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Sweet Christmas Kisses 4

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Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Each book was entertaining
Anonymous 5 months ago
Totally Christmas, totally enjoyable
Anonymous 6 months ago
Wonderful Christmas Stories. Bring Christmas in your life with these books. All the stories new and interesting. Will be glad you brought this group of books. joy943
Anonymous 8 months ago
Very good By Verygood
Anonymous 9 months ago
Its your chance to meet lots of new authors. Lots of heart warming stories.
LoriP123 9 months ago
This is great collection of Christmas stories that everyone will enjoy! I had the privilege of reading In Time For Christmas by Mona Risk and Christmas in Walnut Creek by Raine English and loved them both. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of the stories in this wonderful collection. I was given an ARC from the author/publisher. All conclusions are mine and mine alone.
JuliaAD 9 months ago
Saving Mistletoe: This is such a cute story. Ellen keeps running into Burke, literally. Their first impressions on each other isn't very favorable. As they get to know each other, they realize there is so much they like about each other. Then Burke helps a little girl and her father. They both grow to love the little girl and each other. In order for Missy (her real name is Mistletoe) to spend Christmas with her father, they are going to have to get a miracle.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Amigagal 9 months ago
I was fortunate to read, "Christmas in Walnut Creek" by Raine English. It was a tender story of love lost and found. Sometimes we get so busy living our lives and taking advantage of a "new opportunity" that we leave behind that best thing that ever happened to us. This is what happened in Christmas in Walnut Creek. Jillian and Dane had a great marriage....until they didn't. Dane had an opportunity he couldn't pass up so he pursued it but it took him away from Jilly and the Inn that they managed. After months, Jilly knew things were over and it broke her heart. Then, along comes a blizzard at Christmas and who knows what will happen as Dane comes back to see his parents....hmmm. Jilly has a secret too but she doesn't know if she wants to share it with Dane. The miracle of the Christmas blizzard!!! I loved all the people staying at the Inn during the blizzard. It shows you that others can support us and we can turn to them in our times of need. I can't wait to read the other 13 novellas! I love Christmas books!
AndreaCK 9 months ago
I was honored to read an advanced copy of Finding You at Christmas by Kristin Wallace in exchange for an honest review. This novella joins the Shellwater Key series by Kristin Wallace. If you haven't read the series, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It is set in a revived dinner theater in a small Florida town. It primarily focuses on a trio of childhood best friends who lost touch and reunite as each comes home and finds love. This novella is the last story in the series and focuses on a secondary character seen in the other novels, Annalise Mathewson, who is the principal actress at the theater. I love when characters that were on the periphery finally get their own story. Annalise is resolved never to love again after losing her husband. She is shocked at her reaction to the local football coach as their paths keep crossing. Duke Evans has come home to Shellwater Key to raise his nieces, and he has been biding his time until Annalise seemed ready to open up to someone. This was a lovely story about taking a chance and opening your heart again after grieving. The novella easily stands on its own, though we do get to catch up with all the characters from previous books. I am sad to say goodbye to the Paradise Theater and all it's inhabitants, but I was happy to spend one last Christmas with them. Kristin Wallace has written a wonderful series about the enduring bonds of friendship and familial and romantic love and finding your way home.
Anonymous 10 months ago
So far I have read In Time for Christmas where you get not one but two love stories plus a sweet baby and Christmas in Walnut Creek which is a wonderful second chance story. Both of these stories were hard to put down and I look forward to having the time to read and enjoy the others in this set.
LizD1 10 months ago
Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 : A Bundle of 14 Wholesome Holiday Romance By: Fourteen different authors Fourteen authors brings fourteen different romance stories. These all are stand-a-lone and can be reads in any order. Loving Winter By: Lyn Cote I really enjoyed Loving Winter. The author drew me in at the start and I was hooked. This is Winter and Clay’s story. The story and characters both were very vivid. I did not to want to put it down. There is a Wedding and both Winter and Clay are in it. Clay is a former high school football player and now a coach. Things don't go the way they should between these two. She is accused of using her relatives for cheap publicity. Can these two make it through the wedding? Can they ever be friends? Christmas In Walnut Creek By: Raine English I really enjoyed Christmas in Walnut Creek. The author did not disappoint . This is a sweet, clean romance story. This is Jillian’s story. After Jillian’s husband left she runs The Lakeview Inn that they started together. A very big snow storm brings in the man she soon is to be divorced from. There is hurt , secrets, forgiveness, love , and second chances in this wonderful story. Is there a second chance for a couple that has already gone their separate ways ? I was given an ARC of this book but, was not told that I had to give a positive review.
BrittanyMc 10 months ago
I am reviewing two of the stories from the Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 collection. Loving Winter by Lyn Cote Loving Winter takes place in the town of Steadfast, Wisconson. It is lightly connected to the author's Northern Intrigue series as it has some characters from those books make an appearance. However, this sweet story can stand on it's own and be enjoyed without having read the other stories that are set in this town. I ended up really liking Winter and Clay and hoping things would work out for them. I must admit that Clay started out as a character that I didn't know if I could grow to like! Once I understood a bit about his past, his reactions were a little more understandable. I enjoyed the hint of mystery running through this story as Winter found her plant nursery the target of vandals time and again. (4 stars) The Gift of Yesterday by Milou Koenings The romantic tension was really flowing in this sweet story! The Gift of Yesterday takes place in the setting of Green Pines and is loosely connected to other stories written by this author and can be easily enjoyed without having read the other stories. I really loved the characters of Joe and Bailey. These two had some past feelings for each other that they needed to come to terms with. Both of these characters were so likable! Especially Joe! He had a really good heart. I enjoyed seeing where things led for them. (4 stars) I received complimentary copies of these two stories. All opinions are my own.
momisreading 10 months ago
Saving Mistletoe by Shanna Hatfield – 5 stars I loved everything about this novella – the writing, the story, the characters (human and animal). There were so many great moments! I loved Ellen and Burke! They had that instant click factor – second time around anyway. :) And the way they finally got together made me laugh. A matchmaker’s dream! The fact that Burke had such an affect on Ellen’s life after their first “run in,” even though they didn’t see each other again for months, made everything even better. And that first kiss!! If you’ve read “Taste of Tara”, you’ve met Ellen before. If you haven’t, you’ll meet Tara here and can read her story after. :) In Time for Christmas by Mona Risk – 4 stars What a sweet story! James is such a good uncle! His willingness to fly with Clementine, when he really had no idea what he was doing, was endearing. Clem played a big part in the story. Sylvia was so sweet with her, and I loved the way Sylvia’s whole family jumped right in and fell in love with Clem, too. Christmas in Walnut Creek by Raine English – 4 stars This was a great second chance story! I always love stories where married couples come back together. I really liked Jillian and Dane. What a shock she got when Dane showed up. I loved his determination to win her back. Everything happens pretty quickly, but I’m ok with that in a short novella. Especially the way Raine English writes them.
birdladyvm 10 months ago
I choose to review 2 of the 14 books available in this collection. Loving You At Christmas By Kristen Wallace I am sad to say Loving You At Christmas, by author Kristen Wallace, ends our sojourn in Shellwater Key, Florida. A wonderful series of love and happy ever after, this book's a perfect ending for the series. Kristen Wallace filled this story with intense emotion; grief, attraction, love, and romance. Although a novella, Wallace, created a solid tale which grabs the reader immediately. With skillful plotting and well-developed characters, Wallace made this novella feel like a full length novel. I found the pace perfect for the length of the book and her writing flowed well; making the book easy to read. Her scenes transition from scene to scene smoothly and with vivid writing I felt the character's emotions. My heart broke for Annaliese; enduring a childhood no child should and then the death of her anchor and soul mate, Matthew, brought tears to my eyes. I could feel her resistance as she began to care for Duke and his nieces, as well as, Duke's sorrow at the passing of his beloved sister. Annaliese must face her fears of losing the ones she loves; but can she? Adding the mama drama with the Queen of Shellwater Key, gave the story an extra element. What a witch Wallace gave us in these books. Wallace also included a lot of humor in Loving You At Christmas. When Layla called in the big guns, I laughed and laughed. By the way, Noah's the big guns; Shellwater Keys resident soul searcher, advise giver, and counselor to one and all. Not only does this story have grief, it has a lot of funny snips and snarks. If I was not laughing, I found myself crying. I cried buckets at the end of the story. Kristen Wallace also included characters from the earlier books. I love a series with continuing characters; we get an update on their life and all the town gossip. Loving You At Christmas, is a wonderful romance perfect for anytime of the year. I would not hesitate to buy this sweet, clean, romance for myself or a friend. THE GIFT OF YESTERDAY BY MILOU KOENINGS: Milou Koenings created a sweet clean romance which will touch the reader's heart. Koenings placed her characters in the small town of Green Pines; with all the closeness and protectiveness of each other you find in small communities. I love the atmosphere of small towns; from the gossips to the caring. Koenings' tale of love never forgotten, held my interest from start to finish. Joe's character will bring out you're rooting spirit; a fine, steady, determined, good man, who never forgot his first and only love. His wealth has had no influence on his character, morals, or sense of community. His determination to win Bailey is wonderful. With issues of loss and losing the ones she has loved, Bailey, must face her hang ups head-on and make decisions which will impact her life. I found the story-line solid, with well-developed characters and plotting which kept me reading A Gift Of Yesterday straight through. The pace of the book's in line with the length of the story and Koenings' writing is clear and easy to follow. Her scenes transition smoothly from scene to scene without lagging or bogging down. A perfect read for anyone who enjoys reading a sweet, clean, relaxing romance, I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend. I closed this book with a sigh of contentment. I received this collection of books from the authors.
DorothyRoller 10 months ago
I had the pleasure of reading two of these stories and can't wait to read them all. Saving Mistletoe by Shanna Hatfield. When a cop and a supposed trouble maker according to him, get together to help this little girl he found and her very sick dad in their car. He called the local police force of that area and an ambulance as he knew the dad was bad off. He was able to take the little girl home and called his trouble maker friend to come help him since he didn’t know he had no idea how to take care of a little girl. How can bad situations be turned around? Read this delightful story and find out that there really is still love and compassion in this world. Shanna Hatfield does an awesome amazing job as an author and I thoroughly enjoy her stories. I haven’t read one yet that I didn’t love. I hope you will pick up this year’s Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: A Bundle of 14 Wholesome Holiday Romances with multiple authors. Christmas In Walnut Creek by Raine English. This is a short contemporary story and it is set in Vermont. Walnut Creek is a wonderful Vermont town that has an adorable Inn nestled next to a glacial lake near the base of Mountain Top Resort. It sounds like a beautiful place to spend Christmas at and that is exactly what many families do. But only some could make it this year because of the horrible blizzard that kept people away. For Jillian McAdams she knew her inn would not be full this time for Christmas and her profits were not going to be what they normally are at this seasonal time. It is where she makes the most and into a couple of weeks after Christmas. She is also in the midst of a divorce as her husband Dane was asked to do a part in at a hit TV show and did well so they asked him to be part of the cast. That meant him spending a lot of his time in New York while she was running the Inn alone except for her cook and a new guy who took Dane’s place at maintenance and shoveling of snow and other odds and ends. Hearing about Dane’s next love romance was too much for her and she finally decided to get the divorce. The one problem was she didn’t tell him she was pregnant.. Well that’s a start for you and all I am going to say is Raine creates wonderful complex characters and scenes that make you want to just jump into the story yourself. She weaves a wonderful short story as well as longer ones and I have loved every one I have read of hers. I hope you will pick up this year’s Sweet Christmas Kisses 4: A Bundle of 14 Wholesome Holiday Romances with multiple authors. I received copies of these books voluntarily and according to Amazon guidelines I have voluntarily written my reviews as my honest opinions and did not receive any compensation or anything else for reading these stories.
Britney_Adams 10 months ago
Loving Winter is a delightful novella! Having enjoyed Cote’s Northern Intrigue series, I was pleased to return to the small town of Steadfast, Wisconsin. Winter and Clay are vulnerable characters who struggle with issues of trust, and I enjoyed the development of their relationship, as well as their journey to making peace with their pasts. Loving Winter is an engaging blend of intrigue and romance, and I look forward to reading more of this heartwarming holiday collection! I received a complimentary copy of this novella. No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.
ReadsWithGranddaughters 10 months ago
I read The Gift of Yesterday by Milou Koenings. I really enjoyed this sweet Christmas novella about Bailey Ames and her move from Chicago to Green Pines. She purchases a three-story building on the square where she could live and open up a pastry shop. The descriptions of the pastries she creates will get your mouth watering. The square is lovely with a bookstore/library next door, and other businesses that are welcoming, including the restaurant, Carlos, where her high school flame, Joe Hudson, spots her. For her own reasons, as they reacquaint themselves, she is determined not to fall for him again. This is a heartwarming read, and the descriptions of Green Pines had me wanting to go there. I look forward to reading the other novellas in this collection. [I received an early copy of this novella from the author and my opinion is my own.]
Anonymous 10 months ago
Kristin Wallace did it again with Loving you at Christmas. It was bittersweet reading the last book in the Shellwater Key series. I have grown to love all of the characters, the quirky town, and especially The Paradise Dinner Theatre. The story is heartwarming and filled with love, friendship and wholesome fun. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of Loving You at Christmas, but haven't read the rest of the stories in Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 (but I can't wait to get started!). I have read books 1-3. The stories remind me of Hallmark Christmas Movies - lovely and sweet (guess that's where they got the name - lol). These books introduced me to some wonderful authors and I couldn't wait to get their other books. I'm still amazed that these books are only 99 cents! Perfect "feel-good" reading. If you're like me, you can do Christmas all year.
jbarr5 10 months ago
he Gift of Yesterday by Milou Koenings part of Sweet Chistmas Kisses 4 Book starts out with Bailey and she moving forward with her life and career after all the living relatives have passed away and left her much in the way of inheritance. She moves back to Green Pines where she grew up with Joe 15 years earlier. Each chapter alternates with Bailey and Joe as life goes on in the town. An old fashioned fair during the fall months excites her so she can get the word out she's open for business. She also meets others in town that help her and she's able to solicit her pastries to the local diner who wants to sell them. She recalls the Larsons who are in the ministry and she hopes to get together with them and maybe Annie who's in Africa (from a previous book). The woman who answers the door gives her information about the Larsons and sets it back... Love how strong and so sure of herself as she sets out to prove she can do the shop and make a go of it. Carnival time in town and so much activity going on, can't even imagine the smells from the place! She fits in as her food is used to help many who need the goods. Friends are trying to set Joe up with females and they aren't having any luck...such fond memories of when they grew up and the things they did-very similar to our childhood. Some twists and turns along the way. Easy going holiday read, light romance, loved it! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with reviews from her other works. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest review.
Nicola Robinson 10 months ago
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of one of the books in this set BUT I have since bought the set too. I read ‘Loving You at Christmas’ by Kristin Wallace. Annaliese Matheson had it all. The career on Broadway, the loving husband and a bright future ahead but it all came crashing down when her husband died. She leaves that life behind her and moves to Shellwater Key. She is asked to step in at the last moment to save the local school Christmas show when the director has to leave. Through this she meets John-Luke ‘Duke’ Evans who couldn’t be any different from her late husband. Will she allow herself to be happy again? Will she take the chance and open her heart? I loved this book, it was a nice light read but it had it all – love, heartbreak and some fun mixed in, add Christmas in to the mix and you have a fabulous book. I loved how the relationship between Annaliese and Duke developed. I can’t wait to read the other books in this set.