Surviving the Fog, Sweat, and Tears of Perimenopause

Surviving the Fog, Sweat, and Tears of Perimenopause

by Frank J. Nuber, Lisbeth Tanz (With)




It begins so simply.

One day you forget where you put your keys. On another day, you dissolve into tears over something minor. Then come the inexplicable physical changes - weight gain, hair loss, dry skin. What's going on?

You're not alone in wondering what could be happening. Many women begin their perimenopausal journey failing to understand the changes that may take place along the way, often leaving them questioning their sanity.

If you find yourself not sleeping at night, but wanting to during the day;
forgetting things you shouldn't forget; craving sugar and carbohydratess and gaining weight while working out at the gym? This book will have answers for you!

In it you'll learn:

• What "growing older" means today- it's not your mom's definition!

• How women's bodies work - it might not quite be what you think

• Hormone Basics 101 - Your delicate hormonal balance begins to change as early as your mid to late 30s!

• How to recognize the changes that might be occurring

(hint: not all of them are visible)

Throughout you'll learn ways to manage the changes in concrete, realistic and often simple ways. You'll also receive a non-technical education on the differences in hormone replacement therapies, with an emphasis on the efficacy and safety of bioidentical hormone replacement as the best solution to Surviving the Fog, Sweat and Tears of Perimenopause.

Frank Nuber, RPh has seen the difficulties of perimenopause in his 28 years as a compounding pharmacist. His interest in women's health issues, especially those related to hormone imbalance began in the late 1980s. After listening to countless stories of women, many of whom felt they were at the end of their rope emotionally, physically and mentally as they moved through mid-life, Frank knew he couldn't simply ignore their pleas for help.

Lisabeth Tanz is a ghostwriter and editor who collaborates with business owners, CEOs and others to bring their visions to life through written word.

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