SuperFunk, Vol. 3

SuperFunk, Vol. 3

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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The previous SuperFunk. volumes have not been stuffed with many (or indeed have had hardly any) household names, and SuperFunk3. upholds the series tradition of super-rare and pretty high-quality late-'60s and early-'70s funk. Lowell Fulson and maybe Preston Love will be reasonably familiar names to learned soul fans, but otherwise you have to be pretty in with the funk collecting in-crowd to have heard any of these artists or particular tracks before. (Indeed, three of the tracks are previously unreleased.) It's true enough that some of this blends together in the songs' resemblances to more famed early funk work by the likes of James Brown (as does Preston Love's "Cissy Popcorn"), Dyke & the Blazers, and various blaxploitation soundtrack contributors. But it's still a pretty high-class assortment, guaranteed to impress friends if they're into this sort of thing, yet also reasonably pleasing to more fly-by-night listeners. As for some of the more interesting cuts, Cat Scream's "Li'l Buck" has some real slick high-speed jittery funk guitar, Dave Hamilton's "Take Care of Your Own Business" has a welcome bluesy harmonica and mildly Howlin' Wolf-like vocal delivery, Chico & Buddy's "Ain't It a Groove" has a more AM play list friendly sound than most (with those Philadelphia-like vibraphones), and the Soul Senders' "Soul Brothers Testify" has some scorching Jimi Hendrix-influenced guitar.

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