Sweet Southern Bad Boy

Sweet Southern Bad Boy

by Michele Summers

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He's Got Something She Wants
When Katie McKnight gets lost location-scouting for her father's TV studio, she stumbles upon the perfect setting for their angsty new teen vampire series-a remote barn house unfortunately occupied by a grouchy, disheveled, and incredibly sexy man who instantly mistakes her for the new nanny. Should Katie tell him the truth, or get her foot in the door?

She's Got Everything He Needs
Bestselling author Vance Kerner doesn't just have writer's block-he's been run ragged ever since he was saddled with taking care of his brother's three kids, an adopted kitten, and a runaway mutt. The last thing he needs is a teen drama defiling his property, but with fascinating and unconventional Katie underfoot charming the entire Kerner household, Vance is finding it harder and harder to say no.

Harmony Homecomings Series:
Find My Way Home (Book 1)
Not So New in Town (Book 2)
Sweet Southern Bad Boy (Book 3)

Praise for the Harmony Homecomings Series:
"Packed with emotion and off-the-charts sexual tension." -RT Book Reviews for Find My Way Home
"Will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end." -Harlequin Junkies for Not So New In Town
"Sexy and fun! This small-town romance proves you can go home again." -Macy Beckett, acclaimed author of the Dumont Bachelors series for Not So New In Town

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ISBN-13: 9781402293627
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 12/06/2016
Series: Harmony Homecomings , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 138,696
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Michele Summers writes about small town life with a Southern flair. She has her own interior design business in Raleigh, North Carolina and Miami, Florida. Both professions feed her creative appetite and provide a daily dose of humor. When she isn't writing or creating colorful interiors, she is playing tennis, cooking for family and clients, knitting, reading and most importantly, raising her two great kids. Michele's work has won recognition from the Dixie First Chapter, Golden Palm, Fool For Love, Rebecca and Fabulous Five contests. She is an active member of the Heart of Carolina and Florida Romance Writers chapters of RWA. You can contact Michele at her website, www.michelesummers.com , where you will also locate her other social media buttons.

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Sweet Southern Bad Boy 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Jess_at_From_Me_to_You More than 1 year ago
4 out of 5 stars!! Katie (Kathryn) has been called a free-spirit most of her life, though the term wasn’t one of endearment and it was something she always tried to curb because of her parents domineering ways. Therefore, when she meets Vance it is under the guise of trying to have him sign a contract so she’ll have the rights to use his house and land in one of her father’s upcoming movie productions as an attempt to get into good light with her Dad. Yet what seems so simple at first, turns into controlled chaos when Vance and Katie get into another arrangement all together. Now with their lives pushed together, they find shared common ground, shared passions, but what will happen with them once their deadline arrives and their arrangement ends? Will they find that being together is truly where their hearts are at, or is moving on best for the both of them? An unexpected delight that knocked me out of left field. I had been hearing about this novel non-stop for a while, and because I really enjoyed Ms. Summers’ "Not So New In Town" (Book 2), I was excited to check this novel out too. Yet though it had the charming dynamic, I anticipated from a Ms. Summers novel I was surprised when the plot hits you sideways and takes you on a ride that you didn’t foresee coming. All in all, after the paced picked up after the beginning, I became enchanted with this story of “women power” and having Katie find that true family is one who cares for you no matter what, even if they aren’t blood related. Although I say all of that, Pirate Man and California Cupcake, i.e. Vance and Katie REALLY steal the show. It’s not just their instant attraction or the way they ARE the main characters, I mean they both have a vivacious quality about them they was compelling to read about; even during times when I struggled reading through parts. In addition, I liked how both Vance and Katie turned around their circumstances, which from my perspective made them both very powerful characters. It doesn’t hurt that they are just perfect for one another … I mean … come on. What also sealed the deal for this novel, for me, was being back in Harmony, North Carolina. It has a crazy cast of characters, yes, but you cannot help but wish you could find a way to visit all of them too. PLUS, the updates on the previous characters were fun too! Overall, I recommend this novel to those who are fans of the Harmony Homecomings Series, fans of Ms. Summers, and/or are looking for a quirky contemporary romance! Review By: From Me to You ... Book Reviews -- read more of this review and TWO TEASERS on my blog: frommetoyouvideophoto.blogspot.com --
Mommaleena More than 1 year ago
SWEET SOUTHERN BAD BOY (Book 3: Harmony Homecoming Series) by Michele Summers •Pirate Man What an amazingly wonderful instant love at first sight love❤️ story. Although both main characters had some major growing/changing they needed to do before they could settle down and be not only happy with themselves, but each other. I absolutely enjoyed reading their journey along the way! It was not only my first Michele Summers book, but my first Harmony Homecoming book and although this is book #3, I didn't feel lost while reading it. Each story could be tag as a standalone novel, I do however look forward to reading not only the first two books that are already published... Find My Way Home (Book One: Harmony Homecomings Series) ~ Bertie and Keith's story, Not So New In Town (Book Two: Harmony Homecomings Series) ~ Lucy and Brogan's story, and Sweet Southern Trouble (Book Four: Harmony Homecomings Series) that's due out May 2017! Not only is this an exciting series, but an author I plan to follow to see what she comes out with besides this series, awesome job! While on a job scouting for her father's famous Hollywood movie studio, Katie McKnight gets lost, but feels she's found the perfect shooting location for her father's upcoming zombie teen miniseries. Even though it has all the requirements/specifications that the set has listed, it's not the location her father wants, he wants it on the coast. Katie is doing everything she can to get the owner of the property to sign the contact, even going as far add to saying she'll be his life in many whole he finishes his third novel as long as he signs her contract. Vance Kerner is a New York best selling author who's 3rd novel's deadline is fast approaching. However with his brother deployed and his sister in-law laid up in bed after an accident leaving her with two broken legs, it leaves him to care for his two nephews and niece until she can get back on her feet. But finding the time to write is extremely impossible, there just isn't enough hours in the day. Vince has a newfound appreciation for his sister in-law who for all intense purposes is a single mother while her husband (his brother) is deployed, how in the world does she do it all? In comes who Vance thinks is the nanny here hired from the agency... However, there kiss have chased them away and no new ones are coming. Katie is a lifesaver who arrived in the nick of time to save Vance's butt. He's late for a meeting about his book and she astonishes him with her immediate control over the three kids whom he lives dearly, but they run him ragged. His once clean house shows it too! Can Katie help wrangle the kids so Vance can get his book finished on time? Will he in turn sign the contact so Katie can prove to her father she can do the job? How hard will things get between Katie and Vance, the towns playboy, does he change his ways? You'll have to read SWEET SOUTHERN BAD BOY (Book 3: Harmony Homecoming Series) to find out, but oh boy is worth your time! I received an ARC via Tasty Book Tours through NetGalley in exchange for an honest blog tour review. Due to sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 17 and older!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyable story line with some quirky small town characters . Happy she stood up for herself . SR
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
3.5 Cute and Sexy Stars Vance is a best-selling author in trouble. Between a deadline looming, his three under-seven-years-old nephews living with him, and a case of writer’s block, he is drowning. When a pretty woman knocks on his door just as he needs to head into a meeting, he takes her for the expected nanny. Only Katie is not a nanny but a location scout for her father’s Hollywood studio. When Vance laughs in her face after hearing her reason for being on his property, she offers him a deal, she’ll help with his nephews so he can go to his meeting if he listens to her proposal. Katie has been jumping from job to job in her father’s company. Since she was heavily encouraged to leave her teaching position and come work in the family’s enterprise, she hasn’t found the right fit. Now, being a location scout allows her to play with her photography, the other thing she enjoys besides her passion for teaching. Unfortunately, Katie needs to not suck at this job or she will disappoint her father. Again. So it’s paramount that Vance agrees to her proposal of using his house as a set for the studio’s next mini-series. Vance doesn’t need another distraction, and Katie with all her sweetness and incredibly compelling natural charm is one big sexy distraction. He also desperately needs help with the kids if he ever wants to finish this book. So they strike a deal, Katie will move in and help him with his nephews whom she seems to have a natural way with, and he’ll consider the studio’s deal. Katie hasn’t had the most perfect childhood, she’s grown accustomed to being a disappointment to both her mother and father. Add a currently-on-a-break-until-she-can-prove-herself git of boyfriend and her self-esteem was practically non-existing. Vance has never been more drawn to a woman as he is to Katie, but he can’t allow himself to go there. Well, he tries to keep his distance and fails. When things between them start to go well Vance’s choices could jeopardize everything they’ve built. I’m not fond of insecure, backbone-less heroines, so Katie’s lack of ability to stand up to her overbearing parents was not my favorite part of this story. Fortunately, she begins to make changes along the way which slowly turn her into a much more likable character for me. She’s sweet, caring and incredibly crafty with the kids. Vance was charming, funny and although it took him some time to acknowledge his feelings for Katie, he did redeem himself by the end. All in all, Sweet Southern Bad Boy was a fun, light and sweet romance with crazy kids, an even crazier town filled with busybodies and steamy sexiness and I had a great time reading it. *I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
At first glance Katie and Vance shouldn't work because she is the daughter of a prominent Hollywood family and he is a best selling author who lives in the south. Katie is desperate to fit into the family business of film making and has fail to find her spot. She is currently working as a location scout on her father's next film, all of her suggestions have not worked out. She finds the perfect location, but Vince the owner doesn't have time to listen to Katie because he is keeping his sister's 3 adorable and rowdy kids. She steps in and is able to kid wrangle in return for him listening to her proposal. Soon a comedic romance is born with a plucky heroine and handsome hero. Be prepared to have your heart stolen by the kids and their cat! I really enjoyed this book and recommend it fans of contemporary southern romance. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
ReadingInPajamas More than 1 year ago
Review: SWEET SOUTHERN BAD BOY (Harmony Homecomings) by Michele Summers Publication Date: December 6, 2016 Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated 5 Stars I completely enjoyed this contemporary romance about a big city girl finding herself in a small southern town. I connected with Katie right away and completely understood her falling for sexy Vance. The eclectic town-folk added a fun touch to the story and made it seem so real. At one point, Vance did something that I didn’t really like. I settled in, thinking that Katie would react like in other books. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. She reacted like I would and I loved it. This book made me smile, cringe, swoon and tear-up. It hit all my buttons. *Review copy provide by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Katie was a location scout who wouldn't have any luck at all if it wasn’t for bad luck. Katie had went looking for a perfect location for a horror miniseries and she found it in rural North Carolina. Katie had a manila envelope with the McKnight studio contract with her. It was Katie’s last shot before she was fired by her dad. When Katie knocked a little boy- or so she thought opened the door then .a giant of a man said he was glad she was finally there as he had to hurry to a very important meeting. This man was Vance and he thought she was a nanny sent by the agency he had contacted. The nanny was to take care of Danny who was three, Dover who was five, and Donald who was seven. It had been a while since Vance had help by the looks of the kitchen that was in a mess. Vance was the children’s uncle who was watching the kids while their mother recuperated from a skiing accident that broke both her legs and three ribs when she was with her husband Erik who was Vance’s brother but now back in Afghanistan in charge of training and advising Afghan partners. Katie finally made it clear she wasn’t the nanny Vance was hoping for but she would watch the kids for the couple of hours Vance needed for his meeting if he would give her fifteen minutes of his time when he returned. Vance gave Katie a quick hard kiss before he left and Katie felt it all over her body unlike with Tad her boyfriend. Tad and Katie were on a break for almost four months now Tad had wanted the break. Over the past two years Katie has worked with her dad’s studio as a production runner, production assistant, even boom operator but nothing seemed to fit Katie. Vance was a writer and was suppose to be writing while taking care of Erik’s kids. Mike was Vance’s friend and agent and who Vance was having the meeting with. Vance only had four weeks to get his book done before the deadline. Vance also had the kids for another four weeks. When Vance told his agent who was at his house Mile told Vance to keep Katie there until he got back to Vance as she was a link to selling his books to McKnight Studio and have the books be made into a screenplay and then a movie. Vance already had went through three agencies to find a nanny for the kids , Vance believed the kids purposely scared them all away. Vance’s dad also owned some of the property they lived on and he would have had a meltdown with anything being filmed on the property. When Vance got back from his meeting the house was cleaned and the kids were behaving. Katie used a military approach to deem punishment and a reward if the kids were good. Danny was dressed as the girl she was when Vance returned then she threw a temper tantrum and had to go to boot camp after that Danny behaved. Katie offered to watch the kids the next four weeks then Vance could work on his book and reach his deadline. In return Vance would sign the contract to use his land. Vance talked Katie into staying for dinner then a for a glass of wine. Then Vance’s friends showed up and before Katie knew what was happening she was standing in Vance’s master suite while Vance went to the barn. Vance had had an office installed in the barn with a living space. Katie could easily give into Vance’s charm but she felt that wouldn’t be a good idea. No matter what Katie did she Couldn’t please her parents. Katie had taught for five years in the public school system but her father and mother wore her down and she quit as being a Mcknight she had to work for the stud
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book. I was completely sucked in. It resulted in a book hangover. Katie is my favorite character and one of my favorite heroines I read about. I can relate to her. It was beautiful to watch her blossom in Harmony. The children were so adorable. Then you have Vance. He's definitely a bad boy with a sweet side along with his sexy side. I laughed a lot while reading this one and that usually means a winner in my book. I highly recommend this one.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Sweet Southern Bad Boy by new to me author Michele Summers, is a fun and sexy small-town romance. This charming story is replete with desire, cuteness, and cast of very eccentric characters. Although this is the third book from the author's Harmony Homecomings series, it can be thoroughly enjoyed as a standalone. Harmony, North Carolina is where best-selling author Vance Kerner calls home. He has written over a dozen war thrillers, and now he is suffering from writer's block. Finding time to write is difficult, because Vance is temporarily taking care of his brother's three young children, and they are quite a handful. Twenty-eight year old Katie McKnight is the daughter of one of Hollywood's movers and shakers. Her father has always run her life, and Katie has never been able to stand up to him. Thus, she has held various positions within his TV organization and has never been successful. Her heart belongs to photography and educating children, which her father believes to be bad career choices. She ends up on Vance's doorstep while scouting locations for her father's new miniseries. Katie and Vance share an instant attraction, which evolves into so much more. She takes over the care of his niece and nephews, while he finishes his book and signs the contracts for the use of his property for the miniseries. They fall in love very quickly and challenge each other indirectly. I enjoyed this novel and Ms. Summers's uncomplicated method of storytelling. Katie and Vance are wonderful together and I loved the way the author developed them both individually and as a couple. Their sexual encounters are steamy and the emotion they share is tangible. This is a well-written book with some twists and turns that kept me entertained from beginning to end. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
If you need a fun and steamy romance to escape for a little while, then "Sweet Southern Bad Boy" is for you. This book was so much fun! Katie and Vance are so great together. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. "Sweet Southern Bad Boy" by Michele Summers is book number three in the "Harmony Homecomings" series. This is Katie McKnight and bestselling author Vance Kerner's story. Vance is on a deadline to complete a novel and he has writer's block. Well, in his defense he has taken responsibility to care for his brother's three kids while deployed and their mother is recovering from an injury. Saying his brother's three kids are very energetic children is an understatement. Katie is out to prove to her father that she is not a loser. She wants to find the perfect location for her dad's miniseries. Katie decides that Vance's home is the perfect spot for this miniseries but Vance is not on board. Katie needs Vance to agree to using his home for her dad's mini series and Vance needs help with the kids so that he can attempt to meet the deadline on his novel. Not to mention that they both have family issues that are not resolved. Then to top it off the sexual tension between them is off the charts. So, how will they deal with this situation? Vance and Katie's story was a blast to read. It was so much fun to read and a great stress reliever. A fantastic funny, hot, and heartfelt story. FYI, includes mature content. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Janet_Reads More than 1 year ago
Sweet Southern Bad Boy by Michele Summers is a thoroughly enjoyable book. It’s fun, romantic, sexy and features a cast of endearing characters set in a charming small town. Vance Kerner might be my new book boyfriend, because he’s genuinely just sweet as the book's title implies in a hot, bad boy’s body. He helped Katie find her inner strength and realize her own beauty. This is an all around wonderful story and not to be missed! ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley, but no one made me write this review and my opinions are honest and my own.
caitbellleigh1 More than 1 year ago
In trying to win favor with her father and prove herself to not just him, but her ex, Katie's trying to do the best job she can as location scout for her father's upcoming miniseries. When she stumbles upon what she feels could be the perfect location, Katie's willing to do anything to get the owner's agreement. But Katie doesn't know what her father's got going behind her back, and doesn't realize how her life is about to change from this stumbled upon location and the people in it. Vance didn't realize what he was getting himself into by agreeing to keep his brother's children while his sister in law healed from an injury. He's got a fast approaching deadline for his latest book, a lack of words, and no clue how he's going to finish while keeping all of the kids alive. When Katie stumbles onto his property and lands on his doorstep offering to keep the kids while he takes a meeting, he's wary but all to happy to accept her help. But to get her help, he's got to listen to her sales pitch, something he already knows he doesn't want to agree too, but desperation and a little something else tug at him to keep her there. Sweet Southern Bad Boy was a fun read! I really enjoyed both characters and getting to know them. They definitely had their own problems, mostly family issues, but I liked how they could help the other see things that they hadn't before. Katie helped Vance and his estranged father come to a mutual understanding and eventually forgiveness, while Vance helped Katie see that she needed to break free from her father's control and be who she was. I really liked the underlying connection between Katie and Vance that grew as she watched the kids and continued to wait for his approval for use of his land. This book took was about more than these two characters finding love together. It was about forgiveness, about finding your own way, even if it meant rebelling against those who should love you for who you are. It was a story about standing up for yourself, about doing what you love and last of all, it was a story of finding love where and when you least expect too. Michele Summers grabbed me into the story from page one, curious to see if Katie would be able to swing Vance to her side, and then she hooked me further with the hilarity that was a grown man trying to wrangle three kids who seemed to be reigning supreme. The writing was beautiful, the chracters unique and relatable, and the story fun; all together Sweet Southern Bad Boy was a book I couldn't wait to finish reading.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
It is gratifying when an author can entertain and rearrange commonplace stereotypes. Ms. Summers stirs up some serious sex appeal while delivering a sassy ball of laughs and heart along the way. Within the pages of Sweet Southern Bad Boy lies heated encounters, cuddly troublemakers and an aura of irresistible fun. To babysit or not to babysit? Kids, a man in over his head and a major dose of tender humour. That's just the recipe for a fun filled afternoon courtesy of a clueless duo. Definitely something to talk about.