Sunset Thunder

Sunset Thunder

by Shannyn Leah


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ISBN-13: 9781366016874
Publisher: Blurb
Publication date: 10/08/2018
Pages: 388
Sales rank: 577,032
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.86(d)

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Sunset Thunder 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ms. Leah abused an author's priviledge in this story! She had some reason why she felt that the number of pages determines the quality of a story. The up and downs of this romance was already extreme when two people are interested in each other. They have history. They have his reputation. They have secrets that keep them from each other. They work it all out... and then it falls apart because Ms. Leah needed more pages. The dramatics make little sense. No person could logically tolerate the wavering affections of someone you didn't like. After so much drama, Ms. Leah's story was boring. I do not recommend this story unless you are a drama junkey. Not an enjoyable book read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked this story a lot (much more than another from this series) but the editing is terrible. Multiple times incorrect words are useld (i.e., traders instead if traitors) as well as incorrect subject-verb agreements, and commas are all over the place! With better editing, I would have rated it 4 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The characters running hot and cold over and over again got old.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the story but was disappointed with the ending. The author tried to make JOEL a victim to justify a soft, anticlimactic ending. The alternative didn't improve the story. When the bad guy is as mean and calculating as Joel, we want him to pay. Not interested in continuing the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous 23 hours ago
4 stars
Anonymous 4 months ago
Was not expecting the twist in the book! Loved it!
Cynthia181 4 months ago
Wonderful This story has to to with Violet this timer. I don't know how these children became stronger except for their mother and the future partners. Violet HSS been divorced for 2 years from Joel. But she has agreed to do his wedding to his new wife. Ryder is Joel's friend but their is a spark that puts a lot of bad away once and for all.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I loved this story until I got to the end. Felt like the author gets you to hate this one character for the whole book then tries to get you to feel sorry for him in a few pages. Feels like the author gave the enemy a happy ending also.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Didn't enjoy, writing wasn't great, characters not believable. Will not be reading the others in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait to read the rest of the series, a fast paced entertaining story.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Three and a half stars. I found this book by turns irritating and charming, hence the mixed rating. Violet Caliendo is a wedding planner at her family's five star resort. However, today's couple are trying her patience because it's none other than her ex-husband Joel Benson and his fiancee Missy, who just happened to have been a maid at the Caliendo resort. Just to add to the general joy of the day, Joel's best man and best friend Ryder Caldex, renowned playboy, is joining the select gathering and Violet's large family are all hovering, desperate to see if she is okay. When tension and frustration lead to hot sex in the hotel restroom with Ryder Violet is horrified and yet strangely attracted to the no-good, womanising, braggart. Soon afterwards Violet's two children are supposed to be spending a day sailing with Ryder and Joel, but Joel bails at the last minute. Violet and her children end up spending the day with Ryder who turns out to be a lot sweeter than Violet believed. But as the romance grows the pressures from family, friends and ex-husbands causes Violet and Ryder to rethink their romance. This is supposed to be the first in a series, I don't know whether there was a preceding series because there seemed to be a lot of references to other romances and dark deeds by Violet's late father which appear to have happened previously. I liked Ryder and Violet and her children together, that was a charming romance. Violet's mother and siblings were frankly confusing and I have no idea why they behaved the way they did or why Izzy seemed to have an inability to behave like an adult. The entire family appeared to be totally dysfunctional with children going missing, the mother not curbing the father's excesses, etc. However, I was surprised at the number of typos in a book which was released two or three years ago. Also, the way in which both Ryder and Violet behaved like teenagers (angst, angst, angst, leaping to conclusions, holding onto absurd beliefs etc) was tiresome. And then the ridiculous plot to explain all that happened between Violet and Joel just raised more questions than it answered for me. Also, and this is a personal gripe, when an author offers me an ARC of their book I don't expect it to have been published in 2015 AND free on Amazon. An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy not a two years after the event copy.
KAL-167 More than 1 year ago
Violet Caliendo is a wedding planner at her family's resort and has agreed to plan Joel's (her ex-husband) wedding to one of the maids from the hotel. She starts to have a panic attack before her meeting with the wedding party and inadvertently slips into the men's bathroom where she finds Ryder Carlex - her husband's best friend and best man and they end up having sex. Ryder cannot believe that Violet initiated the encounter because he had always been told by Joel that she was an "Ice Queen." Ryder is the heir to the Carlex Grocery Chain and is considered a playboy (according to Joel) and Violet has never liked him very much for his playboy ways. Violet and Joel have two children - Sophia and Parker, so they still need to be in communication. When Joel is supposed to take Sophia and Parker fishing on Ryder's boat and then cancels at the last minute, Violet goes along so as not to disappoint her children and then the sparks really fly between her and Ryder. There are a lot of twists and turns and secrets with all of the characters, but Shannyn does a good job explaining things. The characters have a lot of misconceptions about each other, but things work out in the end. I liked the fact that she had an alternate ending on her website - I think the alternate ending is keeping more in line with Joel's character. One thing I did not understand is Shannyn writes about Corbin being sent away - I know he is a brother, but what happened to him and why was he sent away? Did I miss a book or something? Hopefully we will find out more about him in future books.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
This is book one in The Caliendo Resort series and it features Violet Caliendo and Ryder Carlex. Their situation is a sticky one and sometimes feelings creep up on you and make a mess out of everything. Secrets are revealed and some people are not who you thought they were. Sometimes they’re worse and sometimes they surprise you and are better. This is a great “falling for your ex’s best friend” romance with fantastic characters and a well written story line. I can’t wait to read the next book in this fantastic series.
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars I liked it. Although, the first few chapters weren't so engaging but after that story picks up and it's really good. last 50% of the book is especially quite amazing. I liked the characters and how they interact with each other. It's an entertaining read which I enjoyed thoroughly. Violet was married to a man she didn't love and he didn't love her either. From such a marriage she has learned not to trust anyone. She is quite happy with her life now. She loves her job and her kids, but she plans to never fall in love or look for a happy ending because they don't exist. Once again she finds herself in a difficult position. She is planning her ex's marriage and can't help but being annoyed with the whole situation. To make things worse his best friend will be there as well. She hates both men, for totally different reasons though... Ryder has heard a lot of things about his friend's ex. Apparently she is an ice queen, a woman without any emotions. She is definitely not someone he can ever like. But soon he realises that everything he thinks he knows about him is wrong. She wears her disguise well but underneath it she is a warm and loving woman. And every moment he spends with her makes him fall more and more in love with her. However, getting a happy ending may not be that easy for them. There is too much past between them, all they can do is try to make it work... It's a good contemporary novel with lots of laugh-out-loud moments and some very romantic ones too. All in all it's a good read, something that can be enjoyed by every romance addict.
StelT More than 1 year ago
Somehow Violet Caliendo is conscripted to plan her ex-husband’s wedding to his new bride! And on top of that, the best man is Ryder Carlex! He’s a womanizer and she is the ice princess. Violet can’t stand Ryder, but he’s perfect for a one-time hookup! But why is her ex trying to stop them from connecting at a deeper level? This is a well written book with lots of wonderful characters plot twists, secrets, heat and HEA. My main issue with this book is the poor editing. Unfortunately, I find this distracting from the story as I notice spelling and grammatical errors throughout the book. One or two, you can ignore, but there are numerous editing issues here.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
As the event coordinator at her family’s resort, Violet is overseeing the details of her ex-husband’s wedding. When the stress of it as well as the interference from her family become too much, she stalks Ryder in order to have a quickie. He’s a playboy through and through and she knows it will be a one and done deal. Ryder is seeing an entirely different side of the Ice Queen than her ex-husband has described. While one minute she’s ice cold, the next she’s teeming with passion. Who is the real Violet Caliendo? This was an enjoyable read with lots of fun, and sometimes deep, secondary characters. The steam level is nice with a fade to black and the dynamics between the hero and heroine keep you on your toes. I loved watching this couple fall in love in spite of all the negativity they had been fed about each other. The ending was wrapped up very nicely following the acknowledgment of a few secrets that had set everyone up to take their own individual journeys.
Cali-Jewel More than 1 year ago
Emotionally engaging, sweetly sexy, breathtakingly charming and entertaining second chance romance with some very unexpected and intriguing twists. Violet Caliendo is a sassy, sexy and completely in control working her dream job as a wedding coordinator at her families five star resort. She also no longer believes in lasting love or trusting and who can blame her after her loveless marriage ended two years ago. Ryder Carlex is a sexy, charming and only son of a mega grocery market empire, also her ex-husbands best friend and best man. So maybe agreeing to coordinate her ex-husbands second marriage was not the best idea, but I loved all the fun and excitement that came with it. Look forward to more visits to The Caliendo Resort.
thicks More than 1 year ago
The thing that makes this writers books so good is the twist. You never know just how everything is going to work out, except that the couples will persevere. There is plenty of action and there is passion but mostly there is just some screwed up garbage going on because of that man that held folks under his thumb. Still trying to right the wrongs of the father we had straight to Violet and her forced marriage. As the lies and secrets are recognized, acknowledged and brought to light hea's happen and not just for Violet and Ryder. Ryder who there is so much more to than every thought. Violet who isn't the ice queen she has earned the reputation for. Behind the characters this author writes is always someone that has been hidden, by deeds to or deeds done. There is always more than meets the eye and to the story. Another great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
A loveless marriage and a divorce can make anyone an “Ice Queen” been there done that so I could really relate to Violet when things go south it makes one very cold until the right person comes along. For some that may never happen and for others it just takes someone to break through the ice. I can’t think of anything worse than being at your ex’s wedding but Violet sure has topped it since her job is to plan wedding and she is hired to plan her ex’s, can life get any worse. Something must give and it looks like it will be Violet with all that penned up angry, hurt, the best revenge is to have a one night stand with the best man. If it could only be that easy…what a mess! When Ryder and Violet come together it is like an explosion they really know how to ignite a fire. Could this be something that really started years ago or is this new it really doesn’t matter once Violet gets her hands on Ryder it is one wild passionate ride. There are exes and secrets that stand in the way, once wants more and one could lose a lot. What a wild ride that keeps you on your toes. I really liked the plot, the twists and turns, the characters are great, there are even a few laughs along the way. The author knows how to get right to the heart with such emotions that makes you feel for the characters. They become real and family with a story you don’t want to end. It was easy to let my mind go with the flow painting the scenes the author created. It is well written the words flow easy and the passion is hot. It is another win for this author who knows how to draw her reads in hooking them and laying the playing field with true emotions that gets you right in the heart.
Suze-Lavender More than 1 year ago
Violet was unhappily married to Joel and is now a single mother. She's a wedding coordinator at the Caliendo Resort, a five-star business run by her family. She's been asked to plan Joel's wedding with the woman he was seeing behind Violet's back when they were still married. Violet wears her Ice Queen mask and pretends everything is fine. She's hurt though and to make herself feel happier she has sex with Ryder in one of the hotel bathrooms. Ryder is Joel's best friend and he has a reputation, so Violet tells herself it's a one time thing and nothing more, but is that really true? Violet and Ryder can't fight their mutual attraction.Whenever they run into each other sparks fly between them. However, they both have a past and they are keeping secrets from each other and from the people who love them. Will those secrets come out eventually? Violet has a family to protect and her kids will always come first. Will Ryder and Violet have a chance together despite their difficult start and Joel's irritating interference? Sunset Thunder is a sexy romantic story. Ryder is handsome, kind and generous. He's also emotionally closed off and is more or less on his own. He doesn't have anyone he can lean on and my heart ached for him because of his lonely life. Violet is good for Ryder, but it's hard for him to let her into his world. They've been fed misassumptions about one another and giving someone their trust isn't something that is easy for both of them. Violet doesn't show her feelings, she makes sure her face is a cold mask, but underneath the cool façade there's so much spirit and passion. She's kind and caring as well and I loved the way she treats her kids. Both Violet and Ryder need unconditional love and support and I kept hoping they'd find that with each other. There's plenty of chemistry between them, but there could be so much more and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, because I was so curious about what would happen to them. Shannyn Leah's writing has an easy flow. She makes her main characters and settings come to life incredibly well. I loved the Caliendo Resort, it's a luxurious setting with plenty of interesting spaces. The Caliendos are pretty dysfunctional and there are many family secrets they struggle with. Shannyn Leah writes about them with compassion and honesty and I liked that a lot. It's such a sharp contrast with the subject of her story, family secrets and lies, and the way she brings it is both intriguing and compelling. She combines this with a wonderful love story and that works very well. I definitely enjoyed reading Sunset Thunder, it's a promising start of the Caliendo Resort series and I can't wait to read more.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for an honest review~ Violet Caliendo still can't believe she's hosting her ex husband's wedding in the same place as their wedding. Violet wants nothing more than this nightmare to go away but that's not happening anytime soon. Ryder Carlex can't believe his best friend Joel getting married in the same place as his previous marriage. Ryder is barely coping with all the changes in his life and work these past two years. Ryder thinks that Violet Caliendo is nothing but an Ice Queen. Yet he discovers that Violet is anything but an Ice Queen. So what other lies has Joel told Ryder about Violet? Will Violet change her mind about Ryder? Will Ryder learn the truth? Your answers await you in Sunset Thunder. This new to me author created a wonderful book that I'm eager to read more of in the future. The characters are compelling, complex, raw, honest, and intriguing too. Definitely a book series to get into.