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Sure on this Shining Night

Sure on this Shining Night

by Robert White

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Hyperion Uk


  1. The Children, song for voice & piano (from The Children)
  2. The Year's at the Spring, song for voice & piano (Robert Browning Songs No. 1), Op. 44/1
  3. When stars are in the quiet skies, for voice & piano, L. 7/102 (from "Songs (5) (1910)")
  4. Orpheus with His Lute, for voice & piano (also versions for chorus & piano; women's chorus & piano)
  5. Rose Marie, operetta: Rose Marie
  6. The Side Show, song for voice & piano, S. 348 (K. 6B66)
  7. The Cloisters, song cycle for voice & orchestra: Song to the Witch of the Cloisters
  8. Sure on this shining night, song for voice & piano (also arr. for voice, orch, chorus & piano), Op. 13/3: No 3, Sure on This Shining Night
  9. Shakespeare Songs (5), for voice & piano: No 3, Sigh No More, Ladies
  10. Songs of the Clown, for voice & piano, Op. 29: No 1, Come away, death
  11. Songs (25) for soprano & piano: On hearing "The Last Rose of Summer"
  12. Songs (25) for soprano & piano: Echo
  13. If I Could Tell You
  14. The Collection, song for voice & piano, S. 230 (K. 6B60c)
  15. The Lord's Prayer
  16. Poems (12) of Emily Dickinson, song cycle for voice & piano (orchestrated 1970 as "Poems (8) of Emily Dickinson"): Nature, the Gentlest Mother
  17. The Tiger, for voice & piano
  18. Never More Will the Wind
  19. Little Elegy, for voice & piano
  20. The Desert Song, operetta: One Alone
  21. Do Not Go, My Love, for voice & piano (or orchestra)
  22. To a Stranger
  23. When I Have Sung My Songs, for voice & piano (or orchestra)
  24. These, My Ophelia, for voice & piano
  25. Poems (2) by John Masefield, song cycle for voice & piano: No 1, An Old Song Re-sung
  26. Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life, song for voice & orchestra (from "Naughty Marietta")
  27. Songs (4), Op 51: No 2, June Night
  28. Triolet, for voice & piano

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