Swan Deception

Swan Deception

by Glede Kabongo

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The perfect family, a house of full of secrets and an ingenious killer out for revenge...

Dr. Shelby Cooper seems to have it all-- a successful career as a leading scientist in her field, two adorable kids, and a loving husband who is poised to become the next CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation. 

Shelby's perfect world is shattered when she becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murder of her former Physical Therapist. After all, the body of Alessandro Rossi was discovered in the trunk of her car with a single bullet wound to the head, and Shelby's fingerprints all over the murder weapon. 

For the Cooper family, the nightmare is just beginning. An ingenious killer is on the loose--a vengeful enemy whose diabolical plan may send Shelby to prison for life.
Who is Shelby Cooper and what secrets has she been keeping? Who desperately wants to destroy her and why? The truth may be too horrifying to be believed.

A compelling and addictive psychological thriller that reveals a stunning portrait of deception, betrayal, and vengeance that will keep you breathless until the final, jaw-dropping twist.

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BN ID: 2940151153195
Publisher: Gled� Browne Kabongo
Publication date: 09/07/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 371
Sales rank: 701,356
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Gledé Browne Kabongo writes intense psychological thrillers—unflinching tales of deception, secrecy, danger and family. She is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of Game of Fear, Swan Deception, Conspiracy of Silence, and Mark of Deceit. Her love affair with books began as a young girl growing up in the Caribbean, where her town library overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. She was trading books and discussing them with neighbors before Book Clubs became popular.
Gledé holds both an M.S. and B.A. in communications. She was a featured speaker at the 2016 Boston Book Festival and has led workshops on publishing and the craft of writing. She hopes to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction one day, and an Oscar for screenwriting. Gledé lives outside Boston with her husband and two sons.

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Swan Deception 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Bluka More than 1 year ago
Dr. Shelby Cooper has it all—a loving husband, two adorable kids, and a successful career as a research scientist, until a jealous maniac from her past decided it was time to take it all away and watch her suffer, just for kicks. But the Coopers are fighters, and there was no stopping them once they put their heads together to eliminate the culprit who threatened to destroy their family.   Swan Deception is a gripping, suspenseful novel that’s filled with secret pasts, secret identities, aliases, murder, betrayal, and deception. The writing style is unique and superb; the plot is intricate and jammed pack with surprises, and the characters are complex and well developed. Once I began reading, I didn’t want to stop. Swan Deceptions is definitely a must-read that will keep you turning the pages until the very end!   Glede Brown-Kobongo has proven, once again, that she’s a master storyteller who has the ability to leave her readers begging for more. I look forward to reading about Abbie and her high school heartthrob Ty in Ms. Kobongo’s Fearless Trilogy. 
Lsmdtb5 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Even though it was a suspense novel, I liked reading about how much this family loved each other. They would do anything to protect and prove that what was being said and done to them was false. There were a few twists and turns and I only figured out one for sure. Well written and would recommend.
booklover- More than 1 year ago
Dr. Shelby Cooper has a stalker ... someone who leaves notes telling her she's going to pay for her sins. She is instructed not to go to police or her two children and husband will be killed. Shelby does have a secret past that almost no one knows about ... especially her husband. She is not who she says she is. Meanwhile, her 15-year-old daughter is getting threatening notes. They state that her mother must be punished and that she should not tell her parents anything about these notes. When the dead body of a close friend is found in the trunk of her car, she is arrested and ultimately charged with murder. Her husband, Jason, also has secrets. He has a past with some unsavory people ... a past that may cost him his prestigious company ... maybe even his family. So who is creative enough to cause all this damage to this family? Was Shelby's closeness with her dead friend a catalyst? Her husband's past which includes an affair? BOOK BLURB: This diabolical psychological thriller chronicles the heart-wrenching unraveling of a family and exposes a shocking portrait of duplicity, vengeance, and betrayal that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the final, draw-dropping twist. This was a very good psychological thriller ... up until the ending. The ending didn't quite live up to the rest of the book. It felt really rushed and there are questions unanswered. I can't say I identified with any of the characters, I felt no compassion except for the children ..and the dog. I loved the cover, though! There is a kind of follow-up book with the teenage daughter a year later. I am looking forward to reading that one .. keeping fingers crossed that it will be engaging. I wish to thank the author / Amanda Walker, Author Assistant / for sharing the digital copy of this novel. The opinion expressed here is unbiased and entirely my own.
sciencexcharm More than 1 year ago
They sat together on her bed. “What are we going to do, Abbie?” he asked. His eyes brimmed with fresh tears. “What if Mom doesn’t come home tomorrow or the day after?” “She will, Miles,” Abbie answered and rubbed his shoulders. “It’s just a mix-up. Remember the time you brought home Max Mitchell’s backpack by mistake because the two of you had the same bag? And you almost got in trouble the next day but then they figured out what happened?” Miles nodded. “Well, it’s like that with Mom. It’s a mistake. Once the police find out she didn’t do anything wrong, she’ll come home and they’ll look for the real bad guy.” “But what if they don’t find him? Does that mean Mom will never come back to us?” What would you do if someone that you loved, was arrested for a dangerous crime? There would be so many questions and so much emotional insecurity, but at that moment, trust would mean everything. If your trust in someone was completely broken, that doesn’t just affect that person–rather it is a mutual loss. Kabongo delves into this world, a world filled with deception and suspense. This author provides her readers with first person and third person accounts of a family suffering through an undeniably difficult and perplexing situation where the mother is charged with murder. Shelby Cooper is a well known celebrity in the science world. She has two children, Abbie and Miles, a wonderful husband who also makes his own fortune, and a family pet. Everything for Shelby is perfect–or so that is what it looks like to everyone else. Shelby has skeletons in her closet from her past, a past that she has never told anyone, but someone knows. Someone is going around and falsifying evidence against her which will land her in jail. After the murder of a very close friend, the police find his body stuffed into the trunk of her car, but she has no idea how it got there. Mourning her friend, on top of threats that she has received, she is unable to do much to help find this killer without her family being in imminent danger. What will it take to catch this person…when it seems that they know everything about her, even the things that she has tried to run away from like her childhood life…and a teen pregnancy? Kabongo has a terrific, fast-paced story with well thought out characters and an amazing plot. This story is well written and filled with creativity. This author does show a great deal of knowledge in psychology, which makes this novel very credible. If you are a reader of mystery, crime and suspense, this may be perfect for you. A free copy of this fictional piece was provided in exchange for an honest review.
Ivory0707 More than 1 year ago
Undeniable Riveting Suspense This book is full of suspenseful twists as the layers are pulled back on the life of Shelby Cooper. I stayed on the edge of my seat and didn’t want to stop reading. I liked the switching of perspective showing the thoughts of the different characters as I tried to figure out who the stalker was. Just when I thought, it couldn’t get any worse for Shelby more secrets came to light. Ms. Kabongo’s description of the family turmoil was undeniably realistic and I felt like she could have been describing some of my family members. At Chapter 78, the story begins to move at warp speed and we start reading about Shelby being released from prison. The only part I didn’t like about the book was the ending. I felt like it ended too fast with too many unanswered questions; for example how Shelby was released and how she figured out who her stalker was. Overall, very good read.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Swan Deception by Glede Browne Kabongo is a murder mystery. Dr Cooper is a top class scientist who has a past built on lies. Her identity is a lie, her family is a lie, and few people know what happened twenty years ago one summer night. All she wants is to live the life she feels she deserves with her husband and kids. Now Shelby Copper is in the frame for murder. Her ex-partner’s body was found in the trunk of her car, shot to death. Someone knows Shelby. Someone knows the lies and knows her past. Someone who hates her enough to want to destroy her. Her husband Jason Copper doesn’t want his wife in jail or dead and he takes on the task of delving into her past while trying to keep his daughter Abbie, with her own thoughts on investigating, out of harm’s way. The clock is ticking but no one could predict the truth, a truth that may serve to destroy them all. Swan Deception by Glede Browne Kabongo was just wow! An amazingly written novel, full of both dark and light. It was gripping enough to keep hold of me and was written in such a way that it was easy to follow, yet full of suspense and horror. Glede has a real way with words here, her descriptions are spot on with just enough information, and there was no wandering off in odd directions. Excellent novel, brilliantly written, and I hope to read more from Glede in the future.