Swine Production and Nutrition

Swine Production and Nutrition

by Wilson G. Pond (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984)

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ISBN-13: 9781468468755
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 11/17/2012
Series: Animal Science Textbook Series
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1984
Pages: 733
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.06(d)

Table of Contents

I. The Pork Industry.- 1 The Past, Present, and Future of Swine Production.- Evolution and Domestication.- The Importance of the Pig in Supplying Food.- Alternative Protein Sources for Humans.- Future Prospects for Pork Production.- References.- 2 General Considerations about the Pig.- Breeds.- Chromosomes.- Body Size.- Behavior Traits.- Life Cycle.- Gross Anatomy and Carcass Measurements.- Plasticity of the Pig.- Hair and Skin Color.- References.- 3 Pork as Human Food.- Nutrient Composition of Pork.- Properties Affecting the Acceptability of Pork to Humans.- References.- II. Biology of the Pig.- 4 Breeding and Selection.- Goals.- Heritability.- Selection Index.- Culling Rates.- Testing Procedures.- Mechanics of Performance and Progeny Testing.- The Show-Ring.- Potential Selection Criteria.- Purebreeding, Crossbreeding, Inbreeding, and Outbreeding.- Artificial Insemination and Controlled Estrus.- Inherited Defects.- References.- 5 Prenatal Development.- Fertilization.- Implantation.- Differentiation of Organs.- Development of the Circulatory System and Blood Cells.- Placenta and Fetal Membranes.- Growth of the Fetus.- Adaptations at Birth.- References.- 6 Postnatal Development.- Birth Weight and Litter Size.- Blood Glucose.- Body Temperature Control and Climatic Physiology.- Digestion and Absorption of Food.- Special Considerations Related to Digestive System Development.- Rate of Passage of Feed Residues.- Intestinal Microflora.- Blood and Circulation.- Hematology.- Dentition.- Changes in Body Composition with Time.- References.- 7 Growth.- Methods of Expressing Growth.- Hyperplasia and Hypertrophy.- Body Weight Gain as a Measure of Growth.- References.- 8 Reproduction.- The Female.- Anatomy of the Reproductive Tract.- Puberty.- Estrous Cycle.- Ovulation.- Factors Affecting Ovulation Rate and Time of Estrus.- Artificial Control of the Estrous Cycle.- Ova Transfer.- Movement and Survival of Sperm in the Female Reproductive Tract.- Conception Rate.- Duration of Gestation.- Prenatal Deaths.- Parturition.- The Male.- Anatomy of the Reproductive Tract.- Puberty and Sexual Behavior.- Artificial Insemination and Semen Production.- Composition of Semen.- Sperm Survival and Storage.- References.- 9 Lactation.- Yield.- Composition.- Mammary Glands.- References.- 10 Infectious and Noninfectious Diseases.- Infectious Diseases.- Bacterial Diseases.- Viral Diseases.- Mycoplasmal Diseases.- Mycotic Diseases.- Miscellaneous Diseases.- Parasites.- Other Infectious Diseases.- Noninfectious Diseases.- Poisonous Plants.- Toxicants That Cause Disease.- Metabolic Diseases.- Nutritional Diseases.- Nutrient Toxicity Diseases.- References.- III. Feeds and Feeding.- 11 Nutrients and Feed Formulation.- Practical Swine Feeding.- Nutrients Required by Swine.- Clinical Signs of Nutrient Deficiencies.- Quantitative Nutrient Requirements in Life Cycle Feeding.- Diet Formulation.- Classification of Feedstuffs.- References.- 12 Grain and Grain By-product Energy Sources.- Corn (Maize).- Common Maize.- Opaque-2 Maize.- Floury-2 Maize.- Waxy Maize.- Grain Sorghum (Milo).- Barley.- Oats.- Rye.- Wheat.- Triticale.- Rice.- Buckwheat.- Milling By-products.- Distillery and Brewery By-products.- References.- 13 Roots, Tubers, Fats, and Other Energy Sources.- Cassava.- Potatoes.- Dried Potato Products.- Sweet Potatoes.- Yams.- Bananas and Plantains.- Cane Sugar.- Cane Molasses.- Dried Bakery Product.- Citrus and Citrus Pulp.- Garbage.- Fats and Oils.- References.- 14 Animal Protein Sources.- Meat Meal and Meat-and-Bone Meal.- Blood Meal.- Fish Meal.- Fish Protein Concentrate (FPC).- Fish Silage and Liquefied Fish.- Shrimp Meal.- Krill Meal.- King Crab Meal.- Dried Milk.- Milk Whey.- Hatchery Waste.- Feather Meal.- Hog Hair Meal.- Nonprotein Nitrogen (NPN).- Animal and Poultry Waste.- References.- 15 Plant Protein Sources.- Oilseed Meals.- Soybean Meal.- Coconut Meal.- Cottonseed Meal.- Linseed Meal.- Peanut Meal.- Rapeseed Meal (Canola Meal).- Rubber Seed and Rubber Seed Meal.- Safflower Meal.- Sesame Meal.- Sunflower Seed and Meal.- Grain Legumes.- Soybeans.- Dry Beans.- Chickpeas.- Pigeon Peas.- Cowpeas.- Field Beans.- Field Peas.- Sweet Lupin.- Other Protein Sources.- Alfalfa.- Alfalfa Protein Concentrate.- Alfalfa and Grass Juice.- Single-Cell Protein.- Seaweed.- Synthetic Amino Acids.- References.- 16 Mineral and Vitamin Sources and Nonnutritive Feed Additives.- Mineral Sources.- Vitamin Sources.- Nonnutritive Feed Additives.- References.- 17 Processing and Its Effect on Nutritive Value.- Types of Feed Processing.- Grinding.- Pelleting.- Heating.- Micronization.- Liquid Feeding.- Paste Feeding.- Oil Extraction.- Summary of the Effects of Processing Feedstuffs on Pig Performance.- References.- IV. Management and Marketing.- 18 Environmental Physiology.- Effect of Environmental Temperature.- Space and Group Considerations.- Effect of Other Environmental Conditions.- Solid Floors and Slotted Floors.- References.- 19 Swine Management and Marketing.- Management Practices.- General Types of Swine Enterprises.- Marketing.- Size of U.S. Commercial Swine Farms.- Economics of Large Swine Units in the United States.- References.- Appendixes.- 1 Sample Sow and Litter Records.- 2 Swine Industry Directory; Pork Cookbooks and Facts about Pork.- 3 Glossaries of Terms Used in Swine Production and Feed Processing.- Animal Terms.- Husbandry Terms.- Physiological Terms.- International Feed Nomenclature.- Feed Manufacturing Terms.- Feed Ingredient Terms.- 4 Composition of Feeds Commonly Used in Swine Diets.- 5 Sample Diets for Swine.

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