Swingers and Swappers 12: Big Score

Swingers and Swappers 12: Big Score

by Amelia Parrish

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Swingers and Swappers 12: Big Score by Amelia Parrish

Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
"Be careful, Vivi," her mother says.
"But maman, I'm on vacation! We are both on vacation."
"You see? You see? That is exactly what I'm talking about!
"I tell you one thing by way of good advice, and you come back with another that has nothing at all to do with the subject under discussion."
"But maman, we weren't talking about anything."
Her mother rolls her eyes, the whites visible, even behind the dark blue tint of the lenses of her sunglasses.
"Vivi, it is precisely because we are on vacation that you must be so careful.
"We are in a strange environment, two women, all alone here at this resort, this rather tacky resort, I might add, thanks to your father and his nearby business conference.
"Why we couldn't have gone directly to Florida, instead of this, this ... limbo, while he finishes whatever it is he's up to, I will never-"
"Maman, ees that rilly a mattair for discussion, entre nous?
"Ah min, yew and papa, you 'ave your leetle disagreements, non?
"Bot zat ees no rizzon for me to be involve weeth tekking sides, d'accord?"
"Vivi, will you stop with the stupid French accent?
"And you are an American girl and we are in the United States and I didn't want you to go to school in Switzerland in the first place, so would you kindly speak in your natural voice?
"And stop calling me maman.
"I don't care what you call your father, but I am either Mom, of Mother.
"Oui, maman. Je compren-"
"Oh! You are impossible! You are simply-"
And she cuts herself off in mid-sentence.
And raises her sunglasses as a man, muscles rippling, the sun glinting off his oiled, deep tan, his impossibly brief bathing suit more suitable for the Riviera, strolls by, towel in hand, eyes hidden behind opaquely dark sunglasses.
And she watches as he seats himself on a chaise at the far end of the pool.
"Now then," Celeste, Vivi's mother, resumes, "Where were we?"
"Tacky," Vivi prompts. "This is a tacky resort."
"You don't like it here."
Or didn't until just now, she adds, to herself.
"Now, I know I didn't go that far," Celeste says.
"After all, your father works very hard to support us in the manner to which we have become accustomed.

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Publisher: Cryptolium Press
Publication date: 08/31/2017
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the smut