Surprise, Baby!

Surprise, Baby!

by Leslie McAdam, Lex Martin

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There's a fine line between lust and hate.

I don't care that Drew Merritt spent the last year transforming himself from grungy slob to sexy playboy. With messy, dirty blond hair and gorgeous eyes, his looks aren't the problem.

His mouth is.

And the stupid things that come out of it.

But after an emergency strands us together, and he does his damnedest to take care of me...

Let's just say there's one thing we don't clash on.

And it doesn't involve talking.

I've despised Drew since I met him years ago. One weekend can't change us that much, can it?

Spoiler alert: It doesn't.

Except he left me a little keepsake.

And in nine months, I'll have a surprise for Portland's most notorious player.

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Publisher: Lex Martin
Publication date: 03/12/2019
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Surprise, Baby! 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 6 months ago
Outstanding Why have I not Lex Martin Or Leslie McAdams before because I have to say that there was nothing that I did not love about this book? If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading these two authors writing together, then do yourself a favour and check them out. I love frenemies to lovers stories and Surprise Baby ticked all the boxes for me. This was a fun, flirty, seriously romantic story that engaged me from the start. It also had it’s serious moments and Lex Martin and Leslie McAdams handle both the fun and the serious with equal amounts of skill. Drew is a reformed party boy, who literally had no choice but to drastically change his lifestyle overnight or suffer the consequences. Whilst Kendall is an accomplished business woman with her own company. They both rub each other up the wrong way constantly; all the while being secretly attracted to each other. When circumstances bring these two together you just know that sparks are going to explode and there may well be fireworks. This is a book that you need to read for yourselves, I’m not going to say anymore for fear of spoiling your enjoyment. All I will say is that the writing was exceptional and I loved this book.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 5 months ago
Great book!
Paty_Turque 6 months ago
As a huge fan of All About the D, I was extremelly curious to learn more about Drew and Kendall. Their roles as crazy best friends were spot-on, but I still needed to know more about these two. And let me tell you, this book made my week! I abso-fucking-lutelly loved it! “Do you want my whole enchilada?” Arching onto my tiptoes, I kiss him. “I’d love your whole enchilada. As soon as my kit and caboodle can take it.” Whispering into my ear, he says, “Been dreaming about your kit and caboodle.” It was pretty much ¨in your face¨ how Drew felt some crazy attraction for Kendall. The problem was that she despised him! But let´s be honest, we can´t blame her for that. His behavior wasn´t the greatest (actually, it was waaaay far from it). “I love it when you innuendo.” Speaking of… Sitting up and leaning over, I use my sexiest, lowest tone. “Ready to run some errands?” I whisper, and she laughs hard. I love the way Drew left his party animal life aside, after some health problems, and became the best version of himself... Our beloved Drew 2.0 *sigh*. That´s the kind of guy that can steal your heart (and your panties) without you even noticing. Seeing him with his Bee and with Shazam just melted my heart. He´s the whole fun package, man candy folder worthy, just the way I like it ;) Kendall did not expect that kind of surprise after a great weekend with Drew, but I have to confess that it was the cherry on top of their unusual relationship. After all, moving from enemies-to-lovers to FWF status after just a short amount of time, and jumping right into the whole ¨surprise¨ thing must have given some whiplash on these two! By the way, those questions on chapter 30 made me laughing so freaking hard! "I'm pretty sure I went through the stages of grief on my drive. Denial, anger, bargaining, confusion, Happy, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy.” He chuckles. “At least you didn’t lose your sense of humor.” I loved the way this book pictured the couple and their lives (separatedly and together), how it skipped a few months, keeping the plot interesting, and how it leads to a great ending. Now, I just need to know if we´re getting more crazy couples, like Frankie getting along with a certain business partner... Fingers crossed!
Anonymous 6 months ago
This was a fun read.
Kayreader 6 months ago
Brilliant, Brilliant, BRILLIANT! Surprise, Baby! is a book that is fun, flirty, dirty, and so, so loveable. I love to highlight special passages, funny sayings, or memorable moments while I'm reading...I just about highlighted this entire book. I was either in stiches laughing or sighing at all of the loveable/laughable breakout moments. Lex and Leslie are a phenomenal writing duo and I seriously cannot say enough great things about how much I enjoyed reading Surprise, Baby! Kendall Greer works in public relations and knows all about fixing messes and covering up mistakes. Hence, why Drew Merritt, one of Portland's most eligible bachelors, is one of her biggest achilles heels. He hasn't always been responsible, he's actually been the complete opposite of responsible and a publist's nightmare. Unfortunately, Drew hasn't always been on his best behaviour around Kendall, actually he's typically been at his worst when she's been around, but you know there's a fine line between lust and hate. "Since I've known Kendall, she's yelled at me, lectured me, ignored me, talked over my head, talked down to me, and made sure that there was no chance in hell I'd ever be able to touch her. Kendall's like a gorgeous IRS auditor - she's out to prove me wrong, but the words that come out of her mouth make me hard."-Drew There is no denying, the attraction they feel towards each other, so when they find themselves stranded, locked away in a mountain cabin, they don't try to fight what is lying beneath all the layers of bad decisions and bad history. "Drew 2.0 is...sweet. And dare I say thoughtful? I like this new side to him. More than I care to admit." Kendall As Drew and Kendall try to navigate their hot mess of a non-relationship, oops...surprise! Things get complicated.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. Wonderful storyline, loveable characters. Just WOW! A great feel good book. Sexy love scenes. Humor. This book had it all!!!
BookAddictLive 6 months ago
I’ve read some heavy books lately so it was with great pleasure to read and enjoy Surprise Baby. This is about Eve and Josh from all about The D, which was hilarious. This is their best friends story, Josh’s best friend is Drew who was a womanising drunk, and Eve’s best friend Kendall who is a work alcoholic. Drew has always been drawn to Kendall, but she has always seen him at his worst. Then they both invited to thanksgiving at the mountain cabin that Josh had designed. Drew is asked to drive Kendall because of a bad storm. Lets just say after being stranded in storm in the cabin on their own, and become very close. You all know the title, so I will say this an entertaining romance between two great people and we have a beautiful love story with plenty of hot sex and happy endings. I always love these authors work, and can’t wait for the audiobooks because they are so well done and brings it all back to life for me.
shrtkut76 6 months ago
I absolutely loved this book! Kendall & Drew have known each other for years thanks to both of their best friends who are married. When their friends want them all to spend Thanksgiving together at their cabin in the mountains what could go wrong? Kendall can't stand Drew who has been into partying & is always in the headlines. Drew is always putting Kendall down & picking on her. When Evie & Josh ask Drew to drive Kendall up to the cabin because of a storm what could go wrong? One weekend together & Kendall has a different opinion of Drew. Could Drew really be turning his life around? Can Kendall have a friendship with him? When Drew leaves her with a keepsake from the weekend, their lives are turned upside down. Through in a couple of twists & this story was outstanding! Leslie McAdam & Lex Martin wrote a great story that had me hooked from the beginning. Five star read!
Joyffree 6 months ago
"Try not, sweetheart. Do or do not" What a fantastical journey! Drew is a sexy good looking Instagram sensation that has made it his life goal to enjoy every sin offered - some even twice. Kendall is Ms. no nonsense. She has had to suffer Drew and his antics for years since they share mutual friends. Every time he enters her breathing space he sets her nerves afire because he is nothing but trouble it couldn't possibly because she feels anything for him? Right? When Kendall and Drew find themselves in a bit of a predicament hearts begin to thaw as the chemistry between them sparks to life leaving them both with lasting memories This was such a funny, sweet and downright "hits all the feels good notes" romance This is a standalone from the "all about the D" series. The copy I read was comp
mandy30 6 months ago
LOVED this book! Laugh-out-loud funny, sweet, romantic - this book was everything! My first favorite book of 2019!!! Highly recommend!!!
WLRagan 6 months ago
Kendall wants nothing to do with playboy Drew. Every time she has had to deal with him he is drunk/high and says stupid things. Unfortunately their best friends are married. A holiday invitation to their friend’s cabin leaves them stranded alone in a snow storm. Can they manage to find a way to entertain themselves? This was my first book by either of these authors and what a great introduction. The banter between Kendell and Drew is so much fun. I loved the way Drew adored his Bee and would do anything for her. Even though not many people saw his responsible side, he wasn’t afraid to show it to those he cared for. The authors did a great job creating characters that I could fall for. Looking forward to more of this series.
MireleDouradoPauly 6 months ago
What a wonderful surprise! Since All About The D, I loved Kendall and Drew. Kendall was a good and loyal friend, she was supportive and rooted deeply for Evie! And Drew enticed me completely, even being goofy, irreverent and, more often than not, a jerk. But he loved Josh like a brother, he was funny as heck and there was something about him, something lurking under the surface that made me saw him with softness instead of annoyance. And I can say I was right! There was so much more about Andrew for us to love and enjoy. He was so cheekly funny, cocky in a pleasant kind of way and he could seduce and make me laugh at the same time. Actually, I'm glad I read this book alone, because I sounded like a crazy lady laughing out loud. And I'm glad I was alone for other reasons too. After a huge wake-up call, Drew changed his life, his behaviour (but don't get me wrong, he is still a funny kinky guy), adapted his life and his choices and came out a new man. Drew 2.0 "Drew 2.0 is...sweet. And dare I say thoughtful? I like this new side of him. More than I care to admit" That new version was also considerate and caring. He was the perfect mixture and cocky, goofy, sexy and adorable. He was deeper and more complex than he ever led on. And when it came to the ones he cared about, he wouldn't measure forces to do whatever it needed to be done. No matter if it were for Josh, or his Bumble Bee, Shazam and, of course, Kendall/KK/Kenster/and so on. "'And the part you're grateful for is?' 'For this weekend. For being forced to unplug from work for longer than the drive through Vista Ridge Tunnel. For your grandmother's pie...and for you looking out for me'" And that new version of him totally touched Kendall (in more ways than one). Seeing him so adorable and even vulnerable showed her that he was way more than she thought and he deserved a second chance. Even being so guarded and a total workaholic, she started to see her walls crumbled down on the floor for someone she thought she despised. Beyond that, after they realize they get a surprise coming up, even more things change between them, and the feelings become undeniable. And don't even get me started on their chemistry! It was totally insane and completely off the charts! They ignited fire that could defrost a snow storm. They connect phisically and emotionally in ways they never thought they could. They are more lined than they imagined and their bonding is deep. They understand and respect each other more than almost everyone they know. "So when I kiss her, I'm really not kissing a friend who I want to f***. That offer was me throwing out a Hail Mary because I didn't think she'd actually go for me. Instead, I'm kissing a girl who sees me for more than I am, and I'm hoping I can treat her right" I can't even tell how many times I laugh during this book. And the thing about romentic comedy is that is totally enjoyable, but most of the times you just get a smile on your face during your reading, and that's it. But with this book not only did I have that silly smile the whooole book (my cheeks were actually hurting!), but I also laughed out loud so many times, I had to check again and read another time and laught all over again. It was totally a page-turner-unputdownable book, and even though I'm still smiling right now, I'm sad to see them go. I just wish we can get to see them again in the near future and see what other surprises they have hidden up in their sleeves!
Anonymous 6 months ago
Jaime Long 6 months ago
I loved everything about Surprise, Baby! This book is a standalone, but these characters were first introduced to us in All About the D and I have to say that I personally thought Drew had no redeeming qualities. Boy was I wrong and I don't say that often just ask my husband...LOL! Drew and Kendall met when their best friends started dating. The first time they met was a complete disaster and they basically have hated each other ever since. After getting stranded together for a weekend alone, things shifted between Drew and Kendall. She saw a whole new side to Drew, a side she really liked. However, Kendall was still skeptical of Drew 2.0. I found it super swoony how Drew loved and cared for Kendall. However, these two were infuriating at times. Their lack of communication was so frustrating, but it made for good drama. Once they got on the same page, their relationship was something so special. I was captivated by this book from page 1. It is a story of forgiveness, second chances and best of all sweet, yet really steamy love! Oh and I had several good laugh out loud moments while reading this book. I hope Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam team up again on future projects!
CeeCeeHouston 6 months ago
5 Baby, baby, stars!!! Surprise, Baby! by Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam is the complimentary novel to ‘All About The D’ and Drew and Kendall’s story is a brilliant addition to what I’m hoping is going to become a series. I thought Josie and Evie’s story was great, but Surprise, Baby, topped it by a huge marker. I absolutely loved it. Although there was one point where Drew Merritt deserved his ‘DeMerritt; nickname. I kinda wanted to kick him in the ba!!s. But, thankfully, he pulled his head out of his a** and got his act together. There’s a ton of humor here, with a barrel load of chemistry that these two have been fighting against since they first met. He was a bit of a drunken bum, but he’s been forced to change his habits and has turned into one sexy hunk of a ma. Kendall, soon finds this out when the are trapped together in a snowy mountain cabin. They turned into the perfect compliment for each other and watching then navigate the aftermath of that weekend, but heartwarming and sweet. Minus, poor Drew’s parents, ugg, what a pair of douches they were. This was a very passionate, electrifying and intense enemies to lovers romance. I highly recommend it to any reader from rom/com - enemies to lovers and everything in between.
UpAllNightBB 6 months ago
4 Stars Review by Lisa Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog What a fun, surprise baby story!!! From the beginning, sparks fly and jump off the pages in Surprise, Baby! by Lex Martin & Leslie McAdam. The chemistry between these characters is just fantastic. This is an enemies-to-lovers romance and is a branch off of the All About the D. story. Each book has its own couple and this one is all about Drew and Kendall. This is not just an enemies-to-lovers story, oh no, there is so much laughter that the rom/com is just as much a headline. The bust-out-loud laughing moments and the serious side of this story blends so well that you will breeze right through the pages. Kendall is beyond stressed. Starting her own business is not easy and late hours and no breaks cause havoc. Drew is Portland's most eligible bachelor and a hot one to boot. The past couple of years has put Kendall and Drew at odds and at each other throats, to say the least. But when their BFF invites them to a cabin, Drew and Kendall become stuck because of a snowstorm. What could happen? Nine months later a special delivery can !!! This book is a whirlwind of laughter, hate, disappointment, lack of communication, hormones and all that other good stuff!!! So well written. Great collaboration of authors.
HanneReads 6 months ago
I’ve loved every book I’ve read by Lex Martin or Leslie McAdam. Their first collaboration, All About the D, was awesome, but I loved this book even more! Surprise, Baby was everything I hoped it would be and more. It was funny, sweet, addictive and a little emotional. I read until my eyes fell shut and that was already way past my bed time, but I didn’t care at all. The epilogue was the perfect and beautiful conclusion to Drew and Kendall’s love story. I loved Surprise, Baby so much! I absolutely fell in love with Drew and Kendall. Drew has my heart. He was a player and always loved a good party, but Drew has changed a lot. He’s driven, rich, funny, caring, possessive and protective. Drew has always had a thing for Kendall and he was over the moon when something finally happened between them. He wants a chance with Kendall and he doesn’t give up easily. Kendall is a fantastic woman! She’s driven, funny, loving, ambitious and caring. Kendall always dreamed of having her own business and she has one now. She works very hard to make it successful. Kendall never liked Drew, but one car ride and being snowed in can change a lot apparently. She really likes this new Drew. I adored Kendall and Drew together. The secondary characters made this book complete. Drew’s grandmother is funny and sweet. I’m glad Drew has her in his life. I just adored their bond. Josh and Evie, from All About the D, appear sometimes and I loved that. They are just like I remembered them. They are amazing friends to Drew and Kendall. There are definitely some characters introduced in Surprise, Baby that I hope will have their own story one day.
nancylm 6 months ago
Surprise, Baby! is so much fun!!! A must read! I loved this enemies-to-lovers story. This was my first book by these authors and I loved every word. This story had me laughing out loud with sweet romantic times. A weekend with friends turns into a twosome because of a snowstorm. Kendall and Drew are snowed in and soon things get hot!!! I loved this story so much - all the ups and downs, the road to being a couple, the banter, the chemistry, why did this book have to end? I need more!!!
Thi 6 months ago
Oh this book had me laughing and falling in love with Drew. Yes he does come off as an over grown frat boy but he’s also sweet and just plain yummy. I’m glad he got Kendall to thaw a little because she was majorly up tight. They totally balanced each other out.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I was excited when I heard Leslie and Lex were coming out with another book together. I loved All about The D. And then when I heard it was going to be Drew's story I was even more excited. I wanted to learn more about the arrogant bestfriend. LOL!! And Leslie and Lex did not let me down. I absolutely LOVED this book!!!!!! This book was fun, flirty, sexy and emotional. Drew was nothing what I expected. He was so much more. He was fun, arrogant, sweet, and oh so sexy. And Kendall was strong, independent, and feisty. And the two of them together will have you laughing out loud, wanting to knock their heads together at times, will possibly have you shed a tear or two and have your heart racing a few times. The one liners in this book were so funny!!!!! Once I started I couldn't put it down. I hope that we get more books from these two authors. Because they write great stories together.
Jessica-Lezama26 6 months ago
Surprise, Baby is an enemies to lovers romantic comedy that will keep you reading page after page. I had so much fun reading Drew and Kendall's adventures. There wasn't a moment that I wasn't laughing or swooning, because ladies, Drew is the perfect gentleman. Of course, after he revendicates himself. "The window display catches my eye, the pinpoint lighting making the diamonds sparkle like, uh, diamonds. I am a f* poet, okay?" Kendall hates Drew's guts. The Drew she met at her best friend's wedding is nothing like the new Drew she will (be forced) spend some time. This Drew 2.0 is the perfect man for her. Drew changed his old ways. After a hard wake up call, he decides to be a better person, and just to continue with this new change, he finds the girl who, from the moment he knew her, made him feel something, and we are not talking just about feelings. I got one or two surprises while reading it and I enjoyed every moment I spent with these two, plus Shazam of course. If you love enemies to lovers and rom coms you can not miss Surprise, Baby! 4.5*
KCLATHAM 6 months ago
This enemies to lovers romance was the perfect mix of hilarious banter, scandalously hot scenes and heart aching moments of vulnerability from both main characters. To say that Drew and Kendall started off on the wrong foot is an understatement - with Drew making an absolute drunken fool of himself in front of Kendall at their best friends wedding, solidly putting Drew in the vulgar, drunk, party boy category. And for the next two years, he does little to move himself out of this category, constantly proving he is not to be trusted. So the last thing Kendall ever expects to happen is for her to fall for the man she despises, finding out you can’t let past mistakes destroy what could be your happily ever after. I love a good tale of redemption- who doesn’t want to see someone get their act together and turn their life around. With Drew, I never got an overwhelming sense of his playboy ways in this book just stories of his past trysts - he really redeems himself pretty quickly for me after the opening scene. With every turn of the page I was falling more in love with him, he was making my heart melt with how sweet he was with Kendall and how hard he was working to keep his new life on track. I mean you know a guy is special when at 30 years old he uses the Ninja Turtles wallet his Grandma buys him for Christmas! And Kendall, I absolutely loved her character, she was a hardworking, no-nonsense woman that wasn’t going to let a man ruin her business or her reputation. Yet she had moments of vulnerability that everyone has making her relatable with her insecurities and tendencies to bring up past wrongs. The time Drew and Kendall spend trapped in the cabin were some of my favorite scenes, not only were they hilarious but also smoking hot and sexy. The banter had plenty of ball busting from Kendall and funny nicknames and random acts crazy from Drew- leading to some true laugh out loud moments for me. When the “surprise” part of the storyline happens - it adds vulnerability aspects for both characters and also additional moments of hilarity. I would highly recommend this book- 5 stars for me!
Lashea677 6 months ago
She's out of his league. He's treading on her last nerve. Drew and Kendall are a match made in romance hell. So why is it that they can't seem to keep their hands off each other? Surprise, Baby is a cross between aggravation and temptation. Martin and McAdam put the moves on the funny bone while waltzing away with the heart. Hilariously entertaining, irresistibly wicked, unforgettable fun.