Survival Kit for Overseas Living

Survival Kit for Overseas Living

by L. Robert Kohls



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ISBN-13: 9780933662049
Publisher: Intercultural Press
Publication date: 11/01/1984
Pages: 88

Table of Contents

1So You're Going Overseas1
2Others Have Gone Before5
3The Stereotyped American9
4The Ugly American13
5Primitivism Reconsidered17
6Culture Defined25
7Comparing and Contrasting Cultures31
8What Makes an American?39
9To See Ourselves45
10Traveling by Objectives51
11On Becoming a Foreigner55
12A Strategy for Strangers59
13Know Thy Host Country63
14Let's Play Q and A69
15Speaking of Learning the Language75
16Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty79
17A Handy Guide to Intercultural Communication83
18Culture Shock: Occupational Hazard of Overseas Living91
19Responding to Culture Shock101
20Skills that Make a Difference109
21Husbands, Wives, and Children113
22Minding Other People's Business119
23The Challenge131
Postscript 1So You're Coming Back Home?133
Postscript 2Jaunts and Junkets141
A.The Kluckhohn Model150
B.Information-Gathering Checklist about Your Host Country153
C.A Human Profile157
D.Logistics Checklists159
E.Additional Resources167
F.Template for Gathering Information about Doing Business in Your Country of Assignment181
About the Author187

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