Sunshine and Ladybug in Angel Balloons

Sunshine and Ladybug in Angel Balloons


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Sunshine and Ladybug are two very special little girls who love visiting the Lakehouse to see their Avia and Bama. They learn to swim in Avia's pool while the palm trees sway in the yard. Sometimes, they are very lucky and have picnics with Bama. Once in awhile, they even have balloons with long white strings attached to their little hands. These balloons are very special, and Sunshine and Ladybug learn that the angels like to play with balloons too.

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ISBN-13: 9781466963801
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/29/2013
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Sunshine & the Ladybug in Angel Balloons

By Avia, Frank A. Lowe

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 AVIA
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-6380-1



On a bright spring day in Florida, four year old Isabella, two year old Katie and their Mama drove to Avia's Lakehouse, which was only a few minutes from their own home. They were very excited to show Avia (their grandmother), and Bama (their great grandmother), Isabella's beautiful new balloon. "Drive faster, Mama!" said Isabella.

When they arrived, Isabella and Katie ran to the front door with the balloon and rang the doorbell. As always, Avia was very quick to open the already unlocked door. The little girls just like to hear the doorbell ring. Avia greeted Isabella and Katie with hugs and kisses and called them each their pet names: Sunshine and Katiebug.

"Look, look at my new balloon," shouted Sunshine. Avia admired the new balloon, but only for a second because today the girls were in a hurry; they quickly ran past Avia, shouting for Bama so they could show her the new balloon, which now darted here and there on the end of the white ribbon that Isabella was holding.

"Bama, Bama," shouted Isabella. "Oh, Bama, where are you?" pleaded Katie. Bama was sitting outside on the back deck because the sun was so warm on her skin, and there were only a few wispy white clouds very high up in the Spring sky.

As the girls ran through the kitchen and ran through the family room, they spied Bama. Avia opened the screen door. "Now, my little Sunshine," said Avia. "You must hold tight to your balloon so it doesn't fly away to the angels in the sky." "Okay," said Isabella. "I will." "Okay," said Katiebug the Ladybug, even though she didn't have a balloon in her little hand.

Down the steps they jumped. The giggles and thunks made Bama notice that her precious little girls had arrived for another visit. "Bama, Bama," the girls called out. "Look, look at what we have." "Oh, what a wonderful balloon," Bama said.

Isabella then showed Bama the new balloon. Meanwhile, Katiebug decided to pick some early Spring flowers. Down the deck steps Katie went, darting here and there trying to decide which flowers to pick.

Katiebug loved flowers and never missed a chance to pick some. Avia had planted flowers in her backyard near the lake. There were all kinds of flowers, roses and daisies and violets. After gathering several in her tiny hands, Katie turned around and came back up onto the deck where Isabella, Bama, Mama and Avia were sitting in the warm sun.

Katie handed her small bouquet of flowers to Bama. "Here, Bama," said Katie, very proud of herself. "Thank you, Katie," answered Bama. "Welcome," said Katie as she pirouetted around the deck. "Avia," said Katie. "Yes?" Avia answered. "I would like some cookies and some milk." "Well," replied Avia, "that sounds like a great idea. I believe everyone would like some cookies and milk out here on the deck in the sun. I'll be right back."

Avia dashed into the kitchen and poured everyone some chocolate milk and put a plate of chocolate chip cookies on a tray. Then Avia very, very carefully carried the tray out to the backyard where everyone could enjoy the afternoon of cookies and milk and warm sun. All the while Isabella held onto the balloon very, very tightly.

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