Surrender the Heart

Surrender the Heart

by MaryLu Tyndall, Marylu Tyndall


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ISBN-13: 9781602601659
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/28/2010
Series: Surrender to Destiny
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

MaryLu Tyndall, a Christy Award finalist and bestselling author of the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series, is known for her adventurous historical romances filled with deep spiritual themes. She holds a degree in math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. MaryLu currently writes full time and makes her home on the California coast with her husband, six kids, and four cats. Her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but open people’s eyes to their God-given potential. MaryLu is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.

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Surrender the Heart

By MaryLu Tyndall

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 MaryLu Tyndall
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60742-198-6


June 18, 1812, Baltimore, Maryland

I would rather boil in oil than marry Noah Brenin." Marianne tossed the silver brooch onto her vanity.

"Hold your breath and stay still," her friend Rose said from behind her. "Besides, it is only an engagement party, not a wedding."

"But it is one more step to that horrid destination." Marianne sucked in her breath as Rose threaded the laces through the eyelets on her stays. "Why must women wear these contraptions?"

"To look our best for the gentlemen in our lives." Cassandra appeared on Marianne's left, a lacy petticoat flung over one arm. With shimmering auburn hair and eyes the color of emeralds, Marianne's other friend, Cassandra, had no trouble looking her best for anyone.

Marianne huffed. "I don't care what any gentleman thinks of my appearance."

"Which is why you are still unmarried at five and twenty."

"Then what is your excuse at three and twenty?" Marianne arched a brow, to which Cassandra gave a shrug. "I have not yet met a man worthy of me." She grinned.

"Where on earth is your chambermaid?" Rose grunted as she squeezed Marianne's rounded figure into the stays and tied the final lace tight. "Shouldn't she be doing this?"

"I dismissed her." Marianne waved a hand through the air. "I prefer to dress myself." She hoped they didn't hear the slight quaver in her voice. She didn't want her friends to know that her mother had been forced to let the entire staff go and the ones here today were hired just for her betrothal party.

"There." Rose finished fastening the corset and stepped back.

Marianne took the petticoat from Cassandra and slipped it over her head. "Truth is, I do not wish to marry—ever." She squared her shoulders as Cassandra slid behind her and latched the petticoat hooks.

Rose put her hands on her waist. "Noah Brenin is a fine man and a good catch."

Marianne gazed at her friend. She couldn't help but smile at the motherly reprimand burning in her crystal blue eyes. Tall and slender, with honey-blond hair, Rose turned many a head in Baltimore. Just like Cassandra.

Marianne wished she had the same effect on men.

"He is a boor."

"Why so low an opinion of him? Haven't you and he been friends since childhood?" Rose cocked her head and gave Marianne a look of censure.

"I wouldn't call it friendship, more like forced acquaintance. And my knowledge of him is precisely why I know him for the churlish clod he is."

Gathering a cream-colored silk-embroidered gown from Marianne's bed, Rose and Cassandra tossed it over her head, assisting her as she wiggled into it. She adjusted the ruffled lace that bordered her neckline and circled her puffy sleeves. Cassandra handed her a jeweled belt, which Marianne strapped around her high waist and buckled in front. She pressed down the folds of her gown, admiring the pink lace that trailed down the front and trimmed the hemline. After slipping on her white satin slippers, Marianne moved to the full-length looking glass and paused to eye her reflection.

Plain. Despite the shimmering, glamorous dress, plain was the first word that came to her mind. That was how she had always been described. Brown hair, brown eyes, average height, a bit plump. Nothing remarkable, nothing to catch an eye.

Simply plain.

Which was precisely why, when the other girls her age were being courted, Marianne had chosen to spend her time caring for her ailing mother and younger sister, particularly after their father died. No whirlwind romances, no soirees, no grand adventures lit up the horizon for her. She had resigned herself to lead an ordinary life. An ordinary life for an ordinary girl.

"Come now, it won't be so bad." Rose brushed a lock of hair from Marianne's forehead and then straightened one of the curls dangling about her neck. "You look as though you were attending your own funeral."

"I daresay I feel as though I am." Tired of staring into the mirror hoping her reflection would transform into that of a beautiful woman, Marianne turned aside, picked up her silk gloves from the vanity, and sauntered toward the window.

"I, for one, cannot wait to get married," Rose said. "To the right man of course. He must be a good, honest, God-fearing man. A man who stays home, not a seaman. And he must be agreeable in all respects."

"What about handsome?" Cassandra asked. Marianne turned to see a blush creep up Rose's neck.

"Well, yes, I suppose I would not be opposed to that." Her blue eyes twinkled.

Facing the window, Marianne slid the white gloves onto her hands and tugged them up her arms. Shouts echoed from the street below, accompanied by the clip-clop of horse hooves and the grating of carriage wheels. She brushed aside the curtain to see people running to and fro darting between phaetons and wagons. A warm breeze, heavy with moisture and the smells of the sea, stirred the curtains. A bell rang in the distance, drawing Marianne's attention to the maze of ships' masts that thrust into the sky like iron bars of a prison. A prison that could not constrain the ravenous indigo waters from feeding upon the innocent—an innocent like her father.

Rose and Cassandra joined her at the window as more shouts blasted in with the wind. "What is all the commotion about?" Cassandra drew back the curtains.

"There have been rumors that President Madison will soon declare war on Britain," Marianne said.

"I hope it doesn't come to that." Rose peered over Marianne's shoulder. "War is such horrid business."

"But necessary if the British insist on stealing our men from land and sea and impressing them into their navy." Marianne said. "Not to mention how they rouse the Indians to attack us on the frontier."

"They want their colonies back, I suppose." Afternoon sunlight set Cassandra's red hair aflame in ribbons of liquid fire. "England never was good at losing."

"Well, they can't have them." Marianne's voice rose with a determination she felt building within. Though she'd been born after the Revolution, she had heard the stories of oppression and tyranny enforced upon America by a nation across the seas whose king thought he had the right to dictate laws and taxes without giving the people a voice. But no more. "We won our freedom from them. We are a nation now. A new nation that represents liberty to the entire world."

"I couldn't agree more." Cassandra nodded with a smile. "Perhaps you should run for mayor?"

"A woman in public office?" Marianne chuckled. "That will never happen."

The door creaked open, and Marianne turned to see her mother and younger sister slip inside.

Lizzie's eyes widened and she rushed toward Marianne. "You look so beautiful, Marianne!"

Kneeling, Marianne embraced her sister. She held her tight and took a big whiff of the lavender soap with which their mother always scrubbed the little girl. "Thank you, Lizzie. I can always count on you for a compliment."

"Now, Lizzie, don't wrinkle your sister's dress." Marianne's mother sank into one of the chairs by the fireplace and winced. The slight reminder of her mother's pain caused Marianne's heart to shrink. She squeezed her little sister again—the one beacon of joy in their house these past three years since Father died—and kissed her on the cheek. "You look very beautiful, too."

The little girl clutched her skirt and twirled around. "Do you really think so?" She drew her lips into a pout. "But when can I wear a dress like yours?"

"Come now, Lizzie," Mother said. "You are only six. When you are a grown woman like Marianne, you may wear more elaborate gowns." She gestured toward Rose and Cassandra. "Ladies, would you take Lizzie downstairs for a moment? I need a word with Marianne."

"Of course, Mrs. Denton." Rose took Lizzie's hand. "Come along, little one."

Cassandra followed after them, closing the door when she left.

Marianne sat in the chair beside her mother and gently grasped her hands. She flinched at how cold and moist they were. "How are you feeling, Mama?"

"Very well today, dear." She looked down as if hiding something.

But Marianne didn't need to look in her mother's eyes to know she was lying. The sprinkles of perspiration on her forehead, the paleness of her skin, and the tightening of her lips when the pains hit, spoke more clearly than any words.

Marianne squeezed her mother's hands. "The medicines are not working?"

"They will work. It takes time." Her mother attempted a smile. "But let us not talk of that now. I have something more important to discuss with you." She released a heavy sigh then lifted her gaze to Marianne's. Though illness had stolen the glimmer from her eyes, it could not hide the sweet kindness of her soul. "You don't have to do this, you know."

The truth of her words sliced through Marianne. She stared at the floral pattern woven into the carpet. "You know I do."

"It isn't fair of me to ask this of you." Her mother's voice rang with conviction and deep sorrow.

"You didn't ask, Mama. I want to do this." A truth followed by a lie. Marianne hoped the good canceled out the bad.

"Come now. You cannot fool me." Mama said. "I know this is not the match you would choose."

Releasing her mother's hands, Marianne rose from the chair and moved toward the window. The rustle of her gown joined the sounds of the city filtering in from outside. "In truth, I would choose no match ever." She turned and forced a smile. "So if I must marry, why not this man?"

Her mother gazed at her with such love and sorrow that Marianne felt her heart would burst. Once considered the most beautiful woman in Baltimore, Jane Denton, now withered away with sickness that robbed her of her glow and luster and stole the fat from her bones, leaving her but a frail skeleton of what she once had been. The physicians had no idea what ailed her; they only knew that without the medications they administered, she would die a quicker and more painful death.

Tearing her gaze from the tragic vision, Marianne glanced out the window where it seemed as though the approaching evening only heightened the citizens' agitation over the possibility of impending war. "Marrying Noah Brenin will save us. It will save you."

"But what of saving you?" Her mother's sweet plea caressed Marianne's ears, but she forced down the spark of hope that dared to rise at her mother's question. There was no room for hope now, only necessity.

"You know if we continue as is, all that is left of our fortune will be spent in one year on your prescriptions. Then what will we do? Without my dowry, no man will look my way, since that and our good name is all that has caught this particular fish upon the hook." And without a husband to unlock her inheritance, her father had ensured that the seven thousand dollars would remain as far from her reach as if she did not own it at all.

"Perhaps you will meet another man—someone you love?" her mother said.

"Mama, I am five and twenty." Marianne turned and waved her hands over herself. "And plain to look at." She gave a bitter laugh. "Do you see suitors lining up at our door?"

"You are too beautiful for words, dearest." Her mother's eyes beamed in adoration. "You just don't know it yet."

Shrugging off her mother's compliment, Marianne stiffened her back before she attempted to rekindle an argument long since put to death. "We could take what's left of our money and fund a privateer, Mama." Marianne glanced out the window at a mob that had formed down the street. "War is certain and our fledgling navy will need all the help it can get."

Her mother's nervous huff drew Marianne's gaze. "It is far too much of a gamble. And gambling destroys lives"—a glaze covered her mother's eyes as she turned from the window and stared, unseeing, into the room—"and families."

Marianne grimaced. "This is nothing like what Papa did. I have heard these privateers can make a fortune while helping to defend our country."

A breeze stirred a curled wisp of her mother's hair as she gazed at Marianne with concern.

Marianne twisted the ring on her finger. "Down at the docks, merchantmen are already outfitting their ships as privateers. The call for investors goes out daily." If only she could convince her mother, not only would Marianne not have to marry that clod, Noah, but also she could do something to help this great nation of hers.

Her mother's boney hands, perched in her lap, began to tremble. "We could lose everything. And what of Lizzie? I could not bear it."

Shame drummed upon Marianne's hopes. She had upset her mother when the doctor strictly instructed her to keep her calm.

"Perhaps you could take up a trade of some sort?" Mama offered. "I hear that Mrs. Pickersgill makes a decent living sewing ensigns."

A blast of warm wind stirred the gauzy curtains and cooled the perspiration forming on Marianne's neck. "Mama you know I have no skills. I'm not like other ladies. The last gown I attempted to sew fell apart. My cooking would drive the hardiest frontiersman back to the woods, and the pianoforte runs when it sees me coming."

Mother chuckled. "You exaggerate, dearest."

But Marianne could tell by the look in her mother's eyes that despite the humorous delivery, her words rang true. Though a governess and her mother had strived to teach Marianne the skills every proper lady should acquire, she had found them nothing but tedious. She possessed no useful skills, no talents. As her father had so often declared before his death. Marianne had nothing to offer. If her mother would not agree to fund a privateer, Marianne would have to accept her fate in marriage.

"I must ensure you and Lizzie are cared for either by this marriage or by some other means." Mama said with a sigh. "I'm an old woman and will die soon anyway."

Marianne's heart sank at the words. Gathering her skirts, she dashed toward her mother and knelt at her feet. "You must never say such a thing."

"Do not soil your beautiful gown." Her mother smiled and wiped a tear from Marianne's cheek. "Perhaps we should simply trust God with my health and let His will prevail."

Marianne laid her head on her mother's lap like she used to do as a child. She had trusted her father, she had trusted God.

And they had both let her down—her and her mother.

"I will not let you die, Mother. I cannot." Her eyes burned with tears. "As long as I have my inheritance and a man who is willing to marry me, I promise you will be well cared for. And Lizzie, too. That is all that matters now." Marianne lifted her gaze to her mother's, feeling strength surge through her.

"And mark my words, Mama. Nothing will stand in my way. Especially not Noah Brenin."


Noah Brenin doffed his hat and wiped the sweat from his brow as he made his way down Hanover Street. He adjusted the purple ostrich plume attached to his bicorn. His first mate, Luke Heaton, walked beside him, nodding a greeting to every pretty lady who passed by. Plopping his hat back atop his head, Noah forced his feet to continue. He was late and he should hurry his pace, yet all he wanted to do was turn around and go back to his ship. He had work to do and no time for his father's absurd commitments. Not to mention he had been dreading the announcement of his engagement to Miss Denton ever since he'd agreed to the match several months ago.

Now that the night was upon him, he truly wondered what he'd been thinking. Miss Marianne Denton? Had he gone mad?

"You look more nervous than if we were caught in the sights of a broadside." Luke chuckled, but Noah offered no response. He found nothing humorous about the situation. They turned down Conway Street, trying to avoid the people and carriages crowding the narrow avenue. A blast of muggy June wind struck him as if an oven had been opened. Sweat slid down his back.

A man in top hat and coat stood on the corner handing out pamphlets and shouting, "War is coming. Join the militia!"

Skirting him while holding up a hand to ward off the pamphlet being thrust into his hand, Noah plodded onward.

"It appears war will indeed be upon us," Luke said.

"What is that to me? I don't care unless it interferes with my trade."

"I daresay, where is your patriotism, man?" Luke applied his most pompous tone to a statement devoid of enthusiasm.

An absence of which, Noah shared. "Where yours is. In the lining of my pockets." Noah grinned and halted to allow a horse and rider to pass before he crossed the street. A hot breeze wafted the smell of manure his way as if the city were unhappy with his diminutive allegiance. But who could blame him? England had always been good to Noah. His trade with Great Britain had enabled him to keep his father's merchant business afloat. Why would he wish to go to war against the nation that fed him?

Noah hesitated before a large brick house. Music and laughter bubbled from the windows, grating over his nerves. He steeled himself against another overwhelming desire to turn and bolt for his ship.

Luke studied him, a curious look on his face. "Scads, Noah, Miss Denton cannot be all that bad."


Excerpted from Surrender the Heart by MaryLu Tyndall. Copyright © 2010 MaryLu Tyndall. Excerpted by permission of Barbour Publishing, Inc..
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Surrender the Heart 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
CinnamonG More than 1 year ago
Although historical fiction is plentiful, few of these are set during the War of 1812, and even fewer still are of this high caliber. Marianne, the protagonist of Surrender the Heart, may think she's just an average girl, but this is definitely not an average book! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a patriotic piece of American history.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great read! The love story between Noah and Marianne was humorous, passionate, and endearing. The story was suspenseful and kept me turning pages into the night. Marylu Tyndall is such a gifted author!
Liz51 More than 1 year ago
This first in the Surrender to Destiny series focuses on the impressment of American sailors by the British in the War of 1812. Marianne's engagement to the merchant sailor Noah is not wanted by either but is the only way to unlock Marianne's inheritance. In a series of somewhat unbelievable circumstances, Marianne is on Noah's ship and experiences first hand impressment on a British ship. The cast of characters are strongly developed as the Americans seek to escape the British ship. The events of the escape feed into an important event in the War of 1812. The shared experiences of Noah and Marianne change their relationship in this engrossing novel about events not often written about in historical romances.
CoopTroop More than 1 year ago
I have very much enjoyed reading this book, "Surrender the Heart" by MaryLu Tyndall.  Marianne Denton, an ordinary young lady who feels like she will never be good enough, especially when she is captured on a British navy at sea. Noah Brenin, a driven man to keep his father's merchant business afloat to have his own father approve of him from a past accident of his youth, but then to realizing something else of more importance. After reading, "Surrender the Heart", I saw how Marianne and Noah faced their darkest fears as they tried to find a way to escape and fulfill their own destinies. I even noticed how much both needed God in their lives, to have trust in God, knowing that no matter what God has always been with them, and God's destiny for both of them! To conclude, "Surrender the Heart" is filled with lots of action, adventure, drama, and a love story to where I just want to keep on reading to find out what is going to happen next through the whole story!
Danielle_Johnson1 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! MaryLu is one of my favorite authors! There is never a dull moment! This book is a great combination of romance and adventure. It really gets scary for a little while. You don't know what will happen next. I really liked that Marianne and Noah didn't like each other and they slowly softened to one another and realized their perceptions of one another were not quite right. This book made me really think about what it would be like to be right there on a boat with the enemy and what would I do. This is one I will read again!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Surrender the Heart is the first book in the Surrender to Destiny series. Marianne Denton is desperate to support her ill mother and little sister, and has decided to marry Noah, whom she despises, to get her inheritance. Noah is marrying Marianne to please his father, though he is doing everything in his power to get her to break off the engagement. Marianne and Noah are captured by the British, delaying both of their plans, and they must stick together and spend more time with each other than they'd wanted. I liked this book, it didn't have as nice a flow as some of her other books, but it was highly entertaining and very sweet. It was actually my least favorite in the series.
emzreader More than 1 year ago
I have not read Surrender the Heart, but I plan to. By all the reviews below (or above; I don't know where this review will go) it looks like an awesome book!!! For all of you who have not read any of M.L. Tyndall books, get started!!! I have 6 books and can't stoop going back to read them when I have some down time. Here are a list of some of her books: (This word box won't let me go down so I have to type left and right.) Legacy of the King's Pirates #1 The Redemption #2 The Reliance #3 The Restitution Charles TownBelles series #1 The Red Siren #2 The Blue Enchantress #3 The Raven Saint Also: The Falcon and The Sparrow. I haven't read that one but I will. Sorry. That's Charles Town Belles series. Not TownBelles. I hope this was helpful. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. The story was clever and woven in with history of that time! The chemistry between the two main characters was exceptional and amusing at times. I could not put this book down! A delightful and fun read with lots of action.
ibjoy1953 More than 1 year ago
Surrender the Heart Marianne Denton needs to marry Noah Brenin so she can get her inheritance. This is the only way she can afford the medicine her mother needs. But either Noah or Marianne is very excited about the wedding, why Noah even walked out on his own engagement party! If Noah could make enough money from the cargo he is taking to England maybe he won¿t have to marry this woman he doesn¿t even like. But little did he know that Marianne would follow him to the ship, only to get stranded there when the ship sails. And of course when she was found, the ship was too far out at sea to take her back. To Noah¿s horror, running out on his engagement party was not so smart after all! Oh! What a tangled web we can weave! I absolutely loved this book! Noah and Marianne¿s journey as their adventures at sea started captured me from the very beginning. Not knowing a lot about cargo ships, I really enjoyed the bit of information I learned about ships, shipmates, pirates, and all of the other workers and stuff involved in running a ship. MaryLu has a way with weaving details of the story together with romance and the importance of living Godly lives that makes a most interesting and enlightening story for her readers. In my opinion, MaryLu is just one of the best! I strongly encourage you to grab a copy of each book in this series to read, enjoy and pass along to others for their enjoyment. You will not be disappointed! A huge thank you to the author MaryLu for providing me a copy of this book to read and review. I was not expected or required to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are my own honest opinions.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Being English, I grew up with stories of naval battles, Hornblower, Bolitho and co. Being a girl, I mourned the lack of female role models in such tales of valor. And being an avid reader I just borrowed my brother¿s books. MaryLu Tyndall creates a fun heroine in her historical naval romance, Surrender the Heart, though there were times when I could wish the reluctantly betrothed Marianne were a little less headstrong. For someone afraid of water she¿s dangerously careless on board ship, but she has her reasons. Perhaps a lifetime of feeling devalued makes her unable to see how much harm, or good, she can do. The changing relationship between childhood foes, rich Marianne and Noah the merchant¿s son, is nicely done. Both face secret hardship and haunted memories. Their world of ship and shore comes to vivid life, and the danger of war at sea is scarily real. The British are bad guys of course, since this is an American novel, but only a few play the part of irredeemable blackguards. The Americans are good, but not perfect. Meanwhile love and trust win through. Marianne, who can trust no-one, learns to identify herself with the Biblical Esther. Noah, who trusts only himself, learns of friendship and heaven. And a still small voice speaks subtly over the storm. This is a Christian, American, historical novel, well-researched, intriguing, written with convincing characters and appropriate faith, and a really good romantic read. Disclosure: I met the author on gather and was delighted at the chance to read and review a free ecopy of this novel.
LadyKaty More than 1 year ago
I've heard a lot of great things about MaryLu and her books, so when I won this book, I was looking forward to reading it. What a fun adventure! Marianne was great to get to know through the course of this book and I laughed out loud on occasion with her and Noah's banter. What fun! The Christian content in the book was greatly appreciated. I loved watching both Marianne and Noah grow and mature in Christ. Very realistic! I enjoyed every moment I spent in Surrender the Heart. Can't wait to see what happens in the rest of the series! Keep it up, MaryLu!! You've crafted together a wonderful beginning to this series. Very well done!
JGraumann More than 1 year ago
I have read few authors that have mastered the art of creating tension in a book; you know, that "I can't put it down after this chapter like I thought I would because I really need to go to bed...but I have GOT to read just a little bit more." From the onset of the first chapter, MaryLu invites you into a world of happenings that swirl around and don't let go until the last pages of the book. The characters are real. The challenges each character goes through are real. Surrender the Heart is a brilliant read that is Christian without the cheesiness so often found in Christian novels.
luvinmynookGB More than 1 year ago
Don't think you will be disappointed...couldn't put it down!
Audrey4j More than 1 year ago
How does MaryLu Tyndall keep writing these seafaring romances with romance and page-turning elixer poured into each tale? Surrender the Heart is a delightful, entertaining, educational tale rooted in the War of 1812. Marianne does not want to be married. Period. And definitely not to her fiance, Noah Brenin, who teased her unmercifully when they were children. But if she marries this man, he will take care of her mother and little sister. How will they survive without him? How did she accidentally end up on Noah's ship? How did she manage to destroy his cargo and get herself, Noah and some other men captured by a British ship? How do they get out of their predicament and safely back on Noah's ship? Tyndall creates the conflicts and before book's end she resolves everything for her usual well-finished book. I loved the references to Marianne's faith, and Noah's faith. The young boy Daniel and the cat added special elements to the story.You'll want to grab this novel from a practiced, creative author whose creative well never goes dry.
Queen_Lizzie More than 1 year ago
As soon as I received this book from a friend as a gift, I read it in one sitting. Then, I passed it around to all of my friends. Everyone that reads it loves it. The characters are great. They clash and bond, and somehow make you laugh and cry at the exact same time. Well done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MaryLu Tyndall has done it once again in writing such a great read! She always has a way of writing a book that will keep you on your toes, and make you want to turn the next page. This book is about Marianne Denton and the Captain Noah Brenin. Marianne is a young woman who is doing her best to scrape up a living for her mother and younger sister. She will do anything she must to raise money to help her ailing mother, even if it means marrying her despicable childhood enemy, Noah. Captain Brenin is trying his best to keep his merchant fleet afloat, and prove to his father that he is a worthy son. He doesn't want anything to do with the snooty rich girl, Marianne. These two people are thrust into the begginings of the Revolutionary War. In the midst of all the heartache and tragedy, they will find a love. Not only a love in each other, but a love that lasts forever with God.
sarahjmcbride More than 1 year ago
Surrender the Heart is a great story, full of unique and interesting characters, exciting plot twists, and high seas adventures. This book really kept me on my toes, because every time I thought everything was figured out, something else happened. If you love adventure, romance, and the ocean, you will definitely love this book!
Courtney21 More than 1 year ago
If you've ever struggled with understanding what your destiny is in life than you'll thoroughly enjoy this book! Marianne is a young woman who finds herself engaged to the man that as a child drove her insane with his taunting of her. She is suffering to marry him because she needs her inheritance money to help take care of her sick mom and younger sister. She doesn't feel as though this is her destiny because she knows the marriage will not be based on love and she can barely stand the sight of him. Noah is also not thrilled with the engagement to his snobby childhood friend Marianne. He has no desire to marry her but he is trying his best to please his father by taking her as his wife and investing her dowry in to his family business. He feels he has no destiny and that he is never able to please his father since the death of his older brother Jacob. When Noah embarrasses Marianne at their engagement party she follows him on to his boat and while saving a cat she gets knocked out cold. When she wakes up she finds out they've taken to the seas. The struggles are just beginning as Noah and Marianne learn to find their destiny on the brink of the War of 1812. I really enjoyed this book! I got sucked in to the characters stories and lives right from the start, my heart just ached to help them. MaryLu Tyndall has proven to be an amazing author with Surrender the Heart; the way she intertwines faith, inspirational romance, with adventure and history is delightful. This is a stirring historical romance with a lot spiritual threads throughout the story. I felt there was quite a bit of topics about faith, God and destiny, sometimes it was the right amount at the right time but other times I felt it took too much out of the story. That is my only complaint, it didn't take away from the whole rest of the story though and I thought the inspirational message was great; I'm excited to read the next book in the Surrender to Destiny series.
a-nonny-mouse More than 1 year ago
Two reluctant young people, engaged for all the wrong reasons. He needed her money to further his family's business. She needed to marry to unlock her inheritance so she could save her beloved mother. Two hearts so intent on using the other for everything but love, can there be a reconciliation? Is it possible for two people so far apart to find the one thing they never expected? Join Marianne as she chases loathsome Noah down after he deserts her and publicly humiliates her in front of everyone of importance. Watch in horror as a delightful set of circumstances abound to keep the two disinterested parties together - finally culminating in a heroic set of events that takes place in the War of 1812. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I had no desire to put it down. Ms. Tyndall has the ability to make you feel as though you were actually there in the thick of things by her spellbinding imagery. I look forward to reading more of her works, and highly recommend it to those who love historical fiction.
StaceyNV More than 1 year ago
"Surrender the Heart", the first novel in the Surrendered to Destiny Series, is a wild, page-turning adventure from the first turn of phrase. MaryLu Tyndall creates vibrant characters that set sail on sparkling seas and into the hearts of her audience. Marianne Denton is not your typical wealthy American girl. She is being forced to marry Noah Brenin to unlock her inheritance so that her mother may receive much-needed medical care. Noah's circumstances aren't much better. He lives in the shadow of a brother's death and a father's resentment. His only desire is to make a name for himself and be Captain of his own destiny. Presently, he will have to settle for being Captain of his father's merchant ship, Fortune. But Noah has plans to win respect and his lady's heart. Are the lessons about surrendering to God for the characters, alone? Or can the reader learn a thing or two about deepening their relationship with God? Personally, I believe this novel not only entertains but also conveys godly life lessons portrayed so vividly that they cannot be ignored.
kattrox More than 1 year ago
Be prepared to be "swept away" to a time where strife and war command the waters. Where two people find themselves, the Lord and each other! Marianne, a bold and thoughtful young woman whose life seems plain and unexciting, who must sacrifice her happiness for the sakes of her mother and sister finds herself "thrown" into the ride of her life onboard The Fortune. Noah, a courageous, witty and sincere young man whose dream is to prove his worthiness to his father, has endured much pain and neglected love at the hand of his father. Noah's longing for independence will make him think twice when he and Marianne are put together through their parents arranged marriage. Neither Noah nor Marianne can barely stand being in each others presence. Daniel a young boy who shows some of the crew on board The Undefeatable and The Fortune that by faith in Our One True God and by hope (when all seems hopeless) can change the present and the future. Along with some very personable characters makes this one book you won't likely be able to forget anytime soon. As the war of 1812 escalates its every man and woman for themselves. When Noah and Marianne and other members of the crew are captured and impressed onboard a British warship the crew quickly finds out how much they are despised by the British. The British apply heartless and painful tortuous punishment on their captives to get them to be submissive. While most of the officers are cruel there are some aboard the British ship "Undefeatable" who are honest and forthright and wish no harm to come to the Americans. The reader will feel as if they are onboard witnessing a great battle! A very faithfilled, entertaining, engaging and compeling read for anyone seeking adventure, romance and the love of the sea. Mrs Tyndall's vast knowledge of history and unlimited creative writing make this a novel to enjoy, savor and reread again! I am very eager to read the next novel in the series and long to once again become (a part in history!)
jt4novels More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books that is so good, I had to stop and wonder, will I ever be able to write like that? The characters are so real, their thoughts, pains, fears, situations, everything about them. The story is intriguing, entertaining and adventurous. The characters are kept in impossible circumstances that leave you wondering how they will survive. The faith aspect was layered in perfectly, not too much, but just enough that it had me to thinking about my own faith walk. I loved the little boy, Daniel, and his prophetic role. I can't imagine anyone wanting to put this book down and when it's over, you keep thinking about it, sorry it's over, tempted to reread it again. At least, that was my experience while reading, Surrender the Heart.
ChandraLynn More than 1 year ago
I stand amazed that MaryLu Tyndall is able to write such endearing stories every time! She creates characters we both love and hate, conflicts that make us want to scream at the characters, settings on the high seas that make us long for journeys, romances that stir the need inside a heart for love, and above all else, she weaves faith into the very fiber of the stories. In Surrender the Heart, we meet Marianne Denton and Noah Brenin, two characters with strong family loyalties that ultimately threaten to ruin their chances of happiness. The nation is on the brink of war and country loyalties are also challenged. Where does romance fit in all of this? Read it and find out! You'll not be disapointed. And, while you're shoppping, be sure to check out all of MaryLu's titles. hers is a talent worht following.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
About all I can say is, "My goodness, what an adventure!" I feel like I've just gotten off a scary roller-coaster! "Surrender the Heart" is one romantic, emotion-packed, adventurous ride! MaryLu Tyndall can weave a tale to turn your nerves INSIDE OUT! From beginning to end, Tyndall swept me away with her spell-binding narrative and historic detail, and I love the tension and drama between Noah and Marianne. GREAT characters. I'm ashamed to say this is my first MaryLu Tyndall read, but - NOW- after reading "Surrender", I'm off to find another of her books. SHARLENE MACLAREN AUTHOR
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like all of MaryLu Tyndall's books Surrender the Heart is another thrilling adventure! She has a wonderful gift for telling stories! There are so many things that I can complement her on for this story, but also just in general. I think she has great dialogue, it brings the scenes to life. Which is what us readers want, right? The way she uses language and chronological order better builds the suspense, you can just hear and see the events happening. The best way to make a reader feel like they are in the story is to use first person point of view and she uses that perfectly. MaryLu will never bore you with to much detail, it is just enough for you to understand what she is getting across. For me I have noticed many authors dont "know" their characters, but MaryLu always figures them out making it a better read! Speaking of characters I find hers very likable; you almost always find yourself relating to one of the characters in the story(it isn't necessarily a main character). MaryLu pays attention to the surroundings, you will definitely get that feel of what is going on around the characters. I have a difficult time putting her books down, I even find myself thinking about her books afterward. Every book of hers has a totally new adventure to it. Though the stories are intense I always find myself laughing at one point. It keeps you guessing until you are just about to find out. All of MaryLu's books are impacting as well! I really liked Surrender the Heart and I hope you check it out soon, if not you are missing out on a great story and meeting a great author!! =)