Super Duper Diaper-Poopin' Hero

Super Duper Diaper-Poopin' Hero

by Rosemarie Jackowski


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ISBN-13: 9781463422110
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/28/2011
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.06(d)

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Super Duper Diaper-Poopin' Hero

By Rosemarie Jackowski


Copyright © 2011 Rosemarie Jackowski
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-2211-0

Chapter One

Katie was a poor young maiden that lived in a small town named Kiddyville Kiddyville. She lived all alone in a tiny yellow and green house by a tree filled park and a laundry mat where she worked sixteen hours a day. In the park was a really wonderful playground

The playground had a lot of colorful swing sets, bouncing rides, a large jungle gym and even a see saw. All the children in town loved to play there.

Next to the park was the town's elementary school. During the day, the eyes of little boys and girls would peek out through the classroom windows gazing at the playground in anticipation. Each and every day the children would anxiously wait till the school bell rang. The park made them so happy. They just wanted to play and play and play until they were pooped or until the park bully named Buck would scare them away.

Mommies and Daddies would sit on the park benches and watch the smiles on their happy faces. Poor Katie never had children. She yearned to be one of those parents enjoying their children play.

One warm Saturday afternoon, Katie was working. It was a very busy day at the laundry mat. She was in charge of washing all the stinky, dirty baby diapers. While she scrubbed and scrubbed her mind would wonder. Crackling noises played from a broken radio in the background. Where do all these dirty diapers come from, she asked herself? I wash them and they just keep coming and coming and coming.

Suddenly, there was a rustling in a basket of freshly folded diapers. Katie put her hand inside and began feeling her way to the bottom. Oh my, she surprisingly yelped. "Ouch, I feel something." Then a soft deep voice said, "Stop that! You're going to wrinkle my cloths." Katie pulled her hand out of the basket. A tiny person popped up. He had peach fuzz on his head and a dryer sheet stuck to the top of it. He was wearing a safety pin secured soggy cloth diaper and little pair of baby shoes with colored laces and thick rubber soles. He had on a tiny tool belt around his waist fully equipped with a baby bottle, rattle, teething ring, bottle of powder and a small red pacifier hanging around his neck. He even had an I D tag on his wrist. "What's the big idea?" He shouted. "This is MY laundry basket. This is my secret house and those are my super hero cloths.

Startled, Katie said, who are you? The little man shouted, "I'm Da Da Da Diaper Dann!!!" I live here. I am a "Super Duper Diaper Poopin' Hero." I save." innocent children that get bullied while they play at the park across the street. If I hear a single whimper or see the glistening shine from a single tear, I fly over to the park to save the day. The little boys and girls can always feel safe as long as I'm around.

"Can't you see I'm wearing a magic super hero tool belt?" "Look," he shouted as he pointed. "All this stuff has super powers. My bottle is full of chocolate milk. It makes me strong. The rattle's loud noise scares off the bully's. The teething ring is actually a boomerang. Then I have 'secret victory powder.' It makes puffy dust clouds for a perfect hero's getaway. My bully detector is the most special. It's cleverly disguised as a lollipop pacifier. It beeps and blinks when there's a sign of trouble nearby."


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