Surrendering Retribution In The Psalms

Surrendering Retribution In The Psalms

by David Firth


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In 'Surrendering Retribution in the Psalms', David Firth examines the ways in which the editors of the Psalms have provided a model of prayer and the surrender of the right of retribution to Yahweh as the appropriate way to respond to violence. This breaks fresh ground on the question of the ways in which the book of Psalms offers instruction. This instruction is then applied to the context of South Africa where he was working as a missionary when he wrote the original thesis. In this way, the continuing missiological significance of these Psalms is also explored.

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ISBN-13: 9781842273371
Publisher: Authentic USA
Publication date: 12/31/2006
Series: Paternoster Biblical and Theological Monographs Series
Pages: 173
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

David G. Firth is Lecturer in Old Testament and BA Course Leader at Cliff College, Derbyshire, UK. He is the author of Surrendering Retribution in the Psalms, co-editor of Interpreting the Psalms and Words and the Word, and Series Editor for the new programme of Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries.

Table of Contents

Foreword   D. L. Morcom     xiii
Preface     xvii
Abbreviations     xix
Introduction and Methodology     1
Statement of Problem     1
Argument     3
The Nature of Violence     4
A General Definition of Violence     4
Categories of Violence within the Old Testament     5
Methodology     6
The Approach to the Psalms     6
The Enemies in the Psalms     9
Procedure     10
Psalms of False Accusation     17
Introduction     17
Overview of Research     17
The Place of the Canon     18
Method of Approach     19
Psalm 7     20
Form Critical Discussion     20
Structure     22
Nature of Violence     23
Response to Violence     27
Psalm 17     27
Form Critical Discussion     27
Structure     30
Nature of Violence     31
Response to Violence     35
Psalm 109     36
Form Critical Discussion     36
Structure     39
Nature ofViolence     39
Response to Violence     42
Psalm 139     43
Form Critical Discussion     43
Structure     45
Nature of Violence     46
Response to Violence     48
Conclusion     49
Prayers for Protection     51
Introduction     51
Overview and Critique of Research     51
Method of Approach     52
Psalm 3     54
Form Critical Discussion     54
Structure     56
Nature of Violence     57
Response to Violence     60
Psalm 27     61
Form Critical Discussion     61
Structure     65
Nature of Violence     65
Response to Violence     67
Psalm 35     68
Form Critical Discussion     68
Structure     71
Nature of Violence     72
Response to Violence     75
Psalm 55     76
Form Critical Discussion     76
Structure     81
Nature of Violence     82
Response to Violence     86
Psalm 56     87
Form Critical Discussion     87
Structure     89
Nature of Violence     90
Response to Violence     93
Psalm 64     94
Form Critical Discussion     94
Structure     96
Nature of Violence     97
Response to Violence     101
Psalm 143     102
Form Critical Discussion     102
Structure     104
Nature of Violence     106
Response to Violence     109
Conclusion     110
Psalms of Sickness     113
Introduction     113
Overview and Critique of Research     113
Method of Approach     114
Psalm 38     115
Form Critical Discussion     115
Structure     119
Nature of Violence     120
Response to Violence     124
Psalm 69     125
Form Critical Discussion     125
Structure     129
Nature of Violence     132
Response to Violence     137
Conclusion     138
Conclusion     139
Summary of Results     139
The Immanence of Physical Violence      140
The Predominance of Psychological Violence as the Experience of the Psalmist     140
The Rejection of the Right of Human Retribution     141
The Limitation on the Retribution Sought     142
Implications of Results for the Study of the Psalms     142
Form Criticism as a Guide to Function     143
Evidence of Editorial Consistency     143
Areas for Further Research     144
The Role of the Royal and Communal Psalms     144
Social Context of Editors of Psalter     145
Practical Implications of this Research     146
Bibliography     147
Author Index     153

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