Sweet Urges

Sweet Urges

by Jessica Jarman

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ISBN-13: 9780857150356
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 02/15/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 50
Sales rank: 1,123,051
File size: 319 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jessica Jarman has been weaving stories for many years, starting in her childhood when she’d entertain her younger sister every night. The stories, though simple, involved love and a happily-ever-after ending. It is no surprise she has come full circle and is now penning romances. Jessica currently lives in Minnesota with her wonderfully supportive husband and their four children. Although family keeps her busy and on her toes, she manages to squeeze out time to put the characters and plots that live in her head onto paper.

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Oh shit, she couldn’t breathe.

Carly Sandstone rested her forehead on the steering wheel and drew in one breath after another. This was it. Tonight was the night. She’d finally worked up the nerve to go after what she wanted—Jace Thomas. Her friend of many years and the object of her lust for as long as she knew what lust was.

Yet here she was, sitting in her car practically hyperventilating. Get over it, she told herself. She was sick of being the friend, the buddy Jace hung out with, while she watched him go out with other women. And knowing what was going on behind closed doors... Jealousy burned in Carly’s gut. Jace was a dominant, in-control man, and that carried over into the bedroom. She was well aware of that fact, thanks to the indiscreet bragging and gushing of several of Jace’s exes. Most had been threatened by Jace and Carly’s close friendship, and apparently thought giving Carly detailed, blow-by-blow descriptions of sex with Jace would put her in her place.

Carly snorted. Just the opposite. While she hated hearing about him with other women, the thought of him tying her up, spanking her, dominating her had given her many sleepless nights. Hell, thinking of it now had her squirming in her seat.

She straightened and, before she could talk herself out of it, grabbed the wicker basket from the seat beside her. She locked the car and walked determinedly up the path to his front door. After knocking, she held her breath and waited for Jace to answer.

The door swung open, and there he was. Absolutely delectable in jeans and snug T-shirt. His feet were bare, and his dark hair was slightly damp and curling at the ends. He must have gotten out the shower recently. The air left her lungs in a whoosh. Damn, he always managed to take her breath away. Up until now she’d been able to hide that little fact from him—but it was getting harder day by day.

“Hey, Carly,” he greeted and stepped back to allow her to enter. “I’m surprised to see you on a Friday night. Thought for sure you’d have a hot date.”

Carly chuckled nervously. “If you’re busy or have plans, I can take off.” She nearly smacked her forehead. Dammit. Already she was waffling. Not exactly the way to get what she wanted.

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