by Alexandra Monir


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ISBN-13: 9780385743891
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 12/09/2014
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.20(d)
Lexile: 860L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Alexandra Monir is an author and recording artist in her twenties. Suspicion is her third novel published by Random House. Her debut was the popular time-travel romance, Timeless, followed by the 2013 sequel, Timekeeper. Alexandra currently resides in Los Angeles, where she is at work on her next novel, while also blogging for The Huffington Post and composing an original musical. Her music can be found on iTunes, and you can visit her website at Follow Alexandra @TimelessAlex.

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Suspicion 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** Suspicion by Alexandra Monir Publisher: Delacrote Press Publication Date: December 9, 2014 Rating: 3 stars Source: eARC from NetGalley Summary (from Goodreads): Mysterious. Magnificent. Creepy. Welcome to Rockford Manor. "There's something hidden in the Maze." Seventeen-year-old Imogen has never forgotten the last words her father said to her seven years ago, before the blazing fire that consumed him, her mother, and the gardens of her family's English country manor. Haunted by her parents' deaths, Imogen moves to New York City with her new guardians. But when a letter arrives with the news of her cousin's untimely death, revealing that Imogen is now the only heir left to run the estate, she returns to England and warily accepts her role as duchess. All is not as it seems at Rockford, and Imogen quickly learns that dark secrets lurk behind the mansion's aristocratic exterior, hinting that the spate of deaths in her family were no accident. And at the center of the mystery is Imogen herself--and Sebastian, the childhood friend she has secretly loved for years. Just what has Imogen walked into? Combining a fresh twist on the classic REBECCA with a spine-tingling mystery and powerful romance, SUSPICION is an action-packed thrill ride. What I Liked: This is my first Monir read - she has a duo published (Timeless and Timekeeper), but I was never interested in those two. This book caught my attention, because it seemed to deal with historical events and paranormal occurrences and a gorgeous, haunting labyrinth. I loveeeeee labyrinths, so I was all over this one when review copies were made available. I think my expectations were a little too high, but I still enjoyed the story. Imogen's parents were killed in a fire at the Rockford manor in England ten years ago. Now, her grandfather, the Duke of Rockford, is dead, and her cousin, the heiress duchess, is also dead. So the Rockford manor and title belongs to Imogen. So Imogen goes to England, but she finds out that things are not as they seem at Rockford. Not to mention Imogen's supernatural power - she finds out that she is an Elemental, able to control the elements. But how can she use her power to find out the truth at Rockford, and discover the mystery of the labyrinth... I really liked the dual setting of New York and Rockford. It's interesting to see Imogen go from a typical American teenage girl in New York to an heiress duchess in England, with a well-known title, family, history, property... I liked seeing her adapt to the endless etiquette rules and proper dress code and whatnot. Very well-written by Monir. The author really had me going with the mystery and the creepy occurrences at Rockford, at least for about half of the book. I wanted to know what was in the maze. I wanted to know how Imogen power fit into anything. I wanted to know how her parents' death, the grandfather's death, and Lucia's death were tied together, and why Imogen was supposed to stay away from Rockford. Unfortunately, most of my questions were not answered. But I'll get to that in the next section. The romance is pretty obvious, though I thought the author was going to take it in a different direction (I don't mind the direction she took though). It's obvious that Imogen won't end up with anyone in New York - the boy would have to be from England. I liked Sebastian a lot, but he was dating Lucia... I also liked Theo, but he seemed more of a cute friend. NO love triangle, don't get me wrong. There were just two different directions Monir could have gone, early on, and she chose the one way. I liked the romance. Even if it was obvious. Up until everything started to be revealed, I was really pleased with the mystery and the story in general. I wasn't as happy with the amount of questions I had through the end, and how the author didn't really explain things, or go into depth. I'll explain below! What I Did Not Like: Like I said above, I had a lot of questions by the end of the book, and most were not resolved. Monir doesn't do a good job of tying things together. For example, how does Imogen's power help her in the big climax, when trying to clear up certain truths? How does her power help anything at all? It seems very random and not helpful to the plot. Like, if you completely take out that aspect of the book, it would not make a single difference. Which is a problem, obviously. You want your paranormal aspect to actually affect the plot.  I'm also confused about how the death of the two sets of parents (Lucia's and Imogen's), Lucia's death, and the grandfather's death, relate. Like, it's never really clear as to how the deaths relate, if it was all just a coincidence, if like, spirits influenced the manner of their deaths, etc. I'm totally inventing the spirits thing, but I'm just saying: how did all of these sinister deaths just happen? Who or what caused them? How did so many people die, leaving Imogen to inherit the property? I'm confused by the labyrinth. You could take out the labyrinth aspect of the novel, and it would not make much of the difference. I love that the labyrinth is a thing, but I expected it to have more of an impact on the story. So people died in front of the labyrinth. Okay. It had nothing to do with the labyrinth. Continuing that thought - so there is supposed to be something mysterious in the labyrinth. THAT reveal is so anticlimactic and cliche. Literally, the timing of the reveal in conjunction to another event is so cliche. And another thing - I don't actually know if Imogen retrieved the thing from within the labyrinth? She had to go into the labyrinth to, um, bring someone out, but did she actually retrieve the thing hidden in the labyrinth? I'm not sure. It's not explicitly stated. A lot of things aren't stated. A lot of things are glossed over. Especially in the end, when the culprit/villain/bad guy gets away. Like, what?! Sorry if you consider that a spoiler. But it makes no sense - the ending is so open-ended, yet this novel is a standalone (as far as I know). Standalones shouldn't really have open-ended endings, like, THAT open-ended! Basically, I'm confused about things. Would I Recommend It: This one is a hit or a miss. Honestly, I think it lacked a lot of depth, so you could skip it and move on with your life and there would be losses. The cover is GORGEOUS, but the story, meh. Rating: 3 stars. I liked the story - I enjoyed it while I was reading it. But I wouldn't re-read this one, or buy it. It's not the most impressive use of the elemental magic or a labyrinth that I have seen.
MAMABookasaurus More than 1 year ago
4.3 stars - A great pace with a twisted roller coaster of a plot. Kept me entrenched until the last word. A fast read that has me hooked for a sequel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an extremely enjoyable book. A good mystery and a touch of the supernatural . A fine example of children's lierature.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Different but intriguing...I enjoyed it
LuluRoadsideReader More than 1 year ago
Okay, so I’ll admit the main reason I gravitated towards Suspicion, by Alexandra Monir, was the absolutely gorgeous cover. But, a cover alone isn’t enough to warrant a read — the synopsis itself is what sealed the deal. Tales of class intrigue are always fun, then add to that the unexpected inclusion of the paranormal, and it’s an easy sell. Suspicion starts near the end of the story with an incident involving the police wanting to question main character Imogen Rockford, newly crowned Duchess of Wickersham. Overcome with emotion, Imogen relives the past seven years of her life — beginning with a tragic accident that claimed the life of not only her parents, but her close cousin’s parents as well. Wrought with guilt over the death of her parents, Imogen left her remaining family – including newly orphaned cousin – behind and moved back to America, locking away any memory of her life before the devastating fire. Circumstances changed when Imogen finds herself on the cusp of adulthood and was thrust back into English society, coming face to face with the past she sought to forget. Monir does an excellent job threading together memories of the distant past with more recent recollections. Every piece of information Monir uses in the story serves to propel the narrative forward. Clues are sprinkled throughout the story hinting at what will happen, at what has happened, yet placed so gingerly that the reader barely gives it a second glance. Once the mystery is solved and the twist at the end revealed, all of the breadcrumbs sprinkled earlier in the story come together. Even characters that seemed extraneous (hello Zoe) had their purpose, and ofttimes more than one reason for existing. My sole complaint would be that, for all of the serious themes it touches, Suspicion felt too light of a book. I would have loved a deeper look into the characters, a greater sense of darkness or fear from the events. However, given it is meant for a tween/teen audience, I definitely can understand the limitations and still found it enjoyable. Suspicion is a great, fun read, especially for those interested in YA. I definitely would love to see a follow-up. // I received this title for free in exchange for an honest review //
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ToManyBooksNotEnoughTime More than 1 year ago
I would like to thank Random House Children's & NetGalley for granting me a copy of this e-book to read in exchange for an honest review. Though I received this e-book for free that in no way impacts my review. Goodreads Teaser: A modern-day twist on the classic thriller, Rebecca, with a dash of the supernatural, a powerful romance, and a deadly family mystery. “There’s something hidden in the maze.” Seventeen-year-old Imogen Rockford has never forgotten the last words her father said to her, before the blazing fire that consumed him, her mother, and the gardens of her family’s English country manor. For seven years, images of her parents’ death have haunted Imogen’s dreams. In an effort to escape the past, she leaves Rockford Manor and moves to New York City with her new guardians. But some attachments prove impossible to shake—including her love for her handsome neighbor Sebastian Stanhope. Then a life-altering letter arrives that forces Imogen to return to the manor in England, where she quickly learns that dark secrets lurk behind Rockford’s aristocratic exterior. At their center is Imogen herself—and Sebastian, the boy she never stopped loving. Combining spine-tingling mystery, romance, and unforgettable characters, Suspicion is an action-packed thrill ride. A creatively crafted tale with some interesting characters. Between the action, emotional roller coasters, and the paranormal aspect this story has the right ingredients to become a spectacular read. Unfortunately for me it never quite made it to that level. Initially Imogen, the protagonist, comes off as something of a milksop, or at least the adult version does, but by the story's conclusion she has thankfully not only grown a spine but developed a much stronger personality. However her growth alone was not enough to sustain my interest in her. And Sebastian was also something of a pushover in my mind, afraid to stand up for himself or what was right. Instead he allowed Lucia to dictate his actions, even after he uncovered some of her truths. Granted the ending was interesting, but again it wasn't enough to pull this book out of OK and into the realm of amazing. However it does leave a question unanswered, and it's a rather large question, one upon which part of the book is predicated. So should there be a sequel it would be interesting to see how much growth the author has made as a writer, and how that comes across in her writing.
Reading-is-My-Treasure More than 1 year ago
Oh, Suspicion . . . why did you have to do this to me? This book started off pretty decently. I didn't dislike much of anything for the majority of the book. The story seemed nice and the mystery and paranormal aspects were a bit intriguing. Around 70 percent, though, I started wondering what I liking exactly and there wasn't much I could come up with. This was also the same time when I started getting annoyed.  First of all, the romance. This part never once felt convincing to me. I had a hard time taking Imogen's crush on Sebastion seriously and I didn't see a connection between the two of them. When feelings were declared, I rolled my eyes--it felt insta-love-y. The romance didn't have enough development to make me believe in it.  A lack of development was my biggest problem with not only the romance, but the overall book. At that 70 percent mark, when I started getting annoyed, it seemed like the story finally started. Everything that happened before that point felt like it was part of an intro--a really long intro. Looking back, nothing much of importance seemed to occur. However, things started happening. Imogen's investigation into Lucia's death picked up suddenly, but didn't last very long (she figured it out very quickly). Some big plot twists happened and another theme/focus was added. They were suddenly there. They felt like they came out of nowhere because there seemed to be very little development in the lead up this last part of the story. It was like everything was just thrown in at last minute. It felt messy. Very messy. The ending was a disappointment. I liked the twist that happened--I was suspecting something like it for a long time--but again, there wasn't enough development. It came out of nowhere, so it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the story very well (the extra theme added didn't fit in very well either). While it was a cool idea, it wasn't executed well enough for it feel convincing. The climax was . . . very anticlimactic, and the conclusion was meh. It didn't leave much of an impression on me. I need to quickly address the magic. I liked the idea, but what was the point? It seemed to have an importance for awhile, but once the mystery behind Lucia's death was brought up more, the magic seemed to be put on the back burner. It didn't seem to have a purpose anymore. Overall, Suspicion was messy. Plot holes, insta-love-y romance, little development, a weak ending: there were a lot of flaws that made it tough to like. I liked reading a good portion of the story, though I don't remember why exactly. There was some great ideas to this book, but there were too many things going on without enough development to back them up. Suspicion was a disappointing read. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suspicion is the perfect combination of mystery, suspense and supernatural- absolute page-turner!   I really enjoyed the world that the author created at the magical castle and all of the fun British/royal elements.  Once the magical elements creeped into the plot, I was hooked.  The twists and turns of the story continued to surprise me throughout.  I kept thinking that I was going to figure something out, though the author kept me on edge and guessing.  The story concludes with a fantastic, dramatic ending that blew me away.  This book is so much fun to read, a truly magical ride, and I just wish that there was more Suspicion to read!  I would highly recommend this for any readers who enjoy suspense, supernatural, romance or mystery.  
COBauer More than 1 year ago
Received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. SUSPICION is a fast, fun, and thrilling read! I loved the author’s writing style and pacing–I wasn’t bored for a second. Loved the characters and the story. There were some great twist and turns, as well as a fantastic big reveal for the mystery. The perfect, quick stand-a-lone read for a rainy day. Highly recommend. P.S. Can we talk about that GORGEOUS cover??? Drool…
KatsNook More than 1 year ago
Suspicion had a slow start but I am so glad I stuck with this.  The story is a paranormal mystery that gave me the creeps and I couldn’t stop reading. Imogen Rockford is the grand-daughter of the Duke of Wickersham but has lived all her life in New York.  She and her parents have yearly visits to the family estate in England.  While there she spends quality time with her older cousin Lucia, the future heir and Duchess of Wickersham.  But during a summer visit tragedy happens and Imogen’s parents are killed.  According to their will Imogen returns to New York to be raised by her parents close friends and never returns to England. Seven years later Imogen must deal with tragedy again – her grandfather and cousin are killed making her the Duchess of Wickersham.  As Duchess she has a responsibility to the staff at their estate and to the neighboring towns, so Imogen has no choice but to return to England.  The first half of Suspicion did have a slow pace. But Imogen is a character I really enjoyed.  She is a mature teenager so we aren’t dealing with the usual teenage mood swings or whining (especially since Imogen is now dealing with important Duchess duties).  Once she becomes Duchess there are the scenes that remind us of The Princess Diaries but it is realistic that an American teen would need coaching for her new royalty status.  But the coaching is the only similarity and the scenes are minimal. The focus of the story is on Imogen adjusting to her new home and solving the mystery of her family.  Once you get past the first half of the book the story picks up so I encourage everyone to not give up so soon on this book! I enjoyed the mystery and paranormal twist of the story.  This was well written and the scenes were so vivid I can see it clearly.  But I do wish there was more background of Lady Beatrice, the mysterious ancestor of the Rockford’s.  Hopefully there will be a second book since the ending left me hanging and wanting more.
BooksbyNightMommybyDay More than 1 year ago
**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review** 5 HUGE stars! Let me start by saying I COULDN’T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!  Now, I don’t normally start a review so forwardly, but this book was AWESOME!  That coupled with the gorgeous cover, I think that Ms. Monir has hit an absolute home run with this book!  I mean, I literally had a “book hangover” as I didn’t want to sleep – just find out more and what was going to happen next! Imogene Rockford has had a rough go at life…at the age of 10, her parents, aunt, and uncle are all killed in a tragic fire at her family’s estate, Rockford Manor in the English County side.  Prior to his untimely death, her father was second in line to the Dukedom, behind his brother and father, who was the current Duke of Wickersham at the time.  Of course, since her father and uncle did pass away, that left Imogene’s elder cousin, Lucia, next in line under her grandfather.  And with the awful memories of what happened there, Imogene opts to live with her family friends, the Marino’s, in her native NYC.  Of course that means leaving behind one of the real reasons she loved visiting England – Sebastian Stanhope, a family friend whom she of course has a girlhood crush on…that and her cousin Lucia who was like a big sister of sorts to her.  But when Imogene finds out they are involved with each, it makes the decision that much easier to leave that life behind, along with the graves of her parents. Fast forward 7 years, Imogene is a senior in high school about ready to graduate – but before her graduation occurs, there is news of her family estate that shocks both her and her guardians, the Marino’s.  Imogene has just inherited everything within the Rockford Manor…she is the next Duchess of Wickersham.  But she is puzzled by this, as the true next heir should be Lucia…accept she is dead too.  Disconcerted with the current situation – that both her grandfather and cousin, her only remaining relatives, have now passed away – Imogene knows it’s time to go back, to claim her family’s home and title.  But what happens to Imogene and the twists and turns that that world brings back to her have her missing the home and adopted family she grew up with the last 7 years…there are some dark secrets in the Rockford Manor – some that might just be worth killing for.   And of course there is now the issue of the Stanhope family, more specifically, Sebastian to deal with…her feelings have unfortunately for her, have not dwindled at all.  But could her relationship with Sebastian be putting them in more danger? SOOOOOO many good plot twists – some will shock and awe, the others will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy.  I also really loved that I would feel very comfortable recommending this book to anyone from ages 12 and up – it was a good clean family mystery!  Of course it has its share of innocent first loves in it, but completely suitable in all aspects!  Will definitely be recommending Suspicion to many – great book!!