Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing

Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing

by Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos


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Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing by Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

Don't tell your Higher Power how big your problems are - tell your problems how big your Higher Power is. That should scare them away. Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos is a three-time breast cancer survivor who used dreams to diagnose her illness. Surviving Cancerland is Kathleen's account of how she learned to connect with her physician-within through dreams, meditation, and prayer. Believing in her intuition, Kathleen used it to self-advocate a course of cancer treatment, often having to persuade her doctors to cooperate with her. "Don't tell your Higher Power how big your problems are," Kathleen says. "Tell your problems how big your Higher Power is! Work with your doctors, but never forget that the final decisions are yours." Kathleen hopes her story can help you make better choices, live a more fulfilling life, and discover your destiny. A nationally recognized inner-guidance and dream-work expert, inspirational speaker, and coach, Kathleen hosts health and spiritual radio programs, counsels callers to the R. A. Bloch Cancer Foundation hotline, blogs for Patheos and Om Times Magazine, and writes a cancer Q&A column for Cape Women Online Magazine. Kathleen has been married to the love of her life, Peter Kanavos, for thirty-plus years. Learn more at

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ISBN-13: 9781879384965
Publisher: Cypress House
Publication date: 03/28/2014
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, intuitive life and dream coach, survived
three breast cancers that, missed by conventional medical tests, were diagnosed by her dreams. Kathleen chronicled her journey in dream journals, which she then used to write Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing. Kat taught special education in the Florida Lee County School System for ten years, working with profoundly disturbed
and learning-disabled students, and taught psychology at the University of South Florida in Fort Myers. Kathleen is an R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation Hotline phone counselor. She lives in Palm Beach, Cape Cod, and Rancho Mirage, California, with her husband of over thirty years and their three cats.

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

Part I Discovery 1

Chapter 1 Discovery and "Voices" 3

Chapter 2 Policy vs. People 8

Chapter 3 Haunted House or Head Case? 15

Chapter 4 Mothra Meets Godzilla 21

Chapter 5 Validation 25

Chapter 6 In Crisis, Deep Breaths 33

Chapter 7 Dancing in the Eye of the Storm 38

Chapter 8 Hour of Souls 42

Chapter 9 Tumor Kill and Treatment Typing 49

Chapter 10 The Wannabe Doctor from Hell 55

Part II Being 63

Chapter 11 Calling Dr. Chemo/Dr. Spider 65

Chapter 12 No Pain, No Gain 71

Chapter 13 Someone To Talk To 78

Chapter 14 My Head/My House: 4 Ways To Overcome Inner Chaos 86

Chapter 15 Intuition 91

Chapter 16 G.I. Jane and My New Best Friends - Constipation and Sweats 97

Chapter 17 Moving Forward 102

Chapter 18 Visualization, Meditation, and "Them" 108

Chapter 19 Visiting Spirits 112

Chapter 20 Media Overload During Treatment 117

Chapter 21 The Ides of March 121

Chapter 22 Nasty Flu, Normal Chemo, or "Chemo Brain?" 127

Chapter 23 Junkie Syndrome or Higher Vibration 131

Chapter 24 ADHD and Chemo Brain 136

Chapter 25 Doctor Within, Heal Thyself 140

Chapter 26 More Treatment? When Enough is Enough 145

Chapter 27 Celebrate the Good Times 149

Part III Evolving 153

Chapter 28 Radiation, Tattoos, and Concentration Camps 155

Chapter 29 Radiation Friends 163

Chapter 30 Voices and Stress 170

Chapter 31 Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll 178

Chapter 32 Sweet Dreams 184

Chapter 33 Becky's Meltdown 189

Chapter 34 Visitors from the Other Side 198

Chapter 35 The Finish Line and Depression 206

Chapter 36 Rolling with the Punches 212

Part IV Coming Full Circle 219

Chapter 37 Dad's Kidney Cancer and Toothpicks 221

Chapter 38 9/11: Lights, Smells, and Action in the Middle of the Night 228

Chapter 39 Wars and Battles, Above and Below 236

Chapter 40 Becky's Second War 242

Chapter 41 Coming to Grips and Exhaling 246

Chapter 42 Voices Vs. Doctors, Again 252

Chapter 43 My Final Chapter, Swan Song, Or Both? 260

Epilogue 267

Additional Mind-Body-Health Reading 269

Resources 270

An Excerpt from Kathleen's Next Book 272

About Kathleen 275

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