Surviving the Day (Apocalypse Makers Book 2)

Surviving the Day (Apocalypse Makers Book 2)


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The Earth is the focus of this season's popular apocalypse reality show in the Boreling Empire. The Borelings have simulated an EMP event, an electromagnetic pulse, that has disabled all sophisticated microelectronics, including cars, aircraft, power and communication systems. In addition to the EMP, the Borelings engineered a bio-infester designed to transform a portion of the population into zombie-like bio-creatures.

In San Diego, a young high school sophomore has already battled zombies and kidnappers in her attempt to reach her father's sailboat less than a mile away. She hooks up with a former Army ranger who equips her with more weapons and gear, but they become trapped in his garage as a zombie horde invades the house.

In Northern Massachusetts, a young man watches his father die, killed by a man as they attempt to help an old couple with a working truck. He manages to escape, but kills the man's son during the confrontation. Now he must dodge both zombies and a hunter bent on revenge as he and a young woman make their way through the thick woods to reach the safety of his home.

A former professor, adept in both biology and technical research, is holed up in a set of bunkers he built after his narrow escape from Egypt during the Arab Spring. As he observes both the effects of the EMP and the impossible zombies, he begins to suspect that someone is manipulating events.

Back in the Boreling Empire, Grodge the Merciful, a Senior Production Assistant for the Scary Mayhem Planet Reality Apocalypse Show, is scheming to move up in rank. The chaotic beginning of the new season provides the perfect opportunity for him to sabotage his boss, Senior Production Manager Pactain the Virulent.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781514806692
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/18/2015
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

Matt Hart knows a little about survival-especially what not to do.

- Don't try to hike out of a Nevada desert after your motorcycle gets stuck in the mud-better to head to the lake proper and find help. #heatstroke

- Don't try to jump over the icy river in your snowmobile-you'll end up standing chest deep in it, holding the machine against the far bank while your cousin rushes back to help you. #hypothermia

- Don't turn right when driving up Squaw Mountain-that first switchback is icy, deserted, and unplowed. #stuckatmidnight

In addition to the above near-death experiences, Matt has survived a 14 foot motorcycle jump (alone, no helmet), being shot at (as a teenager, up a thirty foot tree), and having a three wheeler land atop him as he crashed onto a concrete sidewalk after a badly-thought-out jump.

And there's the snakes, the black widow, the 90 foot drop off...

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