see the evil covens wiped out almost as much as they do. But I, I was talking about how Nessy wakes up with no memory and how she has to learn that she is now Queen of the Underworld and that she is Charles' fiancee as well as having a Gulon cousin Hera. Luckily for us Nessy eventually gains her memory back but only to realize she has to meet all the Vampire Covens who have come to meet their queen as well as come to terms with the fact that some Vampire secs will always be coming after her to claim her title for their own. She will never be safe and will always have to be under constant guard. As if that wasn't enough her cousin has fallen in love with a Vampire from her coven and must now face the possible expulsion from his Gulon family for loving the "enemy". This book was a non-stop, fly by the seat of your pants, omg not again kind of book. It got to the point were I was worried to finish the book because I feared it would be another cliff hanger. Sorry to say, I can't reveal that to you because I want you to expierence that same thrill/fear as I did. It makes the book that much more enjoyable. But I will say I am dying to see what Golden Horizon's has in store for Nessy and her unconventional Coven. On a scale from 1-10 I give this book a BIG 10 and thinks that everyone should get theirselves wrapped up in Nessy's story. If you've read Moon Rising you MUST read Sunrise To Sunset and if you haven't read it, what are you waiting for pick it up and start reading it. I truly believe everyone will enjoy it.