Sweet Liar

Sweet Liar

by Laurelin Paige

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BN ID: 2940161659946
Publisher: Paige Press, LLC
Publication date: 02/26/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 3,202
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About the Author

With over 1.7 million books sold, Laurelin Paige is the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Fixed Trilogy. She's a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there's kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn't seem to complain, however. When she isn't reading or writing sexy stories, she's probably singing, watching Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She's also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn't do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio.

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Sweet Liar 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 41 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 4 months ago
This is Dylan Locke and Audrey Lind’s story and oh what a story it is. Audrey is almost young enough to be Dylan’s daughter and yet she wants him with a fierce passion that will not go away. Although not a particularly long read Laurelin Paige achieves a great deal of depth with Sweet Liar. Dylan is a divorced father of a teenage son and the very last thing he is looking for is a relationship or to fall for a woman, let alone a college student, such as Audrey. However he does not count on Audrey and the powerful attraction he feels towards her. Audrey wants to learn from Dylan and although he knows he should keep well away, he finds it impossible to do. The chemistry between Dylan and Audrey almost scorches you as you read this book. Despite their age difference and knowing that it could all blow up in his face Dylan is tempted beyond reason. Surely there would be no harm in one night of passion? What could go wrong? Sweet Liar was one of those books that once I started I couldn’t put down. I absolutely adored Dylan and Audrey both as individuals and also as a couple. Although Dylan and Aubrey are so different they really do make an amazing couple. Ms. Paige had me hook, line and sinker and I I cannot wait to see what she has in store in book 2 which is Sweet Fate.
JWright57 4 months ago
Book 1 in the new Dirty Sweet Series and what a perfect start this book is, it has all the feels you want and expect in a great read. Dylan is the older man who doesn’t believe in love, he is an experienced handsome man who has been there done that and is not getting involved in relationships again, well that’s all about to change when a beautiful quirky woman named Audrey crosses his path.... Audrey maybe young but she knows what she wants in life and when she sets her heart on something she goes all out to get it, and she wants Dylan..... Dylan and Audrey have an instant attraction, a spark, chemistry call it what you want but it’s something Dylan fights against, he may be attracted and intrigued by the quirky young woman but that doesn’t mean he has to act on his feelings, will Audrey wear him down ...guess you need to read the book to find out what happens in Dylan and Audrey’s love story. This may have been a quick read but that doesn’t mean it lacked depth, it has characters you will fall in love with and its the perfect start to Laurelin Paige’s new series and I for one can’t wait for book 2.
Angel000 4 months ago
A sexy delicious quick read... Audrey and Dylan waste no time in getting Acquainted with each other. There sexual pull was there from the start. This book will light you on fire in a delicious taboo sort of way. Well that’s if the age difference is taboo enough for you. It’s sexy with a capital S. Full of taunts and teases. Can’t wait for sweet fate. I. Dying to see if she can tame the British beast.
Teewee125 4 months ago
This book is amazing. Short but amazing. It ends with you wanting so much more. Kizmet, fate, yes I believe in it. Knowing there is a Book 2 (hurry March) makes a believer out of me. Audrey and Dylan have the chemistry. She wants him to teach her and educate her about knowing what she wants and likes when she has sex. And teach her he does. They may have had only a couple of "lessons" but it definitely impacted them both. She knew she should not develop feelings for him and he is too turned off love and relationships it was the perfect set up. But Kizmet, there goes that word again. Brought together for a reason. Maybe she can show him that love does last forever if found with the right person. Yes they are an ocean apart but where fate is concerned nothing stands in the way of true love. Whatever will be will be. Book 2 hurry up and get here.
Anonymous 11 days ago
AFOX0 25 days ago
Dylan Locke needs a breath of fresh air After his divorce, British advertisement executive Dylan Locke is left with more than a cynical view of life. He’s not looking for romantic entanglements, just no-strings amusement is enough for him. He’s annoyed that each of his business partners has found love. Dylan doesn’t do romance nor does he believe in happily ever after. But when he meets Audrey Lind, she sparks every nerve inside him that says there might be a chance. Audrey needs Dylan’s expertise in sexual pleasure. Finally, a woman who is a breath of fresh air Dylan might need in his life, and she’s so pretty, young and irresistible. But Dylan is looking forward to retirement and Audrey is a young, wide-eyed graduate facing a whole life in front of her. She wants romance, love and a family, something Dylan won’t allow himself to entertain. Dylan’s heart won’t survive another possible heartache. Laurelin Paige weaves an enticing romance in Sweet Liar, the first book in a duet. It’s sexy, steamy, and emotional. It will also break your heart, but wait for the conclusion to their story in Sweet Fate. I received and reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Crazy fun and kept you wanting more. Can't wait for the conclusion!
18644943 3 months ago
Oh man, talk about sexual tension! Wow, these two drove me crazy! I could feel their want for each other and I felt so much for them! She’s too young for him and as bad as he wants her he finds it hard to give in to his desires! I liked this book! As always Laurelin doesn’t disappoint. She gave one great story full of hotness and steaminess! It’s a of bit taboo, which I enjoyed. But truly a good read that won’t disappoint you! I can’t wait to see where these two end up!
StephPhillips 3 months ago
I received a free copy of the book from the author. You know, we're really good at fooling ourselves. I think we do it so often we don't know which end is up sometimes. This would be the case with Dylan Locke. He's sworn off relationships. Women are only good for getting off and that's it. No hearts involved. Dylan wasn't expecting Audrey Lind, however. She's a whirlwind to his calm. A sunshine to his darkness. A siren to his humanity. Of course he wants to help but then again she's young. Temptation abound. This is the first book in a duet and of course this temptation is prevalent on just about every page. You'll be rooting for Audrey to get what she wants...though she might have bitten off more than she can chew with Dylan! I'm looking forward to reading the final book in the duet to see how these two handle their non-relationship relationship. It's all fun and games until the heart takes over and wants what it might not can have.
fantasylandblog 4 months ago
This is my first Laurelin book, and by saying that I had no idea, there were books before this one. So when I started this book, I felt like I had started in the middle of a conversation. Not that it was a bad thing, I did start getting into the story right away, so it wasn't something I dwelled on, but it does make me want to read the other stories. Sweet Liar is a cute story about Dylan Locke who has no fantasy about love. He has been there and done that and was heavily burned. But he loves his son from his first marriage and will continue to be a good father. When he meets Audrey Lind, he knows he wants her, but she is way to young for him. So what will he do when she decides she wants him to teach her the techniques of the bedroom? I can't wait to see where the next book takes us.
marincheto007 4 months ago
Laurelin Paige is one of my very favorite authors and I've pretty much devoured everything she's written but I have to say that the Dirty universe is my favorite. Of course Donovan is my number one 1 man but ever since was introduced to Dylan and Audrey in Dirty Filthy Rich Love, I was intrigued by their story. To be honest, Sweet Liar was a little bit shorter than I expected. But rest assured, it is still fully packed with that unmistakable Laurelin Paige flavour. Even though, Dylan and Audrey's story is not as dirty and heartbreaking as Donovan and Sabrina's or as sexy and complicated as Weston and Elizabeth's, there is still more than enough sweet sinful pleasure to go around. That doesn't mean that there aren't heartbreaking moments or scenes after which you will need to cool down your libido :D There is more than enough of that. But there is also a kind of tenderness and hope. Hope for healing a broken heart, hope that kismet and love will win in the end. Simply hope that two souls destined to be together will find their way to each other. In short, this is a beautiful story that will make you swoon because let's face it, Dylan is one sexy British devil :D But it will also make you shed a tear or two for the past he had to live through. And hope beyond hope that Audrey will find the way to his heart and show him that it's worth giving love a second shot. But be prepared. As this is the first part of the duet, there is no happy ending. Thankfully, the second part comes out quite soon so I won't have to wait long ;) I voluntarily listened and reviewed an advanced audio copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
CeeCeeHouston 4 months ago
Audrey & Dylan for the win!!!! We’ve heard snippets about Dylan Locke in the previous books in the ;Dirty Filthy’ series, but now the man himself is taking center stage along with Sabrina Lind’s younger sister Audrey. Audrey’s all grown up now, and ready to be the woman she wants,and to have the things she wants. One of those things is Dylan. She met him at a dinner party. He was a stranger but her blistering attraction to him was hard to be denied. She wasn’t going to let a little thing like age get in the way. Dylan knows what he wants too. He’s been through the wringer as far as relationships are concerned and now it’s all just about sex. Love doesn’t enter the equation. When he met Audrey, he felt the burn of lust in his veins, but he knew deep down he wasn’t right for her. Or was he? She’s so much younger than he is. Young and inexperienced in every way. Then she throws him for a loop when she asks him to release her inner woman. She her the ropes of seduction in other words He’s tempted… so tempted. He knows he shouldn’t, but he just can’t refuse. It’s only one day after all. What harm could it do? Dylan isn’t dominant in the bedroom like Donovan, or fun-loving like Nate, and he’s definitely more serious than Weston. He has an edge to him that probably comes from age and his more worldly experience, but, there’s a part of him he’s hiding from everyone,even himself. What will he do if Audrey discovers his inner self? Gosh, Laurelin sure knows how to paint a picture in our heads. Dylan is one fine man, and will rock your world. He’s got all the sexy moves he needs make your heart beat faster and your blood run hot. Audrey might be young, but she sweet and sexy, and has a very determined bone in her body. These two were a perfect combination and I can’t wait to get my hands on Sweet Fate to find out what’s coming next.
Carriey36 4 months ago
Wow wow wow what a book! Seriously Lauerlin Paige is the queen of hotness! Dylan us back in the states for business when he meets Audrey he thinks she's a looker but way too young for him. Audrey is very attracted to him she thinks he'll be the perfect man to show her things she's never experienced before.  Can Dylan put the age factor aside and have fun while their both in town for the holidays? Will it be just be a fling or will it become more?  I just love Lauerlin's writing, I can't wait to see what comes next for these two! But seriously you want a book that is filled with hotness then read this one! 
Rachael_Leissner 4 months ago
Age-gap romances typically don’t have a way of pulling me in the way Laurelin managed to do so in Sweet Liar. Sweet Liar was everything I never knew I needed to get on board with an age-gap such as the one Dylan and Audrey share. Their attraction is instant, forbidden and their love affair turns very erotic when the two decide on an agreement. Dylan is 19 years her senior, but that is exactly what she is looking for. Experience! And someone to show her everything she has never had before. Kismet is her belief in destiny, love and how the world falls together exactly how it should. When Audrey ends up caught in Dylan’s gaze, nothing can deter her from what she wants. Him. She becomes brazen and bold; a seductress she didn’t know she could be. She wants him to show her what her exes couldn’t in the bedroom, and he fights her as long as he possibly can. He’s her sisters’ boss which makes it even more taboo, but their chemistry is explosive from their first encounter. She is determined to show him that kismet is possible even for the hardest sync such as himself. He has himself locked down in that department, but slowly sees the walls he’s built around himself start to crumble the deeper he gets with her. They are passion and fire, and I can’t wait to see how their story ends!
JenPH 4 months ago
Admittedly, this story surprised me by being far sweeter than I was expecting it to be. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t any steamy shenanigans between Dylan and Audrey; it’s just that those moments are fewer than those you’d find in Laurelin Paige’s other books. I loved the connection that these two had and I appreciated that this had a lighter feel compared to the two other series and one novella in the author’s Dirty universe. The playful quality of Dylan and Audrey’s non-relationship belies just how much chemistry is swirling between them. I’m curious to see if the second book will have a more serious feel and what role, if any, Dylan’s ex-wife will play in his romance with Audrey. I’m also hoping there’ll be more of Dylan’s interactions with his son because his being a father does distinguish him even more from the other men in this book universe. With a 4.5-starred beginning in Sweet Liar, I look forward to reading Sweet Fate soon! ♥
Anonymous 4 months ago
Oh my god, this story was totally unexpected from The Dirty Universe. I was kind of expecting hot and filthy! HOW WRONG I WAS. So.. the story follows 23-year-old Audrey Lind's journey to, ahem, get some sexperience since she believes it's in the sex department that all two of her relationships fell apart. Is she the problem? Are the men in her life the problem? WHO KNOWS?? Enter 42-year-old British ad exec Dylan Locke, the jaded, allergic-to-love, boss of Audrey's sister. He's hot, he's cultured, he's a complete gentleman, and he's ADORABLE. So what I loved about this was that the characters were absolutely cute. I won't stop saying it, they were so cute! If you're expecting steam, you'll definitely get it but more than that, this one actually had more of a story rather than just purely sexual encounters. We see the issues that the main characters struggle with, particularly with their significant age gap and fears of ending up with a broken heart. I know it's not such a terrible issue these days, but we gotta admit that a lot of people still give some pretty bad stink-eye to these kinds of relationships! It was all very simple, yet not. And the author was able to write it in a way that wasn't exhausting to read. I mean, Romance readers out there have read more than their fair share of stories with this kind of trope so we all kind of know what to expect, but with Sweet Liar I was pretty excited to experience the whole story all over again. I loved it so much! I CAN'T WAIT FOR BOOK 2!
Gyrithe 4 months ago
When you read a Laurelin book, there is a few things you just Know before you start. It will be hot. There will be chemistry, there will be an easy flow in the story. You will NEVER be irritated about bad spelling and boring language. And you will fall in love again, with amazing super hot men and strong females. Everytime. I cant read a laurelin book without thinking that this, this time She has made my favorit Hero. Dylan is so damn fantastic. He Think he lost his faith in love. And says and do everything in his power to not belive he feels love. But from first Paige, you can feel him, and the love he does not want to feel. He is so caught up in the age gap that he is blinde to how drawn to Audrey he is. Its always refreshing to read a book where the woman is the one who chase. She is so confident in herself that any doubt is washed away in a minute. It gives this book a new twist that we dont See enough of. Again my only problem with this book is, I want more. I need book 2 to finde out how Audrey get Dylan to listen to his heart and belive in love again.
TheRomanceBibliophile 4 months ago
NO SPOILERS! Sweet Liar was AMAZING and a definite MUST READ from Laurelin Paige! Deliciously sexy, sweet, forbidden, and entertaining, the first part of the Dirty Sweet Duet was everything I wanted it to be and so much more! The storyline and characters Laurelin Paige created were phenomenal, as all of the Dirty Universe stories and characters have been, and I can’t wait to devour the conclusion to Dylan and Audrey’s story in Sweet Fate!
ReadingFool24 4 months ago
Dylan and Audrey are amazing together!! This story will capture reader's hearts and leave them begging for more. The first book in the Dirty Sweet collection is exactly as it is called; dirty and sweet with lots of added HOT scenes included. Impatiently waiting for the next book!
StarStacy 4 months ago
Love this sweet book! I loved this sweet book about Audrey & Dylan! There is an age difference, she’s younger & he’s older, but that has never bothered me in book fiction & it is integral to the story. Audrey wants to learn what she likes in the bedroom, & she meets Dylan at dinner with her sister & her bosses. She knows Dylan would be a perfect teacher, so she persuades him to help her. He was already intrigued with her, so she didn’t have work too hard! I loved their chemistry & their banter! I also loved Audrey’s character - she’s sweet, fun, confident & romantic. She believes in kismet & finding the one. Dylan has been hurt by love & is now bitter, & Audrey is just the sunshine he needs! I can’t wait to see how kismet works out in the second book! If you love a sweet, quick, fun, sexy read like I do, then read this book!
BookAddictLive 4 months ago
I’ve been looking forward to Dylan and Audrey’s story. When they first meet Dylan bowled over by Audrey confidence and how outspoken she is. At first is like watching the foreplay that was mostly verbal, but was never the less scorching hot. It was foreplay of the mind which Laurelin does so well. Audrey is Sabrina Lind’s younger sister, we met her in Donovan and Sabrina duet. This was an introduction to Dylan’s life and his fierce attraction to Audrey Lind a young women who is young enough to be his daughter. I don’t know how Laurelin Paige does it creating these hot tortured men, and super confident women who give them a run there money. This has really whet my appetite for hot hunky tortured men. While I’m waiting for Sweet Fate I’m going to read Donovan’s again.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 4 months ago
3.75 stars--SWEET LIAR is the first instalment in Laurelin Paige’s contemporary adult DIRTY SWEET erotic, romance series focusing on forty-two year old, businessman Dylan Locke, and twenty-three year old, college student Audrey Lind. The DIRTY SWEET series is a spin-off from the author’s Dirty Games Duet, and some of the events in Sweet Liar run parallel to, and cross over with some of the events in the Dirty Games Duet. Audrey is Sabrina Lind’s younger sister. Told from dual first person perspectives (Audrey and Dylan) SWEET LIAR follows the May-December, relationship between forty-two year old, businessman Dylan Locke, and twenty-three year old, college student Audrey Lind. Dylan’s time in the USA comes with an expiry date but time spent with Audrey Lind gives him pause for the future. Audrey’s attraction to Dylan Locke is immediate and intense but what our heroine lacks in experience she makes up for with seduction and fun. Hoping to gain the sexual experience she so desperately wants, Audrey makes Dylan an offer he cannot refuse. What ensues is the building sexual relationship between Audrey and Dylan as Dylan shows Audrey the art of ‘sex’, and the fall-out as their time together comes to a close. SWEET LIAR is a quick read; an erotic story between an older, experienced man and a younger woman whose enthusiasm is matched by her need to learn. Several of the Dirty Games Duet characters cross over for cohesion and familiarity including Audrey’s sister Sabrina Lindt, as well as Donovan Kincaid and Weston King. The premise is inviting; the characters are fun and flirty; the romance is erotic, seductive and intense but saying that I didn’t feel the palpable sexual attraction between our leading couple-there was limited time to build a romantic relationship and therefore it felt more carnal and businesslike than anything else.
PeggyCopeland 4 months ago
These Dirty guys are filling up my mind with goosebumps. Dylan is no different... He is one hot male and his arrogance astonishes you in every way... sometimes you want to reach him in the book and just slap him... but his attraction to Dylan is too cute and his final thoughts make you want to say awww... Love these two characters... love this chemistry... love this series... Love this book!
klturner83 4 months ago
The first book in the Sweet Duets is everything and so much more than what Laurelin promised. We've previously heard about these characters in other books throughout the Dirty Universe. Dylan works at Reach and Audrey is Sabrina's little sister. Their chemistry is visible from the very beginning. I loved seeing Audrey as a mature, confident woman. She wanted Dylan and goes for him! This isn't your typical 30 something love story.. if we can call it a "love story" yet.... The age difference they share takes it to another level, and one I couldn't stop reading until the very end! I'm on edge waiting for the conclusion to their story in Sweet Fate!!
Books_love 4 months ago
Wow!! So every Reach man I've read about so far have all knocked me off my feet and Dylan was no exception. I absolutely loved his and Audreys story. I loved that the heroine was Sabrinas sister too and learn more about her and their relationship too. Dylan and Audrey were hot . Add in the single dad aspect and I was in heaven. I loved how Audrey helped loosen Dylan up and his views on love and relationships. I can't wait to see how their story ends. Laurelin has done it again, she is a a queen and we all should bow down to her