Supernatural Sensations - 4 Scalding Hot Paranormal Stories

Supernatural Sensations - 4 Scalding Hot Paranormal Stories

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Nothing can prepare you for the unholy carnal passion of the supernatural in this compilation of erotica and romance of the paranormal kind. Logan Woods, Jeanette Lavia, Simone Perry and Misty Springfield invite you to a world where anything is possible, and we do mean anything!

This bundle includes:

PROMISE OF THE SUCCUBUS by Logan Woods. Andrew has no idea exactly how wild his planned night of revelry is going to be. On his way to his favorite brothel, he is waylaid by the mysterious, caped Nane…a Succubus capable of giving sheer ecstasy to the men she selects for donors when her Hunger struck. This night he will never forget!

GHOSTLY DESIRES by Jeanette Lavia. A year after her divorce, 43 year-old lawyer, Naomi Giles decides it’s time to finally move on with her life and moves away into a fixer-upper on the outskirts of town, despite rumors of it being haunted. Creaks and groans are common with older houses but soon she discovers the true source of the mysterious sounds. Follow Naomi as she finds out just how erotic a haunting can be.

MY ROMANTIC DATE WITH THE NIGHT STALKER by Simone Perry. For Hannah, love has never come easy. Men have always seemed to disappoint her every step of the way. Of course, all that changed when she met James, a handsome English stranger surrounded by mystery and a deep need to feed on blood. Will she figure out his dark secret? Or will he tell her?

WE CRAVE FLESH by Misty Springfield. York is not sure if he is dreaming or hallucinating when, after being knocked unconscious on an expedition, he awakens in a cave governed by a pack of gorgeous sex-hungry were-women.

WARNING: This 15,915-word compilation is a steamy read that features explicit content and may be too much for timid readers! 


Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781634571289
Publisher: Steam Books
Publication date: 01/17/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
File size: 555 KB

About the Author

(Logan Woods)
You might not expect a former soldier and police officer to become one of erotica's most consistently steamy writers, but Logan Woods did just that with his vivid imagination and ability to artfully describe explicit moments of passion and sexuality - and the enticing characters that inhabit such scenes. He's ghostwritten for publishers for years but now is ready to make a name for himself, with Steam Books Erotica & Romance and beyond.

If his writing career isn't enough to prove he's equal parts brain and brawn, Logan Woods also holds a B.S. in Resource Management with a minor in Economics and Military Science.
(Jeanette Lavia)
Jeanette Lavia, like many of the erotica talent here at Steam Books Erotica & Romance, started out writing other genres before joining the ranks of erotic stardom. She's even launched her own line of children's books - under a different name, of course! Her work under the 'Jeanette Lavia' moniker, however, certainly isn't child's play. We're sure her readers are more than happy to indulge in her very, very adult stories.
(Misty Springfield)
Misty Springfield is a seasoned writer with years of experience writing for marketing and advertising. But, like many of the writers with Steam Books, the world of erotic fiction seduced her. Heeding the call, Misty's emerged to feed our lustful fantasies with her keystrokes.

Misty's also working toward a degree in Psychology, and we can only imagine her studies will help her understand even better how best to please our insatiable appetites for lustful passion.

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