The survivors of flight 387

The survivors of flight 387

by Richard Mcstay

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When flight 387 goes down in the Pacific there is only two survivors. They were from two different worlds and headed to two different destinations until fate threw them together. John was on his way to China for a job as a mechanic, because no one would hire him at home due to a wrongful conviction. Susan was on her way to Indonesia with a team of surgeons to do charity work. He was desperate for work and she needed a brake from a controlling finance.
Working together, they build a raft from floating debris and endure rough seas. Drifting for days, they hope to be spotted by rescuers, but end up reaching Bokak Atoll. They discover they are not alone on the deserted island. An old man awaits his fellow pirates who left him to guard their stolen drugs. When they find Jean, he is sick and appears to be a harmless old sailor. The old man shares his knowledge of navigation so they could sail a raft to Japan. Before the raft is built, Jean's partner Gilly shows up months late. When told of the young couple, he wants them dead; Their drugs were stolen from a Tong and he wants no witnesses.
While exploring the island, they find a WWII Japanese lookout post dug into the mountain. Ancient swords they find allow John to defend them from Gilly's men and appear to accept him as their new owner. He'd never held a sword before, but the long one acted instinctively when he encountered pirates with it.
While building their raft, John is bitten by a small shark and infection sets in as they sail toward Japan. Susan is worried, because her medical bag went down with the plane. She does what she can with what she has, but fears he will die. She is prepared to defend her patient when a boat like Gilly's appears to be following, but it turns out to be a Japanese fishing boat that helps them.
They go on a fishing trip with the family that rescued them. After a successful catch, they are attacked by Gilly on their return to Tokyo. John is shot but comes up with an idea to use his prize Marlin to foul Gilly's boat. While checking on John's blood work, her own shows she is pregnant. She still isn't completely sure about John, but when she sees how he responds to a little girl she will do extensive facial reconstruction on, her doubts are over.

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Publisher: Richard McStay
Publication date: 03/25/2019
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Richard writes fiction using broad life and work experiences. He seeks to entertain readers with unusual characters who come from behind and achieve unlikely success. He has self-published titles which are available at Amazon and Kindle/Nook.
Whisky Creek published an adventure ‘Survivors of flight 387’ in 2016.
W&B Argus Books published ‘Bilge Rat’ 2018

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