Super Horoscopes Virgo 2011

Super Horoscopes Virgo 2011

by Margarete Beim
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*girl walks in* Hello my name is Oriana. I have black waist length hair, icy blue eyes, skinny, round face, pale. I usually wear Converse sneakers, a dark purple hoodie, and dark blue jeans. *opens her hoodie to reveal her shirt* it has strips down the middle. *opens wings* gray wings spread twelve feet across, "as you know I am somewhat like you, experimentation has made me this way." *zips up jacket* "I don't want to be alone anymore." She whispers, "please let me fly with you. I can shoot fire out of my hands, and I can make a force field around any object. I know it doesnt sound like much but please, I can fight very well, and fly at speeds over 250 mph, please let me stay. Let me know your decision." *walks slowly out*