Surgical Appliances & Supplies in China

Surgical Appliances & Supplies in China

by Editorial DataGroup Asia

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The Surgical Appliances & Supplies China eBook provides 14 years Historic and Forecast data on the market for each of the 101 Products / Services covered. The Products / Services covered (Surgical Appliances & supplies) are classified by the 5-Digit NAICS Product Codes and each Product and Services is then further defined and analysed by each 6 to 10-Digit NAICS Product Codes. In addition full Financial Data (188 items: Historic and Forecast Balance Sheet, Financial Margins and Ratios) Data is provided, as well as Industry Data (59 items) for China.

There are 101 Products/Services covered, including:


1. Surgical appliance & supplies mfg
2. Surgical, orthopedic, prosthetic & therapeutic appliances & supplies
3. Orthopedic & prosthetic artificial joints & limbs
4. Orthopedic & prosthetic artificial joints
5. Orthopedic & prosthetic artificial limbs
6. All other orthopedic & prosthetic appliances
7. Orthopedic & prosthetic mechanical braces
8. Orthopedic & prosthetic elastic braces, suspensories & other elastic supports
9. Orthopedic & prosthetic elastic stockings
10. Orthopedic & prosthetic surgical corsets
11. Orthopedic & prosthetic splints & trusses
12. Orthopedic & prosthetic crutches, canes (orthopedic) & other walking assistance devices
13. Orthopedic & prosthetic arch supports & other foot appliances
14. Orthopedic & prosthetic intraocular lenses, orthopedic & prosthetic appliances
15. Other orthopedic & prosthetic appliances
16. Surgical dressings
17. Surgical dressings, elastic bandages
18. Surgical dressings, other bandages, incl muslin, plaster of paris, etc, excl self-adhering bandages
19. Surgical dressings, adhesive plaster, medicated & nonmedicated, incl self-adhering bandages
20. Surgical dressings, gauze (absorbent & packing)
21. Surgical dressings, cotton, incl cotton balls (sterile & nonsterile)
22. Other surgical dressings, incl sponges, compresses, pads, etc
23. Disposable surgical drapes, incl O/B & O/R packs
24. All other surgical & orthopedic items
25. Sterile surgical sutures
26. Breathing devices, excl anesthetic apparatus but incl incubators, respirators, resuscitators, inhalators, etc
27. Patient transport devices, wheelchairs
28. Other patient transport devices, incl stretchers, tables, etc., except wheelchairs
29. Therapeutic appliances & supplies, hydrotherapy equipment, incl full body & limb tanks (portable & stationary)
30. Other therapeutic appliances & supplies, excl electromedical
31. Surgical kits
32. Other surgical & orthopedic products, nec
33. Parts for surgical, orthopedic, prosthetic & therapeutic appliances & supplies
34. Surgical, orthopedic, prosthetic & therapeutic appliances & supplies, nsk
35. Surg. appliances/supplies, incl. ortho/prosthetic/therapeutic
36. Artificial joints and limbs
37. Artificial joints
38. Artificial limbs
39. Orthopedic and prosthetic appliances, other types
40. Orthopedic and prosthetic braces, mechanical
41. Orthopedic/prosthetic braces/suspensories/supports, elastic
42. Orthopedic and prosthetic elastic stockings
43. Orthopedic and prosthetic splints and trusses
44. Orthopedic and prosthetic walking assistance appliances
45. Orthopedic and prosthetic foot appliances (arch supports, etc.)
46. Intraocular lenses
47. Orthopedic and prosthetic appliances, all other types
48. Surgical dressings
49. Surgical dressings, bandages, elastic
50. Surgical dressings, bandages, other types, exc. self-adhering
51. Surgical dressings, adhesive plaster, medicated/nonmedicated
52. Surgical dressings, gauze, absorbent and packing
53. Surg. dressings, cotton, sterile/nonsterile, incl. cotton balls
54. Surg. dressings, oth. types (incl. compresses/pads/sponges)
55. Surg. drapes, disposable, incl. obstetric/operating room packs
56. All other miscellaneous surgical appliances and supplies
57. Hydrotherapy appliances, including full-body and limb tanks
58. Therapeutic appliances and supplies, other types
59. Surgical kits
60. Stents
61. Surgical appliances and supplies, all other types, except parts
62. Surgical appliances and supplies, parts
63. Surgical appliances and supplies, other types
64. Surgical sutures, sterile
65. Surgical gloves, rubber, including household gloves
66. Breathing devices, except anesthetic apparatus
67. Wheelchairs
68. Patient transport devices, other types, except wheelchairs
69. Surgical appliances and supplies, nsk
70. Personal industrial safety devices
71. Personal industrial safety devices, respiratory protection equipment, incl gas masks, abrasive masks, canister masks, etc
72. Personal industrial safety devices, helmets (hardhats)
73. Personal industrial safety devices, eye & face protection devices (face shields, welding helmets, masks), excl industrial goggles & eye protectors

/.. etc.

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