Survival of the Richest

Survival of the Richest

by Skye Warren


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Two billionaires determined to claim her.
And a war fought on the most dangerous battlefield--the heart.

"What an incredible book! Survival of the Richest has everything -- Skye Warren's beautiful writing, a sexy, compelling story; intricate characters, and a provocative love triangle that will captivate you until the very end." ~ New York Times bestselling author Nina Lane

My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Massachusetts Bay. A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy. Instead he protects me with fierce determination.

That should have been my happily ever after, but then Sutton appeared--ruthless and seductive. He doesn't care that my heart belongs to someone else, because he's determined to win. No matter the cost.

It's an impossible choice, but I can't have them both.

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ISBN-13: 9781940518978
Publisher: Skye Warren
Publication date: 03/25/2019
Pages: 354
Sales rank: 986,817
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Skye Warren is the New York Times bestselling author of dangerous romance such as the Endgame trilogy. Her books have been featured in Jezebel, Buzzfeed, USA Today Happily Ever After, Glamour, and Elle Magazine. She makes her home in Texas with her loving family, sweet dogs, and evil cat.

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Survival of the Richest 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While I liked the premise of the story , I found myself skimming through some of this book . Only to find no real resolution . In other words cliffhanger. Now not only do you have to wait a month for the next book to be released , it seems as though new characters are going to be involved. I'm not sure how I feel about this . Is it just a segway for yet another book ? I'm still deciding whether I'm willing to fork over $4.99 for a book I'm not sure will end the same way with these characters ? I feel it only far as the reader that advance warning be given when the story ends this way and requires you to purchase other books to have resolution in that story .
Anonymous 3 months ago
Great read. Can not wait for the next installment.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Couldnt put it down. Planning on buying all of Skye's books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AuthorsWebTVHost More than 1 year ago
I’ve fell in love with the Tanglewood characters when I read The Pawn. I’ve followed the series and it just keeps getting better. The story of Christopher and Hunter is a family drama, coming of age, way too much money and lots of steamy sex. Hunter is messed up in more ways than you can count. Enter Christopher, her stepbrother (no blood relations) and her world is turned upside down. Her father is one sick puppy who loves to play with people’s lives as if they were chess pieces. What will happen to these two? Will they find their happy ever after, or will the entry of a third person (Sutton) really mess them up for good? Not a cliffhanger, but definitely leaves you wanting more. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was going good and then the main character turned into an indecisive mess. I don’t know if I even want to know who she ends up with.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was complicated.
fantasylandblog More than 1 year ago
I love Skye Warren. This book well, it is just not what I expected at all. It blew me away. I will say that I had some misguided feelings throughout this book. I wasn't sure how I felt about Harper in some of this book but I understood her feelings and her actions. The ending threw me away. #TeamIhavenoideayet #TeamHarperforsure Harper is a strong, independent woman that loves her parents. Too bad they are totally crazy. So she doesn't believe in love or money. Even though her father is a billionaire, he doesn't treat her like that. She is to earn everything. So when her father remarries (which he and her mother do a lot) and she earns a new stepbrother they quickly become friends. Christopher is everything she knows her father would want in a child. Years later when they get together for Harpers art show, a tragedy happens that will change their relationship forever.
avidezliteraria More than 1 year ago
"Money can't buy love or trust or safety. It can't stop a thousand pounds of forged steel when it's already swinging toward me. It can't make the pain disappear." Intense, seductive and overwhelming. Good adjectives that qualify the work, but can not express how surreal this experience was. This book will make the reader devour page after page, get frustrated, twist, get frustrated again, find out that not everything is black-and-white and be speechless at the end. Survival of the Richest is the first book of a duology, and the end, with a twist and a nice hook for the next volume, will provoke anxiety until its end. We follow the story unfolding a long time ago, where a girl in her fifteenth year knows a boy she tried to be indifferent but failed. What began with a discreet, growing friendship, and was shaping up with the passing of time, ended up with hatred and many loose ends, many things not said. Now, at the age of twenty-four, this woman will discover in a somewhat harsh way that no matter how much she suffocates, when there is love, its remains hidden, and can resurface when least expected. The problem? A new character in this equation, which will make her rethink her feelings. Jumping in time after the end of Trust Fund, Harper looks for Christopher to discuss why he did not pay her credit card bill. But she finds his partner in the office, and with that Sutton forms the other vertex of the triangle. Two different men. One treats her as a child, the other sees her as a woman. One refuses to acknowledge that there is something between them, the other is not ashamed to pursue it. One is closed, stubborn and with a moral sense that is sometimes unnerving. The other is seductive, persistent and enjoying life. Two opposites, but that will awaken ambiguous and disturbing feelings. Needing money to pay for her mother's treatment, she agrees to work for them by helping them in a project. This closeness will bring another side of Sutton, and the two embark on a kind of relationship, but Christopher's shadow always remains between them. The book is agile, dynamic, well written, with a good plot, sensual in the right measure, throughout the reading you end up wavering between who deserves your fans, there are several secrets not revealed, and the ending is amazing, did not expect the turnaround. Christopher is the good boy, protector, who puts what is right above anything, even his feelings. Sutton is more action than reason, does not rest until achieving a goal and is not afraid to show what he feels. Harper is the pawn between these two men, the poor rich girl. I loved the ending of this first book, neither of the two male characters in my view deserve Harper. I hope the next book will explain what the reason behind Christopher's motives is, and whether Sutton really is true, or it's all just a game. Which of the two will she choose?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Continues the turbulent story of Christopher and Harper. When Harper confronts Christopher she meets his new business partner Sutton. Harper is frustrated by Christopher’s holding of her trust fund. She cons Christopher into releasing some funds if she helps them with a business deal. A gripping, sexy read. The relationship between the three players is turbulent. I liked touching base with the characters from the previous Tanglewood books. Brilliantly crafted story that had me on edge. Absolutely wonderful!!
Klipari81 More than 1 year ago
This story is a bit of a love triangle between Harper, Sutton and Christopher. I really enjoyed reading the dynamic Harper had with the two male characters. She had a very different relationship with Sutton as she did with Christopher. I am having a hard time picking which male I want her to end up with. One page I’m rooting for Sutton, the next it would be Christopher... This book had lots of sexual tension and by the end of the book I was an emotional wreck!! Looking forward to the next one! Skye really knows had to keep your attention. Arc copy from author for an honest review
DarGee More than 1 year ago
This wasn't quite like any other love-triangle I've read before, and I mean that in a good way! Harper and Christopher were step-siblings for a minute or two, but that was all that was needed. In that minute or two, something sparked between them and a bond was formed. Everything was all well and good, and it might've developed into something else, but tragedy changed their course. A by the book guy, Christopher always does what it right. Harper learns to smile and fake it no matter what, but Christopher still pushes her buttons Years have passed, and Harper goes to confront Christopher, she meets his business partner, Sutton. He makes her light up in ways she never thought of before. She is always ready to throw caution to the wind with him, but Christopher is always there. While she tries to sort out who she is, who she wants, and how she feels, life keeps happening around her, to her. As confused as Harper is, she finally believes she had made the best choice for her, and that everything will be settled. But in the end, did she make her choices based on only what she saw, and what had really happened? She should have known better than to not look at all the angles before making her decision.........
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
5 FABULOUS STARS!! Wow, this story was a page turner and kept me wanting more. I read this book in one sitting, I could not put it down. Harper, Christopher and Sutton's story is hot, sexy with lots of feelings, that you have a hard time picking between Christopher or Sutton. Skye Warren has done it again with this fabulous book. I highly recommend this book.