Sweetness and Sweeteners: Biology, Chemistry and Psychophysics

Sweetness and Sweeteners: Biology, Chemistry and Psychophysics

by Deepthi K. Weerasinghe, Grant DuBois
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American Chemical Society


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Sweetness and Sweeteners: Biology, Chemistry and Psychophysics

Sweetness is the major vehicle through which we accept or dislike many food products. Sugar has the disadvantage of being associated with a number of adverse health related issues and, as a result, myriad hours are spent producing non-caloric sweeteners to mimic sugar. The discovery of the taste receptors and the recent breakthrough in the culturing of taste bud cells have heightened the field of Sweeteners and modified our perception of them. This book will examine this closely. The book will also follow the symposium closely discussing the following: Structural Studies of the Sweetener Receptor, Modeling of the Sweetener Receptor, Sweet Taste Transduction, and Advances in the Discovery and Commercial Development of Natural Non-Caloric Sweeteners.

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ISBN-13: 9780841274327
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Publication date: 03/04/2008
Series: ACS Symposium Series , #979
Pages: 650
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

1. Sweetness and sweeteners: what is all the excitement about?, Grant E DuBois
2. Genetic architecture of sweet taste, Alexander A. Bachmanov
3. Making sense of the sweet taste receptor, Peihua Jiang , Emeline Maillet, Meng Cui, Roman Osman, Marianna Max and Robert F. Margolskee
4. T1R2, T1R3 and the detection of sweet stimuli, Stephan Vigues, Jeanette R. Hobbs, Yiling Nie, Graeme L. Conn and Steven D. Munger
5. In vitro models to study taste: Can sweetness be modeled in a dish?, Nancy E. Rawson and Hakan Ozdener.
6. SAR and AH-B after 40 years, Terry E. Acree and Michael Lindley
7. Crystal structures of MNEI: Insights into sweet protein-receptor interactions., Jeanette R. Hobbs, Steven D. Munger, and Graeme L. Conn
8. Molecular Models of Sweet Taste Receptors Provide Insights into Function, Meng Cui, Peihua Jiang, Emeline Maillet, Marianna Max, Robert F. Margolskee, Roman Osman
9. Pharmacophore modeling of sweet and bitter tasting molecules, Nicolas Froloff
10. Multiple receptors or multiple sites? Modelling the human T1R2_T1R3 receptor, Gabriella Morini, Angela Bassoli and Piero A. Temussi
11. Computational docking to sweet taste receptor models, D. Eric Walters
12. What Can Psychophysical Studies With Sweetness Inhibitors Teach Us About Taste?, Veronica Galindo-Cuspinera and Paul A.S. Breslin
13. A method to measure taste qualities, taste intensity and temporal profile of compounds aimed at human consumption by taste nerve recordings in monkeys, Göran Hellekant and Yiwen Wang
14. The Bittersweet Search for Bitter-Sweet Interactions: Cell to Cell Communication in the Taste Bud., M. Scott Herness, Fang-li Zhao, and Yu Cao
15. CAMP: a role in sweet taste adaptation, Nirupa Chaudhari and Sue C. Kinnamon
16. Saccharin: Artificial sweetener, bitter tastant and sweet taste inhibitor, Marcel Winnig, Christina Kuhn, Oliver Frank, Bernd Bufe, Maik Behrens, Thomas Hofmann and Wolfgang Meyerhof
17. Permeation of Amphipathic Sweeteners into Taste-Bud Cells and Their Interactions with Post-Receptor Signaling Components: Possible Implications for Sweet-Taste Quality, M. Naim, M. E. Shaul, A. I. Spielman, L. Huang and I. Peri
18. We Are What We Eat, but Why? Relationships between Oral Sensation, Genetics, Pathology and Diet., Derek J. Snyder, Valerie B. Duffy, Susan E. Marino and Linda M. Bartoshuk
19. Perception and Acceptance of Sweeteners, Jeannine F. Delwiche and Amanda R. Warnock
20. Inter-individual Differences of Taste Sensitivity in Humans and Hamsters : Multiple Receptor Sites for Single Organic Molecules, Annick Faurion
21. The "Bitter-Sweet" Truth of Artificial Sweeteners, C.T. Simons, C. Adam, G. LeCourt, C. Crawford, C. Ward, W. Meyerhof, and J.P. Slack
22. The Use of Rodent Models to Link Neurobiological Processes with the Psychophysics of Sweet Taste, A. C. Spector, S. Eylam, and C. D. Dotson
23. Functional Characterization of the Human Sweet Taste Receptor HTS Assay Development and Structural Function Relation, Xiaodong Li and Guy Servant
24. Development of TRPM5 Modulators for Sweetness Enhancement, R.W. Bryant, K.S. Atwal, I. Bakaj, M.T. Buber, S. Carlucci, R. Cerne, R. Cortés, H.R. Devantier, C.J. Hendrix, S.P. Lee, R.K. Palmer, C. Wilson, Q. Yang, and F.R. Salemme
25. Enhancers for Sweet Taste from the World of Non-Volatiles Polyphenols as Taste Modifiers, Jakob P. Ley, Maria Blings, Susanne Paetz, Günter Kindel, Kathrin Freiherr, Gerhard E. Krammer, Heinz-Jürgen Bertram
26. Evaluation of High Intensity Sweetener Modulators, Cheryl R. Mitchell, Richard Ray, and Marian Schwartz
27. Improving the Taste of Artificial Sweeteners Using Flavors, Masashi Ishikawa, Akio Nakamura, Ayano Fujiki, Junichi Ide and Kensaku Mori
28. Why should an organic chemist study sweet taste, Angela Bassoli, Gigliola Borgonovo, Gilberto Busnelli and Gabriella Morini
29. Sweeteners and Sweetness Modulators: Requirements for Commercial Viability, Grant E DuBois
30. Development of New, Low Calorie Sweetener; New Aspartame Derivative, Yusuke Amino, Kenich Mori, Yasuyuki Tomiyama, Hiroyuki Sakata, and Takeshi Fujieda
31. Challenges to reducing sugar in foods, D. Kilcast, C. den Ridder and C. Narain
32. Development of a New, No Calorie Commercial Sweetener Neotame, Indra Prakash and Ihab E. Bishay
33. Sensory Properties of Neotame comparison with other Sweeteners, Susan S. Schiffman, Elizabeth A. Sattely-Miller, and Ihab E. Bishay
34. Recent Developments in Structure-Taste Studies of Sulfamates, William J. Spillane, Damien P. Kelly, Jean-Baptiste Malaubier, Gary G. Hanniffy, Brendan G. Feeney, Catherine C. Coyle, Lorraine M. Kelly, Emer F. Thompson, Danny G. Concagh and Maryanne B. Sheahan
35. Neoculin as a new sweet protein with taste-modifying activity Purification, Characterization, and X-ray crystallography, A. Shimizu-Ibuka, Y. Morita, K. Nakajima, T. Asakura, T. Terada, T. Misaka, and K. Abe
36. How Sweet it is: Detailed molecular and functional studies of brazzein, a sweet protein and its analogs., Fariba Assadi-Porter, Marco Tonelli, James T. Radek, Claudia C. Cornilescu, and John L. Markley
37. Steviol Glucuronide as Excretion Product of Stevioside in Human Volunteers:
Lack of Carcinogenic Properties of Steviol glycosides and Steviol Jan M.C. Geuns
38. Stevioside: a safe sweetener and possible new drug for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome, Jan M.C. Geuns

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