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Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1)

Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1)

4.8 14
by Sherilee Gray

He’ll risk it all for one more night…

When Hugh Colton’s father ran off, leaving him with a pile of gambling debts and a crime boss demanding repayment in stolen cars, his options were limited. Now his life’s on hold, and the last thing he needs to be worrying about is a distressed redhead in a Poison Ivy costume. He sure as hell


He’ll risk it all for one more night…

When Hugh Colton’s father ran off, leaving him with a pile of gambling debts and a crime boss demanding repayment in stolen cars, his options were limited. Now his life’s on hold, and the last thing he needs to be worrying about is a distressed redhead in a Poison Ivy costume. He sure as hell shouldn’t be rescuing her in the car he’s just boosted—or asking her to come home with him. But a thief like him can’t offer more, no matter how much he wants to.

Everyone either leaves or is taken away, at least that’s all graphics designer Shay Freestone has ever known. And after a confidence shattering, career destroying break-up, she’s sworn off relationships forever. So it’s a good thing this raw, bearded, mountain of a man isn’t her type. Yet as one reckless hot night leads to another, their casual, no-strings affair starts to feel like so much more.

Can two hearts with too many secrets dare for a future?

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Sherilee Gray
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Boosted Hearts
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18 Years

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Meet the Author

Sherilee Gray writes sexy, edgy contemporary and paranormal romance. Stories full of heat and high emotion, following stubborn characters as they fight against the odds… and their happily ever after. She’s a kiwi girl and lives in beautiful NZ with her husband and their two children. When not writing or fueling her voracious book addiction, she can be found dreaming of far off places with a mug of tea in one hand and a bar of Cadburys Rocky Road chocolate in the other.

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Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Great read! Can't wait to read other 2
Anonymous 4 months ago
Amazing book , read it in two days could have in one if I didn't have to work. Even had me tearing up in some parts, happy with the way it ended though. Totally going to recommend it to my reader friends!
Anonymous 5 months ago
I really liked this book! It was pretty straight forward and easy to read. I loved Hugh and Shay! They are 2 characters you don't normally get read about and they are totally relatable. Will get the second book.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Was a great read. Couldn't put it down, wondering what would happen next. The lives of the two main characters was definitely a sad story. Screwed up childhood that changes your thinking the rest of your life. Definitely a must read!!!!
Anonymous 7 months ago
It kept my interest all the way through. I highly recommend this book.
CathyGeha 7 months ago
Swerve by Sherilee Gray Boosted Hearts #1 Oh my! I thought, “Let me just see how steamy this book might be.” So, I searched a word and started reading. I turned the light off, because it was just before midnight, and could not sleep…so…I turned the light back on, started at the beginning and could not stop reading till I finished the book in the wee hours of the morning. What can I say BUT…I loved this book! Why? * Hugh was a hunk with a heart of gold * Shay was a sweetheart – in more ways than one * The chemistry was off the charts * Hugh & Shay were perfect for one another * The supporting characters, especially the males, were worthy of having their own books * It made me happy * I would love to have these people as friends * Oh…and…it was HOT! 5 Stars
Anonymous 9 months ago
How can you not fall for Hugh's character? good read, very entertaining and sizzling.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I loved this book. Have read all three in the series and this is still my favorite.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the story of Hugh & Shay-great author.
teetee1968 More than 1 year ago
Shay Freestone has weathered a lot of ups and downs. But as she is trying to evade the advances of an idiot, she is saved by the big, hulking Hugh Colton. Hugh is an unlikely hero, considering he is in the middle of breaking the law when he meets Shay! Shay and Hugh shouldn't be together, but the chemistry is unavoidable! Hugh offers casual and Shay thinks she can stick to that. But as a good love story always goes, they can't avoid growing feelings! This story will take you through the ups and downs of Shay's and Hugh's personal lives, and all the reasons their relationship shouldn't work! Fantastic story, steamy sex and lots of hope for a happily ever after! I can't wait for the series to continue with the next HEA!
caroldh4 More than 1 year ago
Swerve is book one in the brand new Boosted Hearts series by Sherilee Gray. I have read every one of Sherilee’s books so far so I was so excited to start this new series. Let me tell you it was amazing! I fell in love with the dirty talking, tough as nails on the outside but not so tough on the inside, hero, and the tiny little red head that changed his life. This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the author. “Can two hearts with too many secrets dare for a future?” The only thing good there ever was in Shay Freestone’s life was her grandma. And she’s gone now. After a disastrous break up with her ex, who is also her ex-boss, Shay was forced to leave her well paying job and is now working three part time jobs to try to pay the bills. She was also forced to give up her apartment and is living in the pink trailer that belonged to her grandmother. Shay’s waste of space mother raised her with ridicule, eventually convincing Shay of some of the things she said about her. After what happened with her ex-boyfriend, Shay’s feelings of self-worth are at an all time low. Hugh Colton has shouldered the responsibility of his mother, brother and sister since he was a kid. His father drifted in and out of his life. He gambled and drank away every penny they had, then he would disappear leaving them to clean up the debt. Time and time again, Hugh would find ways to scrape together the money to pay off his father’s debts to protect his family. Often he would resort to stealing cars to find the money, sometimes he just needed to put food on the table. Until finally, his dad disappeared for good, but not before leaving them with a huge debt, this time to a man that would stop at nothing to regain his losses. So Hugh and his brother and best friend entered into a repayment plan with him, a plan where they would steal cars in order to repay the debt. It was on such a night, when Hugh was delivering a boosted car, that he first saw Shay, dressed up in a crazy barely there costume, being harassed by some drunk guy. So he swooped in and helped her and gave her a ride. Hugh didn’t do relationships. He did one night stands only. As soon as he saw Shay, he knew he wanted her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “One night might not be enough to get her out of his system, and one night is all he’d ever allow himself to have.” After Shay’s experience with her ex, she has no desire to be in another relationship. It’s all she can do to get from day to day with her life as it is. But something about this giant of a man. She can’t get him off her mind. “So, what’re you saying here, sweetheart?” “I’d like to…, us…to have an affair,” she finished. Shay and Hugh’s one night stand turns into one more night and another after that. They are drawn to each other like magnets. Hugh can’t admit to himself that Shay means more to him than he wants her to. He can’t allow her to be a part of his dirty life. To expose her to the people that rule his nights. If they find out about her, they could use her to hurt him. But every time he tells himself that this is the last time, that he has to walk away, he can’t seem to force himself to stay away. “How could he continue to treat her as if she meant nothing, when in a short time she’d come to mean everything.” This book was completely and totally fantastic. I was in love with the characters from page one. I could not put it down. The things that came out of Hugh’s mouth…
AnyTime_ReaderSF More than 1 year ago
Hugh Colton and his brother on have a few cars to boost and then his fathers debt is paid off. Shay Freestone is alone and has sworn off men but can sexy hunk Hugh talk her into 1 night of no string fun with out getting attached. I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review. This is book 1 of Boosted Hearts by the author. The characters are great and down to earth and I loved the story line of this book.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Shay Freestone has never known stability, every time she thinks she has a grasp on it, it slips right through her fingertips, and she finds herself alone all over again. Every person that comes into her life, and she allows herself to get attached to always walks away, and that coupled with her lack of self confidence, has lead her to believe that she just wasn't meant to belong to anyone. After her last experience with heart break she has decided she is done with relationships once and for all, and has no intention of ever letting another man into her life for more than just a night of fun. Figuring that if it's just one night then there's no risk of getting attached and opening herself up to hurt again... it's the safe route. After weeks of hiding out at home and busying herself with work, her friend decides to intervene, and convinces her it's time to stop drowning herself in hurt, and let it all go and have a little fun at a costume party. She of course tries to rebel, but is handed a Poison Ivy costume instead, and drug along despite her reservations. Between the uncomfortable costume, and being surrounded by strangers she has had her fill of the party and is ready to leave, but the minute she heads for the door she is accosted by some costumed weirdo who can't keep his hands to himself or take a hint that she isn't down for what he offering. So she flees the first chance she gets, but the weirdo isn't taking no for an answer... that is until a tall, dark and ruggedly handsome stranger comes to her rescue and sends the weirdo packing. She thanks him for his help, and even accepts a ride home, with the belief that she will never see him again... Hugh Colton has had a rough life, after his father left his family high and dry and riddled with debt, the livelihood of the family fell onto his shoulders, and he had to step up and be the man of the family. As his father continued to rack up debt the folks he screwed over came knocking and Hugh always paid them off, but when his father found himself in debt to a notorious crime boss it was decided that Hugh work off the payment by providing him with stolen cars. So Hugh had to put his own life on hold, and his future in jeopardy just to bail his father out once again. With the debt almost being paid, and freedom from the crime boss on the horizon Hugh is looking forward to getting his life back on track, and possibly even finding his own little piece of happiness. On one of his last boosting missions he comes across a costumed beauty in dire need of rescue and he knows helping her could put his own future at risk, but he just can't walk away and leave her to fend for herself. He knows the minute she slides into the seat of his car that he's making a big mistake, but reason is being overtaken by an insatiable desire...and the urge to quench that desire is winning out!! From the moment I started this book it had me at it's mercy, I was barely a paragraph into it and I was completely and utterly addicted and submersed into a state of complete literary bliss. The instant Hugh entered the picture I knew he was going to be one of those characters that would linger with me long after I finished his story, not only because of the man he was created to be, but also because of his unwavering dedication to be the man worthy of Shay's affections.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4.5 - "I'm in your bed, or you're in mine. Nothing more." Stars! The first book in Sherillee Gray’s Boosted Heart’s series, was an absolute treat to read. I have really enjoyed previous books by this author, but I have to say that Swerve is the best book I have read by her to date. I think there is a massive trend with authors nowadays in that their main man is a dirty talker, some do it well, while some fail abysmally, and where intending to come across sexy and attractive, a lot of them come over as cheesy wannabe porn-stars. The author nailed it with Hugh in that he is a dirty, dirty mouthed man, but rather than leaving me a little green about the gills, which seems to have been the norm of late, I was pleasantly hot under the collar, and jealous that Shay was the recipient of all that, blunt, growly alpha goodness. The woman was a mystery. Talked like class, dressed up like Poison Ivy, and lived in a pink trailer. Shay was the other positive for me in this book, because if I am honest, every trope that was added to her story-line is pretty much a pet peeve of mine, douche-ex, crappy parent, and at points a little too overly trusting, especially when it came to letting past mistakes repeat themselves. But again the author managed to give her the story I would normally be grinding my teeth at, but make it so I wasn’t. "It's... It's hard for me to trust... not just you but myself... after everything I've been through. I don't know... I just don't know." Mainly, I think because none of the aforementioned were dragged out or overplayed, so rather than be annoyed with the things that occurred as the story between her and Hugh progressed, they were dealt with progressively, but overall added to the relationship that was building between them. "I want you. You want me. It’s as simple and as complicated as that." So you have a sexy, sexy car-booster, a woman who has been dealt with more than a few life-setbacks of late, and a really well rounded story-line, there isn’t any one thing that made this book stellar, but everything culminating together as a whole. I ploughed through it, and told from both POV’s you really do get an understanding as to what is happening to them outside of their relationship as everything progresses. Joe Colton is up next, with Spin book two in the series, due for release in June. You are given a little idea as to where his story is likely to go in the resolution of Hugh and Shay’s story, and I am eager to read his story, more from this series, and the author in general in the forthcoming months. ARC generously provided by the author, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.