Sustainable Health: Simple Habits to Transform Your Life

Sustainable Health: Simple Habits to Transform Your Life

by Susan L. Roberts

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Simple practices—a marriage of science and spirituality—that will help you take charge of your health.

Ancient healers understood the universe as an interconnected conscious relationship between natural elements. As Western medicine took hold, we lost our sense of intuitive healing and practices. Here, occupational therapist Susan L. Roberts—who also has a degree from Harvard Divinity School—gives us tools for self-care based on the five-element theory of traditional Chinese medicine. These elements—fire, earth, wood, metal, and water—can also be linked to contemporary science and the elements of energy, matter, time, and space. Through focus on these elements, readers will learn how to impact tangible experiences of living, such as sleeping, eating, working, and understanding one’s own body. Roberts argues that our bodies communicate with the world, and that symptoms we may experience, such as headaches or exhaustion, can be mitigated by tapping into our ability to take care of ourselves—the essence of sustainable health.

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Publication date: 12/18/2018
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About the Author

Susan L. Roberts, MDiv, OTRL, is an occupational therapist, nutritionist, and sustainable health coach in New York City. She lives in Queens, New York.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Preface xv

Chapter 1 Introduction to Sustainable Health: Using a Healing Compass 1

Exercise 1.1 Get a Baseline Assessment of Health 22

Worksheet 1.1 Sustainable Health Checklist 23

Exercise 1.2 Assessing Elemental Health 26

Worksheet 1.2 Healing Compass Clues Checklist 27

Exercise 1.3 Try Building a Personal Healing Compass 29

Exercise 1.4 Set an Intention for Healing 31

Chapter 2 Wood Energies: Have Fun and Play 32

Exercise 2.1 Make a Conscious Connection to Wood Energy 33

Exercise 2.2 Egging on Anger 47

Exercise 2.3 Try Doing Nothing 58

Exercise 2.4 Learn to Know a Tree … or Two, or Three 59

Exercise 2.5 Set an Intention to Connect with Wood Energy 60

Exercise 2.6 Develop a Habit of Daily Forest Bathing 61

Worksheet 2.6 Keep Track of Progress Watching the Wind Blow 61

Exercise 2.7 Playing with Children 64

Exercise 2.8 Playing with Elders 65

Chapter 3 Water Energies: Imagine! The Healing Power of Sleep and Dreams 66

Exercise 3.1 Make a Conscious Connection to Water Energy 67

Exercise 3.2 Tapping Into the Creative Reservoir 76

Exercise 3.3 Try Disconnecting from Our Media 84

Exercise 3.4 Learn What Makes Falling Asleep Easier 85

Exercise 3.5 Set an Intention to Connect with Water Energy 87

Exercise 3.6 Practice Getting to Bed on Time for a Month 88

Worksheet 3.6 Keep Track of Progress with Sleeping 89

Exercise 3.7 Sleep for Children 90

Exercise 3.8 Sleep for Elders 92

Chapter 4 Earth Energies: Eat What You Love! Don't Worry. Feel Better 94

Exercise 4.1 Make a Conscious Connection to Earth Energy 95

Exercise 4.2 Conduct Your Own Low-Cost Genetic Study 113

Exercise 4.3 Managing Anxiety without Eating 115

Exercise 4.4 Try Paying Attention to Sugar, Flour, and Alcohol 117

Worksheet 4.4 Food Journal - Pay Attention to Basic Nutrition 118

Exercise 4.5 Learn to Find Your Stopping Place 120

Exercise 4.6 Set an Intention to Connect with Earth Energy 122

Exercise 4.7 Enjoy Detoxing for a Month with Foods You Love 122

Exercise 4.8 Exploring Food with the Food and Mood Journal 124

Worksheet 4.8 Food and Mood Journal 126

Exercise 4.9 Eating with Children 127

Exercise 4.10 Eating with Elders 130

Chapter 5 Metal Energies: Learn! Find Inspiration in Work 132

Exercise 5.1 Making a Conscious Connection to Metal Energy 135

Exercise 5.2 Conduct a Sensory-Motor Experiment 142

Exercise 5.3 Try Making an Archaeological Expedition into Our Lives 150

Exercise 5.4 Learn to Get Rid of Grief 150

Exercise 5.5 Set an Intention and Harness the Power of Metal Energy to Get the Job Done 152

Worksheet 5.5 Keeping Track of Progress Eliminating Clutter Weight 153

Exercise 5.6 Decluttering with Children 155

Exercise 5.7 Decluttering with Elders 156

Chapter 6 Fire Energies: Make Friends! Passion and Process in Relationship 158

Exercise 6.1 Making a Conscious Connection to Fire Energy 159

Exercise 6.2 Changing a Belief 163

Exercise 6.3 Try Finding Your Tribe of 150 169

Worksheet 6.3 Finding Our Tribe of 150 171

Exercise 6.4 Learn to Take Names and Play Games 172

Exercise 6.5 Set an Intention and Do It: Have Courage for Relationships 172

Worksheet 6.5 Keeping Track of Progress Making and Nourishing Friendships 174

Exercise 6.6 Making Friends with Children 176

Exercise 6.7 Making Friends with Elders 177

Chapter 7 Love Yourself!: Connecting to Body's Wisdom 178

Exercise 7.1 The Body Scan as Our Daily Conversation Conscious Universe 182

Exercise 7.2 Doing the Body Scan with Our Children 188

Exercise 7.3 Doing the Body Scan with Elders 189

Appendix A Sugar by Many Other Names 191

Appendix B Sugar Substitutes 195

References 201

Index 209

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