Superhero's take on the Experienced Analyst: - unleash your inner superhero in a fun and practical way using real life experiences and examples

Superhero's take on the Experienced Analyst: - unleash your inner superhero in a fun and practical way using real life experiences and examples

by Peter C. Williams
Superhero's take on the Experienced Analyst: - unleash your inner superhero in a fun and practical way using real life experiences and examples

Superhero's take on the Experienced Analyst: - unleash your inner superhero in a fun and practical way using real life experiences and examples

by Peter C. Williams


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Unleash your super analytical powers! Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced analyst, this book, with over 380 colourful illustrations, easy-to-follow real-life examples and tips, is a fun, yet practical way to learn more about the exciting world of analysis.

Over 350 pages will take you through the theory of analysis as well as providing useful descriptions, examples and definitions that are based on over 20-years of relevant commercial work experience.

Have you ever wondered how to handle difficult stakeholders? Or what you need to do to prepare for a workshop successfully? This book will show you how to handle a variety of situations and scenarios but also provides you with insight and relevant real-world examples on a broad range of analysis areas and disciplines.

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced analyst, the superhero’s take on the experienced analyst has something for everyone, and everything within the book has been designed and tailored to help you become the best analyst you can be.


  • Managing Change
  • Research tools & techniques
  • Stakeholder analysis & management
  • Requirements modelling & analysis
  • Creative Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
  • Communication tools & techniques
  • Use of visual aids
  • Viability assessment
  • and much more…

  • Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781999797645
    Publisher: Ovester Limited
    Publication date: 04/30/2018
    Pages: 350
    Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.95(d)

    About the Author

    Peter C. Williams is an experienced and highly skilled change consultant in the European Financial Services industry. Peter has used his 20 years of commercial experience to write a number of technical books, which provides the reader with practical advice, based on experience rather than theory. Peter's unique writing style and approach is fun, and he often tackles difficult and complex subjects, making them much easier to understand. Peter has a diverse skill set, of which includes a strong range of delivery and analytical skills, coupled with a proven track record in driving and delivering multi-million dollar projects (regulatory, separation, divestment, integration and transformation programmes). Peter is an experienced problem solver in a change management environment, including process automation, organisational re-designs activities and much more.

    Table of Contents

    1. World of Analysis

    1.1. Analysis in our daily lives

    1.2. Key Analyst Attributes

    1.3. Analyst Roles & Responsibilities

    1.4. Analyst Personality Types

    1.5. Introduction to the project cycle

    1.6. Meet Captain Analyticum

    2. All about the preparation

    2.1. Five Ws or Five Ws & an H (5W1H)

    2.2. Taking notes

    2.3. Tool: Mind Mapping

    2.4. Structuring your approach

    2.5. Tool: Be SMART

    2.6. Captain Analyticum does preparation

    2.7. Research

    2.8. Capture Methods & Approach

    2.9. Captain Analyticum does research

    3. Know your audience

    3.1. Identifying your stakeholders

    3.2. Tool: Stakeholder Map

    3.3. Identifying stakeholder groups

    3.4. Creating your stakeholder plan

    3.5. Captain Analyticum does stakeholder analysis

    3.6. Managing your stakeholders

    3.7. Managing People

    3.8. Key Personality Types

    3.9. Captain Analyticum does personalities

    4. All about the requirements

    4.1. Requirements Inception or Elicitation

    4.2. Tool: MoSCoW Method

    4.3. Requirements Analysis

    4.4. Requirements Specifications

    4.5. Captain Analyticum does telling a story

    4.6. Requirements Modelling

    4.7. Captain Analyticum does tools and techniques

    4.8. Tool: Swim Lanes

    4.9. Requirements Validation

    5. Developing options and solutions

    5.1. Identifying options and solutions

    5.2. Methods for identifying

    5.3. Technique: The Drill Down Technique

    5.4. Building and defining solutions

    5.5. Captain Analyticum does identifying options

    5.6. Resolving Problems

    5.7. Creative Thinking

    5.8. Tool: Gap Analysis

    5.9. Captain Analyticum does problem-solving

    6. Communicating with your stakeholders

    6.1. Creating an information repository

    6.2. Collaboration with our stakeholders

    6.3. TOOL: M.O.S.T. analysis

    6.4. Methods of Reasoning

    6.5. Improving the readers understanding

    6.6. Captain Analyticum does collaboration

    6.7. Key documentation

    6.8. Tracking & Communicating Performance

    6.9. Captain Analyticum does communication

    7. Using Visual aids

    7.1. Defining Visual Communication

    7.2. Types of Visual Communications

    7.3. Visuals to convey

    7.4. Captain Analyticum does visual communication

    7.5. Process Mapping

    7.6. Types of visuals for comparisons

    7.7. Types of visuals to show movement

    7.8. Types of visuals to show the distribution or groupings

    7.9. Pictograms

    8. Assessing the viability

    8.1. The business benefits case

    8.2. Key components of the business benefits case

    8.3. Technique: Feasibility Study

    8.4. Captain Analyticum does evaluating

    8.5. Assessing the level of detail

    8.6. Gathering financial information

    8.7. Investment Appraisal

    8.8. Technique: Benefits Realisation Approach

    8.9. Captain Analyticum does gathering information

    9. Working through change

    9.1. Types of Change

    9.2. Managing Changes

    9.3. Tool: Impact Analysis/Assessment

    9.4. People responding to change

    9.5. Captain Analyticum does managing change

    9.6. Managing People during change

    9.7. Readiness to change

    9.8. Sustaining the change

    9.9. Captain Analyticum does continuous improvement

    10. Analysis applied

    10.1. What does good analysis provide

    10.2. Cornerstone of Strategy

    10.3. Business Environmental Factors

    10.4. Tool: SWOT Analysis

    10.5. Captain Analyticum does strategy

    10.6. Decision Making

    10.7. Getting a competitive advantage

    10.8. Tool: Competitor Analysis

    10.9. Captain Analyticum does decision making

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