Swingers and Swappers 7: Swap Night

Swingers and Swappers 7: Swap Night

by Amelia Parrish

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Swingers and Swappers 7: Swap Night by Amelia Parrish

Very taboo. Not for the faint of heart. May include taboo and forbidden elements. This is a vintage **full length** (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel.
Flesh and flesh and flesh, it spreads itself, here on the nude beach.
Glistening with sunscreen of lotion or baby oil, it shows its contours, moving around on blanket after blanket, crowded on this weekend in the middle of summer, crowded even though it is not yet noon.
Because they know, the sun worshippers that soon, very soon, the gates of the park will be closed, this playground of the au naturel a paradise lost, at least for the day.
To get to the nude beach would be a prodigious hike indeed, from the main gate, if they should have to ditch their car outside the national park, and if there were places where they could.
To drag blanket and jug, beach bag and cooler all this way in all this heat would be an athletic feat to rival the climbing of a moderate mountain.
So that the smart ones have left home early, have established their territory in plenty of time, only to have it steadily encroached upon, until the crowd is practically blanket to blanket.
So that one must pick one's way carefully around the bodies to get to the water as, from time to time, one must, there to release bladder and bowels, as required.
Because there are no amenities at the nude beach.
Neither rest rooms nor showers, lifeguards nor hot dog stands.
And only the most desultory of patrols by the rangers, looking ridiculous in their Smokey the Bear hats, their twill trousers and heavy, khaki shirts, their black oxford shoes.
Looking for the odd alcoholic beverage or glass container, they are.
Looking for the off-color behaviour, in which, here and there, there is sporadic indulgence.
Because there is something about the combination of all this naked flesh and the heat of the day which drives some, especially the young, to exhibitionism.
Which is, in part, what coming here is about in the first place, even though many, perhaps even most of the attendees would never admit this.
No, they want an overall tan.
Or the comfort of swimming naked.
Or the freedom of simply being au naturel in the great outdoors.
And yet-and yet.
The contrast between this and normal society is too great.
And the motivation of the dress codes of society too clearly in evidence by its absence, its abeyance, this temporary relief.
"Most of these people would look better with their clothes on," Jane says, her voice practically a whisper in Bill's ear as they tan their backsides, sunglassed visages in close proximity to one another, propped up on their elbows.
"You got that right," Bill replies.
Still, he finds fascinating the variety of which the human form is capable.
Jane is right about the uglies, of course.
But even they have their purpose.

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Publication date: 09/02/2017
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