Sweet Deception

Sweet Deception

by Brietta Bell

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ISBN-13: 9781595782656
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Publication date: 08/21/2006
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 252
File size: 570 KB

About the Author

Brietta Bell lives in western Canada. She keeps herself warm in winter by steaming up the windows of her log cabin in the woods by writing hot, sensual novels for the enjoyment of her readers. She originates from Paris, France. What more need be said? Brietta loves hearing from readers and answers all letters. Write to her at briettabell@yahoo.com

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Chapter 1

Barrington County, Connecticut, 1898

"You're suggesting I seduce a man to avoid having to marry someone I don't like?" Surprise lit up Sophie's young face.

"But yes," her friend Claudine replied in her delightful French accent. "If your family is urging you to marry this Mister Burmish."

"They are. Urging, cajoling, coercing, blackmailing, you name it. They seem to have forgotten the age of arranged marriages is long past."

"Then pretend to be madly in love with someone else. No one can expect you to marry a man you don't want. All you have to do is seduce the first good looking gentleman you meet."

"Mother will not go for it. Now that you've met her, you know what I'm up against. She's not the undisputed matriarch of Barrington County for nothing.

"You are free to say non, correct?"

"It's not that simple."

The two girls continued their walk. Claudine sighed and decapitated a nettle growing at the edge of the path with one swing of her rolled parasol.

Sophie Winters and Claudine Renouvier first met during two glorious semesters at an exclusive Swiss finishing school. They shared a room with Priscilla Enderby from England. It was more than a room the trio shared. Their shameless games after lights out awakened Sophie's dormant passions. As a result, Sophie was well versed in the sinful pleasures to be derived from a female partner or, better, partners.

Now, one year on, her friend Claudine had arrived from Paris to spend the summer. They'd taken an early morning stroll to talk, away from Sophie's fifteen-year-old sister Miriam's inquisitive ears.

Sophie gave her friend a wicked smile."When we have more time to talk, remind me to tell you about Mr. Copely."

"And who is he?"

"A university student. When I came home from Switzerland last summer, I found he was staying at the house helping Papa edit a book."

"Don't tell me you fell in love with him."

"No, I didn't exactly fall in love with Adam Copely."

Sophie had no romantic feelings for the young scholar. Other than he was young, passably good looking and male, she thought him completely unremarkable. But he was available. And from the way she saw his eyes undress her, she knew he wouldn't be shocked by her whispered proposal.

The deflowering--she loved that term, so botanical!--took place one afternoon when the other members of her family were away attending a garden party. Sophie had declined the invitation feigning a head cold. The location selected for the act was a third floor guest bedroom. At that hour the house was largely deserted. She guessed she was not Adam's first sex partner, for he showed no awkwardness as he led her by the hand toward the bed. Nor did he need any urging to begin stripping off her summer dress, which he did so with surprising dexterity. He carefully folded her garments and placed them on a bedside chair. If it had been up to her she'd have ripped everything to shreds in her haste to render herself naked.

For several seconds, he stared at her nude body. He then hastily began pulling off his own clothes. Sophie gasped when he lowered his shorts. His cock, once freed, sprang out fully erect. She was familiar with pictures of naked men but Adam was the first male she'd seen in the flesh. Intrigued by the inviting way his cock jutted out at her, she carefully placed her fingers on the rigid shaft. The feel of soft velvet over iron-hard muscle excited her. Aware of the warmth pooling in her lower belly, she put her hand over her own sex and found her labia moist and puffy. Her clitoris throbbed in anticipation.

"You're very beautiful," he said.

"Thank you. What do I do now?"

Adam tapped her shoulder. "You can begin by kneeling on the bedside rug."

"Like this?" Sophie dropped to her knees and smiled up at him.

"Perfect. Now open your mouth."

She parted her lips and waited.

"You said you wanted to learn how to pleasure a man. Well, it's important for you to prepare him for your enjoyment. The best way to do this is to suck his cock." Without waiting for her reaction, he gripped his shaft between his fingers and pressed the bulbous tip of his penis against her lips.

If he'd expected her to be shocked by the vulgarity of his action, he was mistaken. Sophie brushed aside his fingers and encircled the pulsating shaft with her own slender hand. Without needing to see his face, she could tell she was having a profound effect, for he gave a long, soft moan of approval. Encouraged by his reaction, she encased his six-inch cock fully within her wet warmth. As though she'd performed the task many times before, she massaged the rigid flesh with the flat of her tongue. At the same time, she sucked hard, hollowing her cheeks as she did so.

Adam muttered something she didn't understand, though Sophie couldn't have cared. She was lost in a private world of her own. Having a man's cock between her lips was what she and her friends had talked about. And now she was actually giving a man pleasure with her mouth. She thought it a thrilling experience, for it gave her a sense of immense power. Instinctively, she reached forward and cupped his taut buttocks in her hands. He, in turn, held her head firmly. Then, slowly, very slowly, he began rocking his hips back and forth, sliding his rigid length between her lips.

He took a deep breath. "This, for your information, is called 'fellatio'. It's as though I'm fucking your mouth. If I keep on much longer, I'll come and flood you with my semen. Most men will tell you to swallow their seed. I'm going to stop now because I want to fuck you the proper way. That's what you want, isn't it?"

Unable to speak or nod in agreement, Sophie merely uttered a guttural sound with her throat.

As if laboring under a great strain, Adam pulled his penis free. Sophie gulped for air and sat back on her heels. She stared up at him and calmly licked his clear viscous fluid from her lips.

"This is not your spend?" she asked.

"No, that fluid acts as a lubricant. The same as what's making your pussy wet. I haven't touched you yet but I know you're sopping down there."

"Will you do the same to me? I mean, put your mouth on my ... er, pussy?"

"I will if you lie on the bed and spread your legs."

Sophie quickly positioned herself in the center of the bed, closed her eyes and waited, enjoying the cool sensation of the quilt against her back. She felt the mattress dip under Adam's weight. He crouched between her legs, his face inches from her sex. His eyes met hers.

He smiled. "You're a honey." Then, grasping her thighs to spread them wide, he lowered his mouth to her waiting sex.

He was not, Sophie determined, nearly as talented with his tongue as Claudine or Priscilla had been with theirs. But then only a woman knows the precise way to please another woman. That did not stop her delighting in the sharp jolt of sexual energy that ripped through her when his lips closed over her aching clitoris. Adam worked her in this manner until she began to jerk from side to side on the bed. She savored the burgeoning heat that signified the onrush of her orgasm. In that respect she was no novice. Thanks to the nocturnal extra-curricular activities with her Anglo-French finishing school companions, she was no stranger to orgasms. Yet when Adam's mouth drove her over the edge, she imagined that an invisible hand had suddenly clenched inside her belly. She instantly slid into an abyss of sensations so sublime she thought she must be dreaming.

"Yes, oh, yes!" Her cry echoed around the room.

Adam sat back, alarm clouding his youthful face. "Shh! Not so much noise. The domestics might hear us."

Sophie was neither listening nor caring. She reached out to him. "Adam, you said you'd fuck me."

"Yes, of course." After a moment's hesitation, Adam relaxed visibly. He edged forward, folded Sophie's legs back until her knees touched her breasts. "Open yourself for me."

Sophie gripped her legs below the knee and held them wide apart. She watched him position his cock at the entrance of her sex. The next instant, he thrust into her. The sharp pain of penetration was immediately smothered by an exquisite sensation of being filled. When he was halfway in, he halted and studied her face, obviously trying to determine whether she was capable of accepting him fully. Satisfied she could, he plunged in deep until his pubic bone ground into her trim fleece of golden hair.

"This..." Sophie spoke through compressed lips, "...is sheer heaven!"

The young scholar, eager to explain to his willing pupil what was happening to her, paused, smiling. "Do you feel me rubbing against your clitoris? That will make you come and come again. I can easily drive you out of your mind in this way." To demonstrate, he began working his shaft back and forth, each time withdrawing until just the head of his cock remained lodged in her sheath, then plunging forward hard enough that his thighs slapped against her upturned buttock cheeks.

"Let go of your legs," he said. "Let them hang free."

Sophie soon discovered that by flexing her pelvis she could worry her sensitive clitoris even more by pressing against him.

By now Adam had increased the tempo. He lowered his weight and drove into her at a furious pace. Sweat beaded on his neck and shoulders and trickled onto her heated skin. She reached under her upraised thigh and cupped his swaying testicles. They sat heavy and bloated in the palm of her hand. She squeezed and Adam grunted in pleasure.

The pressure on her clitoris increased. The sensation of his cock sliding into her, stretching her virgin passage, probing her inner tissues, pushed her to another crisis, this one more intense than the last. She brought her mouth to his ear. "Adam, I'm coming."

His cock twitched inside her and she guessed he too was about to come. She massaged his balls and felt them suddenly contract in her fingers. At the same time as her orgasm ripped though her, he pulled out and jetted a stream of hot semen over her heaving belly.

Mesmerized by the sight, she watched spurt after spurt erupt from the tiny orifice at the head of his cock. Adam remained kneeling between her thighs and milked his cock with his clenched fist until his release was complete. She reached out and ran her fingertips through the hot slippery mess on her belly.

"I refrained from coming inside you even though that would have given me much satisfaction," he said in his usual studious tone, "to prevent any chance of getting you pregnant."

Sophie nodded her thanks and decided not to tell him she was fully aware of her feminine cycle and had chosen this day precisely because she was unlikely to conceive. All the same, she appreciated his concern for her well-being.

For the whole of that blissful afternoon, Sophie kept Adam busy on the guest bed satisfying her insatiable appetite and her curiosity for the various positions a man and a woman can adopt for congress. Her favorite, she concluded, was when she straddled his hips and rode him to orgasm. Though being taken from behind was a close contender.

When it was all over, she enjoyed an immense feeling of being truly feminine. It stemmed not only from being sexually satiated for the first time in her young life, but also from knowing that she, a slender girl of eighteen, could sap the strength of a grown man. It never ceased to amaze her that her soft, sensitive sex was capable of reducing his pulsating rod of male flesh to a wilting remnant of its former glory. Not that she wished to use her power to dominate him. It simply gave her a warm glow of satisfaction to know that she could.

A week after that memorable encounter, Adam Copely left the house to return to his university studies.

* * * *

"To return to what we were discussing, there are many ways to avoid an unsuitable marriage," Claudine said. "You remember me telling you about my friend, Marie-France? Her family is much like yours--rich and well respected. Her father is a wine merchant in Bordeaux. They wanted her to wed the heir to one of the largest estates in the region."

"She wasn't enthusiastic?"

"Non, not in the least. She'd fallen for an instituteur. How do you say that in English?"

"A village schoolmaster?"

"Yes, that's right. A man of modest means. Her parents were outraged."

"How, then, did she change their mind?"

"Simple. She got herself pregnant."


"Faced with that, they had no alternative but to give their blessing."

"That's interesting but my situation is different. First, I'm not in love. Second, I have no desire to get pregnant. All I want is to avoid being forced to marry a man I loathe."

"He is that bad, this Mister Burmish?"

"You'll meet him tomorrow evening. Mother has invited him to dinner."

"I can hardly wait."

"Be on your guard. He'll pour on the charm when he sees you. He always does with an attractive female. He's closer in age to my late father and quite the English gentleman. But something about him revolts me. Perhaps it's the way his eyes undress every woman he meets or the odor of cigars that clings to his clothes. If I were shipwrecked on a desert island, he's the last man I'd choose to be marooned with."

"You've known him long?"

Sophie nodded. "Too long. He used to manage my father's investments and take care of other financial affairs. Father was always too busy with his precious plant collecting to bother with money matters."

A sad look clouded Claudine's pretty face. "It was so sad the way your poor papa just vanished like that. I suppose everyone is convinced he is dead."

"Probably of disease in a remote part of Mexico."

"And they never found his body."

"That's the hardest part. It's tempting to think that he's still alive. Maybe being cared for by natives somewhere in the tropical rainforest. But I doubt it."

"Because the Winters are now a family of women, I suppose your mother is anxious for you to marry."

"She's also worried because, for some unknown reason, we're not as well off as when father was alive."

They reached a spot where the trail overlooked the river. Sophie and Claudine paused to admire the view.

After a few moments of silence, Claudine slipped her arm around Sophie's slim waist. "Like I said earlier, if you tell your maman you've fallen in love with someone else, she'll stop pushing you to marry Mister Burmish."

"One problem. With whom should I pretend to fall in love?"

"You must know dozens of young men. Your letters are always full of details about John So-and-so and Jeremy Whatever-his-name-is. Does it really matter who he is?"

Sophie made a face. "I meet lots of men at dinners and at the theater. They're all tedious in the extreme. I couldn't bring myself to even pretend to be in love with any one of them."

Claudine's lips curved into a wicked smile. "How can you say such a thing? Men are such fun."

"Maybe in France they are. Here in New England, the only thing men of my acquaintance are interested in is business. They want a wife to boost their social standing and host lavish dinner parties. That, and produce the obligatory offspring. Several of my school friends have gotten married. They live in fine houses and have no material wants, but the only freedom they have is to preside over a teapot at social conclaves with other well-bred wives. It never occurs to their husbands their wives have emotional and physical needs."

Claudine pouted her delicately sculpted lips. "I suppose that is what makes America such a wealthy country. And a little boring."

"Here, men treat women no better than a parcel of prime real estate."

"So, you don't want your Monsieur Burmish and you can't stand the men in your social milieu. Who's left?"

"It has to be an outsider, someone no one knows."

The girls turned around and headed back to the house.

"And where would you meet such a stranger?" Claudine asked.

"I don't know. We live only six miles from the city limits but we might as well be buried in the depths of the country. I rarely meet anyone outside of our social circle."

"Too bad. Just think what you can do with a man and what a man can do to you."

Sophie envied her friend's uncomplicated attitude toward sexual matters. She was waiting for an opportunity to tell her of her encounter with Adam. "You speak from experience?"

"At my eighteenth birthday party we played cache-cache, which I believe you call hide-and-go-seek. It's rather a childish game but so much fun."

Sophie squeezed Claudine's arm. "Go on. I can imagine what comes next."

"Gaston, a friend of my brother's, and I hid in the attic. No one found us. We discovered an old mattress up there. One thing led to another and ... It was wonderful to have his penis in me. You've no idea what it's like to be completely filled like that."

"I don't?"

"Do you mean to say you've actually ... how do you say it in American?"


"Oui, fucked! You've fucked a man? Or does a woman say 'to be fucked by a man'?"

"Either will do. The summer after my return from Switzerland, a young college student by the name of Adam Copley was staying with us. He was here helping Papa with the indexing of his book."

"Oh, là, là! Tell me about him."

While the girls made their way back to the house, Sophie told her friend everything that had taken place the afternoon she and Adam had engaged in intimacy."

"Then you know the pleasure a man can give you," Claudine said. "Just talking about it gets me excited. We have to get together like we did in the old days in Klosters."

Sophie smiled at the prospect of reacquainting herself with Claudine's delectable body and reliving those torrid nights in their fourth floor dormitory. "Remember the good times we had?

Claudine tugged on Sophie's arm. "What did Priscilla say the English call it when a woman uses her tongue on another woman?"

"Tipping the velvet."

"Ah, oui, c'est ça. You were so talented with your tongue, Sophie."

"Only half as much as you were with yours. You must tell me more about Gaston. Weren't you frightened of becoming pregnant?"

"There are ways to prevent that happening."

"We must compare notes."

"We will and a lot more besides." She kissed Sophie's cheek. "I can't wait for bedtime."

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