Sweet Southern Betrayal

Sweet Southern Betrayal

by Robin Covington

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Sweet Southern Betrayal: A Boys Are Back in Town Novel by Robin Covington

Waking up in a tacky Elvis-themed bedroom is a bad sign—even in Vegas. Especially when it's accompanied by five-star hangover and no memory of the night before. For golden-boy lawyer Teague Elliott, it's the kind of nightmare that could ruin his political career before it's even begun. Especially if it's the kind of trouble that's sleeping in his bed…with creamy skin, flaming hair, and a voice that evokes the memory of seriously unbelievable sex.

At least there's no ring on his finger.

Showgirl Risa Clay is in way over her head. She had her instructions: seduce Teague, marry him, and hand the "evidence" over to her mobster boss for blackmail. But somehow, the plan went awry—starting with the five rounds of wickedly-hot sexy time with Teague. Now Risa's running for her life… and the only man who can possibly help her is the man whose career she's about to destroy!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622661909
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 01/13/2014
Series: Boys are Back in Town Series , #3
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 277
Sales rank: 173,352
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

On her fortieth birthday, Robin Covington decided that having a mid-life crisis and finding a boy-toy were far too tacky, so she delved a little deeper into the "bucket list" and pulled out the long-shelved dream of becoming an author. Now, she spends her time writing sizzling romance where the hero and heroine can't keep their hands off each other.

She doesn't miss the boy-toy at all.

Robin lives in Maryland with her hilarious husband, brilliant children, and ginormous puppy.

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Sweet Southern Betrayal

By Robin Covington, Alethea Spiridon Hopson

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Robin Covington
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-190-9


Teague loved Washington, DC.

He loved the city, the streets teeming with people at all hours of the day and night, the restaurants and bars, and the majestic man-made monuments and buildings created to intimidate enemies and inspire citizens.

But what he loved most was the power.

For the past seven years he'd risen in the ranks of Harrison & Duff, an international firm of the finest lawyers money could buy, and also earned a place at the table of power players in the DC political circuit. He was a fixer — the guy they brought in to handle the big issues, the problems that were seemingly impossible until he tackled them. And he was damn good at his job ... the best.

It felt so good to be back in DC, even if only for a couple of days. The Teague he had to be in Elliott was nothing like the man he was here. There were too many expectations and too much damage to repair after his father ran off with his paralegal and left clients high and dry. Yes, he had a plan and it had gotten him where he was today, but if the good people of Elliott knew how easy it was for him to shed the Southern gentleman image and maneuver with single-minded ruthlessness to his goal, they'd hold prayer meetings for him. But his servitude in his small town was almost over, and he was a few short weeks from being named the youngest partner in the firm. He was more than ready to take on that title, and everything that came with it.



The backing of the firm and key clients for his future political career.

Key clients like the man sitting across the table from him and his boss, Leland Duff, in the main conference room of H&D: Anthony Giambetti. The man was also known by other names — "Big Tony" and "The Boss" among his employees, and "The Fucking Bastard" by his enemies. Tony was a brilliant man, an expert strategist, and well-read for a man who had never been to college, but he was also a ruthless man who Teague knew ran his legitimate businesses with an iron fist.

His illegitimate businesses were not a concern of the firm or Teague — Tony had inside counsel for that work — a fact the mobster would like to change.

"Tony, I hope the issue with your nephew, Ricky Olivetti, is resolved to your satisfaction." Teague addressed the older man as he gathered his papers and shoved them into his legal binder.

"It is and I thank you," Tony said as he leaned on the table with his beefy arms. "My nephew is a fucking moron, but he's my sister's kid so ..."

Teague knew what he meant. Ricky was a fucking moron and he'd run into a little trouble with the liquor commission in Las Vegas and that made it impossible for him to work in his uncle's casino. It had taken Teague a few phone calls, a couple of favors, and a clever negotiation to get Ricky placed in a probationary status that allowed him to keep working.

"It was my pleasure to help out, Tony," Teague lied. He didn't do this kind of petty stuff anymore, but when one of the firm's biggest clients asked for someone by name the firm tried to grant the request. And since he still wasn't officially a partner, he'd dutifully fixed little Ricky's problem.

"I know this type of stuff isn't your usual work, but I knew you'd get it done."

"No problem. Just make sure Ricky follows through and he should be fine."

"I like your work, Teague, and that's why I'd like you to come work for me." Tony paused for emphasis. Teague had known this was coming, but he was surprised Tony was doing it in front of his boss, and he mentally gave Tony points for brass balls. "I could use a lawyer in DC to look out for my interests. I want the best. You are the best."

Leland jumped in before Teague could respond. His usual polished tone was edged with enough ire to let Teague know this was a total surprise to him, too. "Tony, I can't believe you're trying to steal him right out from under my nose."

Tony ignored him and kept his gaze on Teague, who was soaking in every word. He'd known this was coming — the increase in requests for him by name by Tony in the last six months, the private investigator he'd noticed following him a few times. A quick call to his best friend Jack Cantrell had informed him that Tony hired the guy. He didn't like being in the middle of the Giambetti family spotlight, but he wasn't spooked — yet. The firm regularly had him checked and followed. He was an investment and his actions outside the office were just as important as his work behind his desk, in court, or lobbying on Capitol Hill. A man like Tony couldn't be too careful about who was digging into his shit, and this was par for the course.

In the end, Teague wasn't interested in working for Tony, but only a fool wouldn't listen to the entire offer before making a decision. Teague was no fool.

"You've been handling stuff for me for a couple of years now and you won't be surprised that I've done my homework. You're the golden boy, the big swinging dick around here who makes things happen and lots of women happy, from what I hear. You're smart and know how to work every single fucking angle to my benefit. I know you've got political ambition, but I can offer you more than enough to make up for it."

Teague watched him. Something didn't add up here. If Tony wanted to really recruit him he'd never make a play in front of Leland — or would he? No. This was a test, and Teague was just going to have to play along until he figured it out.

"I appreciate the offer, Tony, but I'm good where I am," he said evenly, barely suppressing his laugh when he heard Leland sigh with relief. He decided to lighten the rejection. "I just don't think there's room for two big swinging dicks. We'd probably drive each other fucking crazy."

Tony huffed out a bark of a laugh. "Very true." He extended an open palm toward Leland, an obvious request for pardon, but the sincerity of the gesture didn't reach the hard line of his eyes. Tony was not happy with his answer. "I had to ask."

Teague decided to cut to the chase. This man had known what his answer would be before he posed the question. "What's got you worried, Tony?"


"Ah." Teague shifted back in his seat, hyperaware of the dark eyes staring him down as he thought of the best way to answer the unspoken question. "I would remind you that we have the protection of attorney/client confidentiality."

"I know."

"That's not enough?" Teague locked eyes with Tony, making sure the other man heard him. The hair on the back of his neck stood at attention, screaming that danger lurked around every corner of this conversation. He wasn't afraid of Tony, but he knew better than to underestimate him. But Tony was worried about him and that was a dangerous place to be. "The work I do ... I deal in secrets. Nothing new. But I'll be honest, I'm not interested in knowing secrets about the stuff your corporate counsel handles."

What he left unsaid was the truth that probably worried Tony the most: he knew enough from the legitimate side of Tony's business empire to give any United States attorney more than enough to get a warrant to dig for the good stuff. Yes, he knew secrets and that's why he had duplicate files on thumb drives in his safe. He wasn't crazy enough to think that his luxurious office in DC protected him from men like Tony. Prudence dictated that you stay one step ahead of ruthless men, so Teague made sure he was five steps ahead.

"I appreciate that." Tony stared back, his lips a thin line of tension, but he nodded in understanding, if not agreement. "But you know that secrets, however small, are power."


"And you love that power."

"And so do you." Teague let that comment fall into the silence that stretched out a little too long for comfort. But he wasn't backing down from an obvious challenge. "Working for you wouldn't get me what I want."

"More power."

Teague gave one small nod. "A different kind."

"Politics aren't where true power lies, Teague. When you figure it out, the offer stands."

"I appreciate it, but I'll pass."

"I'm not surprised, but you don't get what you want if you don't ask." Tony stood, signaling something to his security guy by the door with a quick glance and a head nod before turning back to Teague. When he extended his hand across the table Teague was surprised because the big man was not one for handshakes — he usually just left the room when he was done — but a piece of paper extended from his beefy fingers. "I understand that you'll be in my town for a few days to celebrate your sister's wedding, and I'd like to invite you and your buddies to be my guests at the Gold Coast Casino for an evening."

Teague reached out and took the piece of paper from Tony's hand. On it was scrawled a name and a phone number.

"That's the name of my VIP concierge. She'll set you up with anything and anyone you want while you're there."

Teague decided to forgo refusal or acceptance at this point and focused on what he was most curious about. "I'm curious how you knew about my plans. I just finalized them yesterday."

"Don't bullshit a bullshitter. My guy told me you spotted him weeks ago so you know I've had you followed. I've gotta keep an eye on people who've got their eyes on my stuff." Tony unapologetically shoved his huge arms into his leather jacket as he prepared to leave. "You've been stuck in the fucking middle of nowhere in that little town your family owns for a while now. You must be close to blowing your brains out. Come to Vegas. Gamble. See the show. Get laid."

Teague was a guy, so he couldn't suppress his body's interest at the last suggestion. It had been a while — too long — since he'd indulged in a nice long fuck with anything other than his hand. But he wasn't about to start something with a woman back home. Elliott women weren't the kind who understood that a night in their bed didn't mean anything more than a good time, and that a repeat wasn't a love connection or some other nonsense. It was sex, and good sex deserved a repeat. Nothing more. One day he'd look for the perfect Mrs. Elliott, but that wasn't today. And tomorrow didn't look good, either.

But a night with the boys, blowing off some steam with some liquor, food, and a beautiful woman, seemed like just the thing before he came back to DC permanently.

"Thanks, Tony. I appreciate the hospitality," he said with a smile as he slipped the paper in his pocket.

"Thank you for taking care of my moron nephew."

And then he was gone in typical Tony fashion. No good-bye. No backward glance.

"I can't believe he just offered you a job right in front of me," Leland said. Teague turned to look at his senior partner, surprised at the real anger causing Leland's "tennis court weekend" tan to redden. "And what was that shit at the end? I think he offered you a hooker."

"He's direct. I like that." While the DC game of reading between the lines of every conversation was enjoyable, it was nice to have someone be straightforward for a change. And Tony had been crystal clear. Teague pushed down the voice in his head that whispered he was more like Tony than he wanted to acknowledge.

"And you handled him like a pro. As always." Leland paused. Clearly, he didn't like how that had all gone down. "You know you have to take him up on the VIP offer."

"Yes, I know. He's a huge client and it would piss him off unnecessarily." Teague tried to curb the edge of frustration in his voice, but he knew he did a bad job of it when Leland's mouth got a little tighter at the edges. "Leland, what the fuck is that look? I know how to handle clients."

"Well, he's definitely handling you."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"What was that little stunt with the job offer?" Leland fumed.

"What? You think I planned that with Tony?" Teague looked down on his boss, feeling the grip on his temper slipping. "I've worked my ass off for this firm, fixed every fucking problem you guys threw at me, and you think I'd resort to dramatics to secure my partnership? I don't need to play fucking games to get what I want. I'm the best. You know it. Tony knows it. The partnership committee knows it. End of story."

"You are a cocky son of a bitch."

"But I'm right. So cut the bullshit."

"Fine. But I didn't like all that crap about secrets and having you followed. Watch your step with him. As far as the firm is concerned, you're the next great thing and we wouldn't want you to get that pretty face messed up."

"Kiss my ass." Teague laughed, checking his watch to see if he had time to call one of his "friends" for a drink and get a head start on letting off some steam. He'd seen Olivia in the conference room earlier and she'd hinted she was free tonight.

Leland laid a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. "Well, just keep your ass out of the fire for a couple more weeks until the deal is done. You've passed the committee and your final background check, and now it's just a matter of paperwork."

"What kind of trouble do you think I can get into the next couple of weeks?"

"You're going to Vegas with those crazy men you've been friends with since the cradle. Booze. Gambling." Leland followed him out of the conference room and down the hall to the elevator. "You wouldn't be the first guy to wake up married to a stripper."

Teague turned, flashing his best grin at his boss. "Am I the kind of guy who would do that sort of thing?"

"Every guy with a functional dick has the potential to be that guy."

"Leland, you worry too much." Teague entered the elevator and took one last shot at his boss as the doors started their slow glide closed.

"I promise you I will not marry a stripper."


Elvis was wearing a diaper.

Teague Elliott clamped his eyes shut and groaned with the pain of those who realize they did this to themselves with a bottle of tequila and bravado fueled by the most evil Mr. Cuervo. He wasn't sure if the image of the King of Rock 'n' Roll was more or less painful than the percussion section practicing in between his ears, but both made him equally queasy. Taking another peek at the mural of the music icon dressed up as Cupid painted on the ceiling over the bed, he decided this was a question best solved in the bathroom.

Navigating his way through the large gold fake-Italian furniture and Elvis memorabilia, he didn't think it could get any worse until he flipped on the light switch and was blinded by the leopard-print wallpaper and metallic gold toilet, shower, and sink. Fighting down the decor-induced wave of nausea, he emptied his bladder and shuffled over to the sink to throw cold water on his face.

"What the hell were you thinking?" he asked his reflection. The answer was simple — he wasn't. The combination of his sister's wedding and the VIP concierge at the Gold Coast Casino was just too much for him to resist after the crazy fucking year he'd had. He'd known something like this was coming. A year of busting his ass to become the youngest partner at Harrison & Duff, coupled with the added burden of fixing the mess his father left in the wake of his midlife crisis, made this kind of night inevitable. Tequila and his three best friends in the city of sin made this detour to the wild side imperative.

He glanced down at his blessedly bare left-hand ring finger. At least he hadn't married a stripper. Leland would be pleased. Now he just needed to figure out where the hell he was, locate his friends Beck and Jack, and make sure he didn't miss his flight back to Virginia.

Leaning over to wipe the excess water off his face with a towel, he spied the wastebasket, his fuzzy brain taking a few seconds to process what was in there. Condom wrappers. Empty condom wrappers. He counted quickly — four to be exact — and he reached out to steady himself on the counter. Pride at being able to get it up four times last night battled with the realization that he had taken someone to bed and didn't remember it. Oh hell.

On shaky legs, Teague walked back into the bedroom and over to the bed, wondering how he'd missed the human-shaped lump still there. He walked around the huge, heart-shaped bed and took at look at the woman sleeping there. Hair the color of flame, skin the color of cream, and long, finely boned limbs. She was gorgeous.


Excerpted from Sweet Southern Betrayal by Robin Covington, Alethea Spiridon Hopson. Copyright © 2014 Robin Covington. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Sweet Southern Betrayal 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
Oh hello boys. Welcome back. When this landed on my Kindle I did an actual whoop of joy. Having loved A Night of Southern Comfort and His Southern Temptation, I have been patiently waiting for the boys to arrive back in town. And this time it's Teague's turn. A powerful attorney, Teague Elliott is going places. With wealth, ambition and balls of steel, the man is on his way to booking his room in the The White House. When his best friend and baby sis' decamp to Vegas to get married, the boys go with them and after a night of gambling and booze, our oh-so-sexy lawyer finds a beautiful lady in his bed and a phone filled with images of how their night played out. Only one very important photo is missing, the one that could compromise everything he's worked for... Once again Robin Covington has given us a perfect book that is beautifully written with an enthralling, entertaining and touching story, romance, humour, action, surprises, intimacy, sizzling hot steamy content and fabulous banter between the boys. I have to confess that I didn't warm to Teague straight away. In fact I actually shook my head and tutted in the opening chapter! His cocky arrogance isn't an endearing quality but he and Risa have perfect chemistry; she has secrets but she's stubborn with an admirable strength and determination, isn't afraid to put him in his place and quickly unleashes the protector in him, his inner softie and the real Teague. The Teague that I swooned and sighed over and who has left his buddies for dust when it comes to my affections. This books deserves every single star. If you haven't read the first two books in the series go read them now because not only are you missing a treat, but the characters all continue to feature heavily. And after being handed a few teasers as to Beck's background and personality, I can't wait for his book. I received an ARC of this courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion.
ZumbaMami More than 1 year ago
Messy Is Where the Good Stuff Lives - Sweet Southern Betrayal Sweet Southern Betrayal, the third book of Robin Covington’s “Boys are Back in Town” series, featured with attorney, Teague Elliot. Known as a “fixer” among the elite power brokers of Washington D.C., he worked at one of the most prestigious firms and had political aspirations. He stayed away from anything he considered “messy,” like relationships. While attending his sister, Taylor’s wedding to his best friend, Lucky, in Las Vegas, he met redheaded bombshell, Risa Clay – his new showgirl wife. His showgirl wife who owned a side business selling tasteful “marital aids.” Not exactly the ideal woman for a man with dreams of living in the White House. Everything about Risa was “messy.” And personal. And amazing. They agreed to keep their marriage a secret. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of taking on a life of their own, and soon Teague’s family, friends and colleagues found out about Risa. As beautiful as she was on the outside, Risa was even lovelier on the inside. She immediately tried to protect Teague from the possible repercussions of their Vegas nuptials, and knowingly placed herself directly in harm’s way. At its core, Sweet Southern Betrayal was an “opposites attract” story, but as the layers were peeled away, we learned that both Risa and Teague were survivors. They saw the dreams they never believed could be realized, in and with, each other. It required that they to look past their set life plans, and into an unknown, unexpected and uncontrollable future. How they navigated it was beautifully crafted, through self-doubt, heartbreak, betrayal, forgiveness, and the possibility of love. In addition to some very steamy sex. Many series have recurring characters that make cameo appearances, but Ms. Covington created a deep connection between the four friends – Teague, Lucky, Jack and Beck – that was itself another fully developed character. The men formed a bond in childhood that sustained them through personal and professional successes and failures. Ms. Covington took that circle of friendship and expanded it, as each man found love, and their family of friends grew. While each book may be read as a stand-alone novel, I highly encourage readers to read A Night of Southern Comfort and His Southern Temptation. Ms. Covington is writing Beck’s book and it promises to be as emotional, entertaining and hot, as the rest of the series. Disclaimer: While I received an ARC of this book for an honest review, I purchased it for my Boys are Back in Town Collection.
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
Sometimes what goes on in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas... Celebrating his sister's wedding, Teague and the guys spend a memorable night in Vegas. As Teague wakes up the next morning and counts how many condoms he used the night before, he is surprised to realize he does not remember much except brief recollections of what must have been unforgettable. Let's face it, he is always in control and he is a lawyer! He will not soon forget the gorgeous creature lounging on his bed. Risa is a Vegas showgirl. No stripping, just dancing in the show! She has scratched her way out of homelessness. She respects herself and what she did last night is not her norm. What started as a debt being paid ended up being a night she will not soon forget. This man is everything a girl could hope for... but for someone like her, unable to attain. This story evolves with plot twists and secrets that cannot be kept from being shared. Risa and Teague are thrown together to prevent the destruction of Teague's reputation and dreams for his future. The chemistry between them is undeniable. They are an explosion waiting to happen! Needless to say, the bad guys are drooling to control Teague. He is a strong candidate for future President and with that comes power all want to control. I found this story both enjoyable and extremely romantic. Risa and Teague are a couple that Fate has brought together and by all means should stay together. This is one of those times where you will be cheering to make sure what goes on in Vegas has a permanent place in Risa and Teague's life.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--SWEET SOUTHERN BETRAYAL is the third installment in Robin Covington’s THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN erotic, romantic suspense series focusing on a tight knit group of four friends in the Washington DC area. This is attorney Teague Elliott, and Vegas showgirl / business entrepreneur Risa Clay’s story line. SWEET SOUTHER BETRAYAL can be read as a stand alone without any difficult. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (Risa and Teague) SWEET SOUTHERN BETRAYAL focuses on the sudden marriage between Vegas showgirl Risa Clay, and DC attorney Teague Elliott. Teague is a fixer; a lawyer, on the fast track to make partner but his first priority is cleaning up his father’s past mistakes. When one of the firm’s biggest clients asked Teague to ‘fix’ a problem in Vegas, Teague found himself in league with the Mob, and an offer he flat-out refused. But a drunken night, following his sister’s wedding to his best friend Lucky (His Southern Temptation #2) ends with no memories, and a Vegas showgirl by his side Teague begins to wonder if the Mob’s reach goes too far. When Teague discovers that his Vegas one-night stand is now his wife, his future political career may be in jeopardy. What ensues is the building but short-lived relationship between Teague and Risa, and Risa’s attempts to fix the error of her ways. Teague is a Harvard graduate; a man with aspirations towards the White House, and a man who cannot have any questionable black marks in his past-Risa is a questionable choice of mate, and would never be accepted by the political elite. Risa is a Vegas showgirl; a small business owner who owes the Mob more than she can pay, and a woman caught between right and wrong. The relationship between Risa and Teague is one of immediate regret following their one-night stand. The attraction to one another is palpable but Teague suspects there is more to Risa’s story than she is letting on. Their Vegas marriage will be short lived if Teague has anything to say but time together finds our couple falling for one another. The $ex scenes are intimate and erotic. All of the previous story line couples, as well as Dr. Beck Sutherland, play secondary and supporting roles. Beck’s story will be told in the series final installment SOUTHERN NIGHTS AND SECRETS. SWEET SOUTHERN BETRAYAL is an entertaining story about two people caught up with the Vegas Mob; an ‘opposites attract’ romance where political aspirations can be destroyed by reputation, and sins of the past. The premise is captivating; the characters are animated and passionate; the romance is a roller coaster of emotions, betrayal and acceptance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the 1st book I've read by Ms. Covington & I became fan very early on. Great story, very well written & great characters. The story moved well, with lots of steamy scenes- this book had it all! Thank you & on to your other books!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did not like the female lead. The characters and story.had no depth. I skipped the last partof the story.
Marnee1026 More than 1 year ago
This was a cute story about the romance between improbable lovers. The meet in Vegas, get sloshed, and wake up married, with a whole slew of twists and turns. I enjoyed this book, I only gave it 4 stars because I found some elements of the book to be a little unbelievable, but it was still very good.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
A drunken mistake in Vegas, named Risa, has Teague Elliot scrambling to fix it.  There can be no drunken mistakes for a man destined for the White House.  Risa is ashamed of the secret she's keeping from Teague.  They agree to stay together until the annulment goes through and then go their separate ways only everyone starts falling in love with Risa.  Everyone but Teague.  He doesn't have it in him to be in love with anyone.  Will Risa's secret be revealed?  Will she put herself in danger to save Teague? Loved it!  Robin Covington really knows how to grab you with all these amazing characters.  I love Risa's business, Behind Closed Doors.   Everything in this story had its place and it was perfect!  It just flowed right along with all the fun and sexy characters.  This is my first foray into The Boys Are Back in Town series and I started with the third book.  Though it can be read as a stand alone, I need to find out how those first two guys fumbled with their women before they got it right.  I look forward to reading more from this fabulous author. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
granjen4 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A decent plot, dragged in certain parts. Overall worth the read
Katiewantsmore More than 1 year ago
Robin's done it again...sizzling intimacy, romance, tears and humor left me tingling in all the right places. An absolute must read!!!
tammycr More than 1 year ago
I started reading this book and couldn't put it down. Read it all in one night. This is the first book I've read by this author. I'm looking forward to reading more!!
Vivi_Dumas More than 1 year ago
Book provided by the author in exchange for honest review. 4.5 Stilettos Being a good southern girl, I love the undeniable charms of a true southern gentleman. Therefore, I had no choice to fall for the sexy, smart and dashing Teague Elliott. Teague is on the fast track to political greatness. He's making partner at a powerful D.C. law firm. He comes from a good family, at least in the eyes of the public. Everything was going as expected until a wild weekend in Vegas. When will people learn not to get drunk in the land of quickie wedding chapels? Risa Clay is a street smart beauty from Las Vegas. She comes from a messy background of foster homes, poverty, and doing whatever it took to survive. Her caring nature lands her in a sticky situation to help her bestie. Then, it get her in a stickier situation when she breaks her deal with a mob boss to save the stranger she was supposed to set up. I could help but like Risa. She has a fiery spirit tempered with kindness and love. She's not afraid to stand up for herself. But her living in the here and now got her in trouble from time to time. As the saying goes, opposites attract. Teague's and Risa's attraction is like a match to gasoline, highly combustible. I loved their interaction with one another. It was fueled with passion, but intimate and enduring. When consumed in their desire, each of them were able to forget who they pretended to be and allowed themselves to be the people they really wanted to be, including the need to be together. Wondering if I need to check out the view from the Mandarin hotel... Loved that scene! This is the first book I've read by Ms. Covington. It contained characters I truly connected with, a fast paced plot, and smoldering hot sex. It did not disappoint.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read all of Robin Covington's books and she just keeps getting better. This showgirl meets above-board lawyer meets mafia story is a funny, sweet sexy romance. I look forward to the next one!
RozGroves More than 1 year ago
The rest of this post, as well as my other reviews, can be found at My Written Romance. Robin's signature line says it all about this book. Burning up the sheets, one page at a time. The sexytimes are hot, and the chemistry between Teague and Risa is electric. The characters in this series are amazing. They're smart, funny, flawed, imperfect....and my god, the men are sexy! Risa is awesome. I love that despite her less than stellar childhood and life in and out of foster care, Risa was not ashamed of herself. It may not have been perfect, but she has never let it control her or make her bitter. Big cheers to you, Robin, for not making Teague Mr. Perfect-Who-Has-It-All-and-Is-Wound-Tighter-Than-A-Guitar-String. He's wealthy, ambitious and single-minded, but in no way is this boy repressed. I loved that beneath the "it's all about the career" facade, Teague still has a heart. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed Sweet Southern Betrayal, and I am not going to get all spoilerish on you all. But I will say this: I am absolutely champing at the bit to read Beck's story. If I'm right, a little hint as to the sexy doctor's past is let out for us to find, and I cannot wait to see what Robin has in store for him. I give Sweet Southern Betrayal 5 out of 5
mkendallauthorMK More than 1 year ago
Damn these Elliott boys are a sexy hard headed adorable bunch. And Teague was just as clueless as his friends before him. I alternated between wanting to slap Teague up side the head for being so stupid and wanting to get naked and get me some of what he was offering.  Risa didn't really stand a chance against Teague's charm. But really who'd want to. This is an excellent addition to The Boys are Back in Town series. A thoroughly engaging read that i had a hard time putting down. Overall i give this 5 out of 5 I can't wait to see what the next book in the series brings.  
AminaA More than 1 year ago
I loved Teague's sorry and cannot wait for the next one!
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
Rating 4 1/2 Stars So, I got a chance to read Robin Covington latest book Sweet Southern Betrayal. I must say that I really enjoyed this book and I loved the chemistry between Risa and Teague. Talk about opposites. You have Risa Clay who is a Vegas showgirl who has a side business of selling "sensual marital aids and exclusive nightwear for couples"(fancy way of saying sex toys and lingerie). She grew up waiting for the rug getting pulled from underneath her or waiting for the other show to drop. Then you have Teague Elliot who grew up not knowing what it was like to grow up on the wrong side of the tracks. He's had a privilege life and has used to his full advantage. Plus, he's one of those guys who has his life planned out to the minute. All his blocks are lined up perfectly. However, all that changes when his life gets turned upside down by Risa. Now Risa made a deal with the devil and now she is dealing with the fallout and trying to fix what she has done to Teague. Sweet Southern Betrayal happens to be an awesome read. I mean you have this heat between Risa and Teague, but at the same time they are just buying their time till they fix the issue at hand. However, things start to change between these two. Risa is more than willing to let thing go with the flow while Teague is a bit stubborn. Teague is just so focus on his goal that he doesn't see what he has until it's almost too late. Overall, this was a fun read, because you have two people that couldn't be anymore opposite than Teague and Risa. So, if you are looking for a sassy heroine that could drive a stick in the mud crazy, you might have winner with Sweet Southern Betrayal. Copy provided by publisher
KYBookmama More than 1 year ago
I was expecting a typical "man goes to Vegas, gets drunk and wakes up married" story. And it did start out that way but then it turned and I got sucked in. Teague is a lawyer who wants to be in politics. He doesn't believe in love and he wants a perfect life to become partner in his firm and beyond. Risa is a professional dancer who owes money to the wrong people. Great read.
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
Sweet Southern Betrayal is the third book in author Robin Covington’s The Boys Are Back in Town Series and oh my, these boys can back into my town any time they’d like!  I adored this book! Successful attorney Teague Elliot has the world in the palm of his hand.  He’s just about to land the title of youngest partner in his uber successful Washington D.C. law firm and he couldn’t be happier.  Of course, this is just another stepping stone in his plan to enter the world of politics.  He’s also managed to keep his nose clean and the skeletons out of his closet his entire life in prep to take The Oval Office one day.  This brings us to the present…when he heads to Las Vegas with his friends and ends up in bed with a Vegas showgirl and absolutely no memory of why she’s here.  Or what he may have done the night before.  Will “what happens in Vegas” actually stay in Vegas?  Never has Teague needed it that saying to be more true than right now…. You could say that Risa Clay has taken the lemons life has handed her and made them into lemonade.  She didn’t have an easy childhood but has managed to make a pretty good life as a Las Vegas Showgirl and can’t really complain.  She certainly can’t complain when she wakes up to a sexy stranger after an unforgettable night.  But that’s just what she’d have to do…forget him.  Her best friend was in trouble and she had done last night as payment to her boss for borrowing money to help her best friend kick a nasty drug habit.  A shame, really, because this sexy stranger was positively delicious and they had an undeniable chemistry.  It’s this chemistry that prevents her from doing the last part of the payment for her boss and sends her fleeing Vegas…and showing up on her handsome one-night stand’s doorstep. So I’ll say it again….these boys can come back to my town any time they’d like.  This book started out with a kick and just kept getting better with each chapter.  I couldn’t put it down!  Teague is straight laced, buckled up and not one to forget his end goal: The White House.  He’s worked hard and has dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” knowing full well that he didn’t want to deal with the hassle of a shady past.  Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans.  Risa is exactly his opposite, a girl with a messy past and just living in the moment.  And this brings me to another saying: opposites attract! Fate has slammed these two together and never before has she gotten it more right.  Risa and Teague are so amazing together.  The push and pull between them is practically tangible, the chemistry between them palpable.  They’ve got quite a mess on their hands and fixing it proves to push them both to the limit, testing all emotions and crossing all sorts of lines. Did I mention I loved this book? Well, I did.  A lot.  Also, I have to mention that Robin writes some of the most amazing smexy scenes that I’ve ever read….and I’ve read a whole lot of them.  There’s just something about her writing that gives her characters a little dash of more and it makes all the difference in adding to the heat factor! If you haven’t read the other books in the series, no worries, you can totally read this book as a stand-alone.  Of course, I absolutely recommend you do, well, if for no other reason than Robin writes some phenomenal characters and you will enjoy each one!  Thank you, Robin, for Teague, Risa and another fab story!
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Teague Elliott has political aspirations. He has a 'plan', but everything changes when he meets Risa Clay, a Vegas showgirl. They have a wild night together, but morning comes and they agree to go their separate ways. Next thing Teague knows he is a married man and she is his bride. What happens next? What is Risa's dark secret? Robin Covington has given us another steamy love story in the Boys Are Back In Town series. It's nice to see familiar characters as they help Teague and Risa find their HEA. Big Tony, the Vegas mobster, adds danger and excitement. However, Teague and Risa, the passionate lovers, get all our attention. They are opposites in their life experiences, but so perfect together in all other ways. They are passionate, loyal and protective. Sweet Southern Betrayal is a wild ride but the ending is so satisfying. I loved this story.