Survival Preparedness: A Beginners Guide to Survival Prepping

Survival Preparedness: A Beginners Guide to Survival Prepping

by Kenneth Blackburn, Kenneth Byrd (With)


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Survival Preparedness: A Beginners Guide to Survival Prepping

What would happen to you and your family if suddenly one day you woke up and realized there was no electricity or information grid, and that there was no end to the situation in sight?

Would you be able to survive?

If you have concerns as to how you and your family would be able to survive in situations such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or even economic collapse, then WAIT NO LONGER!

Survival Preparedness is an ABSOLUTE MUST READ if you wish to learn how to handle and survive in these emergency situations.

Don't think that these things can't happen to you, because every day on the news we hear about everything from wildfires and hurricanes to rampant diseases, terrorist attacks, and wars.

Nothing is worse or causes more panic than finding yourself in one of these emergency situations without the proper supplies, survival skills, and without a plan.

There are several reasons why thinking about preparing in advance for situations such as a short term emergency or long term crisis can be intimidating and cause for concern. After all, chances are that no one else you know is doing it and you probably don't even know where to begin.

It can become an overwhelming task when you consider the large number of supplies you may need and the cost involved in organizing this amount of supplies and equipment. You may also wonder where you are going to store all of these supplies and equipment in a small to average size home.

Having a simple plan in place to prepare for disaster before it actually happens is essential. When you are prepared, you'll be able to sleep much better at night knowing you have a plan of action in place.

If you wait until an actual disaster happens, chances are it might be too late to ensure the safety and well being of your family. This is why it is essential to read Survival Preparedness and be prepared!

What Makes Survival Preparedness Different?

While other survival books may offer some useful information, they often neglect to tell you exactly what you need to do and how to go about it, so it doesn't seem like such a daunting task. All of this information is provided with Survival Preparedness, including a comprehensive prepper list, gear, and supplies.

What Does Survival Preparedness Offer?

Survival Preparedness provides readers with a step by step plan to use to prepare for survival in times of crisis. By following everything in the book, you can be sure to have most of what you will need to survive a short term crisis situation or long-term survival situation. Specific instructions are provided as to what items to purchase or collect, how much of it to store, as well as how to store it.

Survival Preparedness Works With Your Timeline

Trying to prepare for long term survival all at once is virtually impossible, which is why Survival Preparedness allows readers to tailor their timeline to accommodate their specific needs.

By stocking up on all items needed for each month, within one year you will acquire everything you need for a 72 hour emergency kit, as well as a one year supply of stored food (survival food list) and supplies (survival gear list) required for both shelter and security.

Using this guide will allow readers to let go of feelings of panic and stop procrastinating and instead focus on strategy and preparation. Each month will be about working toward specific goals. As you complete these goals, you will feel motivated and develop an attitude of self-reliance so that when you turn on the news and hear about everything that is going on in this world, you'll feel more at peace knowing you have what it takes to survive and keep you and your family safe.

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