Sword in the Stars

Sword in the Stars

by Wayne Thomas Batson

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Sword in the Stars by Wayne Thomas Batson

The difference in their uncanny eyes could not be easily discerned. In the rays of the setting sun, both Aravel's and Morlan's eyes appeared gold. In the pale moonlight...yellow. Seemingly the same. Such inscrutable likeness is the way of things with identical twins. But all who knew the two brothers well noted unmistakable differences, peculiarities more experienced than seen. Those who stood before King Aravel's gaze felt the glad firelight of a cozy inn. But those who fell under Morlan's stare felt the gleam of winter moonlight on the cold, white stone monuments in a boneyard.

FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE DOOR WITHIN TRILOGY comes an epic tale of two powerful kings whose rivalry threatens to tear the world of Myriad apart. Into this chaos of treachery and war, strides ex-assassin Alastair Coldhollow whose quest for redemption leads him to the one foe he cannot defeat with a thrust of his sword. Everything may hinge on an age-old prophecy, but after thousands of years, will the Sword appear in the Stars at last?

With the aid of Abbagael Rivynfleur, a not-so-naive girl from the forest villages, Alastair will tread forgotten roads, face legendary creatures, and meet mysterious new races of people, all in an effort to find Myriad's Halfainin. So begins the sweeping seven-volume Myridian Constellation. Read on to discover what happens when the Sword is in the Stars, and the moon is blood red...

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BN ID: 2940158708916
Publisher: Spearhead Books
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Series: The Myridian Constellation , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 665
Sales rank: 680,726
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Wayne Thomas Batson is the bestselling author of The Door Within Trilogy, Isle of Swords, Dreamtreaders, and fourteen other fantasy novels. Having sold over half a million books, Batson has begun his most ambitious project yet: the 7-book, epic fantasy series The Myridian Constellation. Batson has been teaching in Maryland’s public school system for 27 years and considers his students to be his first line editors. “Hey, these kids are painfully honest,” Batson says. “Nothing makes it to the bookshelves unless it has my students’ seal of approval.” Batson credits God for inspiration, and claims he’d never have finished a single book if it weren’t for the constant support and encouragement of his wife of 24 years, as well as, his four older teen children.

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Sword in the Stars 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sword in the Stars Sex and Nudity -None at all Violence/Action -Quite a bit of swordplay and battles, but none that are intensely gory or graphic -One of the characters loses a hand which could be alarming for younger readers Drugs/Alcohol -One of the characters battles a severe addiction to Witchdrale, a drink that is very strong -Characters drink wine and other such beverages More Frightening Moments -One of the villains has a 'bone chapel' that is literally made of bones and he adds to it -A character gets a disease that causes him to froth at the mouth and sprout bubbling black blisters -A villain is smashed by a hammer and then on rocks after falling out a window. Later he comes back to life and kills the man examining him I really enjoyed this book. The characters are each unique and seem very realistic but still human. I especially liked Alastair. While he was a fantastic warrior and hero, he also had a fault that made him seem more human. The reader's guide at the front is helpful to keep the characters in line. The action is intense, with battles against dragons, Gorracks, and men. The heroes are determined but not always successful, and the villains are the kind that make you shiver. The details and plot twists are expertly crafted so that you feel as if you are in the story. I can't wait for more to come. Recommended for grades 6 and up More mature readers to better grasp all that's happening
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kiss your hand three times post this on three other books then look under your pillow
Warder More than 1 year ago
The Sword in the Stars – Wayne Thomas Batson This is the first book in The Dark Sea Annals series. The story starts off with Alastair Coldhollow seeing the blood moon in the night sky and the sword in the sky pointing to the village where the Halfainin would be found. The Halfainin was foretold to come into world as a reincarnation of the First One, a great and powerful leader that forged the kingdoms that made up Myriad. Alastair, also known as the Iceman, was told he would be the Caller, the one to announce to the world the name of the true Halfainin. Alastair was once a cold-blooded assassin in the employ of King Morlan. Morlan has a dislike for anything relating to the theories of the First One, and, in the past, ordered Alastair and his Wolfguard to kill any and every person in villages following the religion. Morlan is King of Vulmarrow. King Morlan is twin brother to King Aravel the High King Overlord of all. Morlan would have been High King had he been born half a min earlier, but Aravel was given the title by birth, something that has always fueled Morlan’s animosity towards Aravel. These murders weighed heavily on Alastair and caused him to turn to Witchdrale, a vile alcoholic concoction that lays waste to one’s mind. After seeing the signs that told of the Halfainin’s coming, Alastair spend days testing boys and girls from the village of Thel-Mizaret only to come up empty handed. Now doubting he is the true caller, he spends a drunken night on Witchdrale and ends up outside the roadway protecting a young female and her infant from Gorracks. The woman hands the infant to Alastair and runs off into the forest where she is killed by the attackers. After defeating the attackers, Alastair tracks down Abbagael, a young maiden that used to admire him from a far. He figures he can leave the child with her and then retire somewhere far away with a cash of his favored drink. Circumstances change, as they are apt to do, and Alastair finds himself the hero of an attack in a nearby market town, King Aravel appoints him as a general in the kingdom’s army and he heads off to war in the Gorrack’s territory. While he is at war, Abbagael and Telwyn stay at Anglinore and become fast friends with Queen Maren. Morlan finds the lair of the Shadow and becomes allied with Sabryne, the Finger of Shadow. Using his link with Sabryne’s mind, Morlan learns the secret of the Shepherds, that if you kill a Shepard, you gain their power. With this information Morlan plans his invasion of Anglinore and revenge against High King Aravel for his time of birth. Queen Maren is told of Morlan’s deception and is flown to see Morlan, but upon her arrival she discovers Morlan is already on his way to overthrow her husband. Morlan’s servant throws Maren in a cell and it is here that she must have her child in dingy, dark conditions. During the battle, Morlan is captured and his Wolfguard is defeated by the combined forces of the inhabitants of Myriad – the Humans, the Wayfolk, the Windborne, the Stonehands, the Marinaen, the Elladorians and the Shepherds. After Morlan is sentenced to his one-way journey across the Dark Sea, High King Aravel repeals the charges against Alastair for his murders and crimes years past. This was an excellent tale, one that I feel is sure to become a famous epic series and renown with authors such as Tolkien, Martin, Rowling and Jordan. The storyline flows perfectly from one scene to the next and the character development is quite realistic. My favorite chapter in the book had to be the chapter of letters exchanged by Alastair and Abbagael. It drew me in (more then I already was) and I felt as though I was actually in the war, receiving a letter from home. This chapter definitely prompted the empathy I’m sure it was meant to convey. The ending was quite a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to purchase book 2 of the series – The Errant King. This book left quite a few unanswered questions in my mind. Is Telwyn the Halfainin? If not, who is? Is Alastair the Caller? What happens now with the High King Overlord’s brother sentenced to an un-death? What does life hold for this world now torn apart and ravaged by war? Do the inhabitants of Myriad live happily ever after? I really doubt that could happen after they discover the identity of the skeleton pulled from the well in the last few chapters of book 1 – Sword in the Stars.
Belac More than 1 year ago
Mr. Batson never stops amazing me. He has done it again! Wow! Buy this book right now!
JaydenCrow More than 1 year ago
This is the story of a middle aged man named Alastair who is haunted by his past as an assassin for the evil King Morlan. But new hope arises as he spots the sword in the stars: a sign that the coming savior, the halfanin, has arrived. But will Alastair find the halfanin before it is too late? This tale by author Wayne Thomas Batson is one of the most touching I have ever read. He really gets you 'in touch' with all of the cast, while keeping you interested with an action-packed and suspense filled plot. I would recommend this book to anyone twelve and older. It is violent, so some scenes may disturb younger readers. But for any teen, young adult or adult, this novel is everything you could want in an ornate fantasy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I luv your books Batson r u going to poot the next one in nook form? Does any one know when Gost will come out?
Silverlake7 More than 1 year ago
In The Sword in the Stars, the Iceman, Alastair Coldhollow, searches for the Sword in the Stars, a constellation that would appear in the night sky and point towards the location of the fabled Halfainin. It had been foretold that the Halfainin would be Myriad's messiah and would defeat the Dark King and bring peace to Myriad. Meanwhile, the Gorrack nation is threatening war on the other nations of Myriad by raiding and destroying many of their cities. In this book, readers will follow Alastair Coldhollow through many battles and adventures in his search for the Halfainin. It was extremely well written and is definitely worth a read! I could not stop reading it!! I would recommend it for everyone who likes battles, fantasy, and adventure to read!
Rachel33 More than 1 year ago
Storyline - Alistair Coldhollow has changed his ways to follow the First One. Turning from a life of addiction and regret, he gazes upon the stars searching for the sword that will announce the prophesied hero, the Halfainin, that will save the world. A hero Alistair desperately needs. When the sword appears, he goes and tests many to find the Halfainin, but none pass. Falling into despair, he meets a woman running for her life who hands him a bundle containing a babe. After seeking help from an old friend, Abbageal, mystery, war, and love soon follow. But can Alistair receive forgiveness for his past deeds and the world of Myriad be saved from a sly tyrant trying to take the throne? Personal Opinion - One of the best books yet by Mr. Batson. His characters are so real and the story is so captivating. I got pulled into character's struggles and story without even noticing it happening. I loved the adventure and journey they went on. The land and inhabitants were creative and the Christian analogy of the story was beautifully done. Just beautiful. The villains of the story made my skin crawl and gave me the shivers. I have said this in a previous post but I will say it again, Mr. Batson is talented when it comes to villains. A must read for fantasy, adventure, and Christian readers. They won't be sorry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great read It is very hard to put down! :)
RyebrynnLylaShveer More than 1 year ago
Seriously putting it, Sword in the Stars was an epic book. It kept me captivated all evening. I finished it an about 6 or less hours. :) Alastair Coldhollow is The Iceman, the person who shall find the fabled Halfainan when the sword in the stars appears in the night sky when the moon is red. Alastair soon finds himself caring for a baby boy and whisked off into an adventure with the charming Abbagael. In his adventures, Alastair never forgets his true mission, to find the Halfainan. Far away, the race of the Gorracks are attacking the kingdom and making King Arannel in the need for troops. Far off, in another castle, betrayel in action......
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sword in the Stars by Wayne Thomas Batson When former assassin Alastair Coldhollow sees the legendary sword appear in the stars, he believes that his quest to proclaim the arrival of the Halfainin - the long promised hero - is about to be fulfilled. There's just one problem. He can't seem to find the Halfainin! Not only that, but he suddenly finds himself playing nursemaid to an abandoned baby. And to top it all off, the past he tried so hard to bury is slowly but surely catching up with him. Danger lurks over Myriad. Mysterious midnight murders and an enemy invasion lead to a kingdom that is arming for war. And yet, the greatest danger always comes from within... Will the Halfainin arrive in time to save Myriad? The title of this book and the premise captured my attention at once. I found the story engaging, the plot intriguing, and the action - in typical Batson style - kept the story moving at all times. Alastair, the main character, earned my sympathy and respect as he battled to free himself from his past. The first in The Dark Sea Annals, Sword in the Stars comes to a satisfying conclusion while at the same time forcing you to wait in eager anticipation for the second. Batson builds a beautiful world and writes descriptions and battles that you can see as if on camera. Myriad is quite large, however, and at times I wished there had been a map so I could better picture what was going on. The only difficulty I had while reading the book was keeping track of the vast number of characters from the nine different races of Myriad. While having to keep turning to the character sheet at the front of the book was distracting, it didn't take too much away from the actual story! Recommended for anyone 13+ who loves an exciting fantasy tale filled with epic battles, creatures, betrayals, and victories!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cant wait for second book!!!
ParisAlexandra More than 1 year ago
Some books aren't good enough to just be read. They deserve a spot outside under a tree or in front of a fireplace with piping hot chocolate. And then there are some books that don't need to be read in a special place because they whisk you away from our world into theirs. Books that suck you into past, present, and future. Through a wardrobe or through swirling ink called letters upon paper. Sword in the Stars was this kind of book. I loved every little detail. The characters, the plot, battles, prophecies, Shepherds, the list goes on and on. I had heard rave reviews about this book, but I couldn't get my hands on a copy until a couple days ago. And as I read, it met every expectation. But I never expected a little romance thrown in there! For me, the best parts were Alastair and Abbagael falling in love. I loved their letters. I thought it was a very good way to cover those six/seven years of war without boring the reader. I've noticed Mr. Batson's trend with girls with curly red hair, and I have to say those are some of my favorite characters of his! Alastair was a puzzle. His story slowly came together piece by piece, page by page, and goodness, it was an amazing story. Mr. Batson wove together an interesting and exciting tale that had me gasping, sighing, and occasionally laughing. The only thing I was left wanting was more detail. I have a beautiful story in my head, but not a lot of mental pictures. The Gorraks were described in detail over and over, but I would have liked more on the other inhabitants and lands. But maybe Mr. Batson will include more details in the sequel, The Errant King! I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
TeenageWriter More than 1 year ago
Alastair Coldhollow is a criminal. A man struggling with memories of a past he has renounced, and yet still haunted with the guilt that has seeped into his life and echoes from his past addictions. And he puts his very life on the line because of his hope that the Sword will appear in the stars, and show the way for the Caller to find the foretold Halfainin. And Alastair hangs his life on the hope that he will be the Caller to find the Halfainin to rest his guilt at last. And then it happens. The thing he had been waiting for--but what if he isn't the Caller after all? What if he is just a man who can never be forgiven for the deeds he has done in the past? But meanwhile, tensions are growing higher and higher between Anglinore and the Gorrack Nation, threatening war on a scale that could devastate all of Myriad. And the fate of it all rests on two twin kings, an abandoned child, and the decisions of Alastair Coldhollow. When I first read the description of this book (the above is not that description--I wrote that myself) I felt a shiver of excitement. When I first saw the gleaming, detailed cover of Sword in the Stars, a thrill ran through me. This was going to be an adventure to treasure--and when it comes to books, I am rarely wrong. And it went above and beyond. Sword in the Stars is a worthy novel. The worldbuilding is fantastic. The battles are, quite simply, epic. The characters are amazing. And the truths spoken in this novel are deep, impacting, and wise. This book is Wayne Thomas Batson at his best. It very nearly rivals Venom and Song in 'epicness', and certainly surpasses all of his books in originality, character-building, and world-building. The plot is fresh and original. The description was vivid and detailed, yet it isn't over-the-top. The allegory, a great element in this novel, is deep, veiled, and thought-provoking--my mind was racing to figure out what each event is compared to, if I really agreed with some of the characters (by this I mean King Ealden), and what do I actually think about this? It was stock-full of Biblical truths--a regular treasure trove, wrapped in epic battles. In a sentence, books like these--epics that can be treasured on your bookshelf for years and re-read again and again--are the reasons why Wayne Thomas Batson is one of my most treasured authors. Sir Batson, your fantastic words accurately reflect your faith and God's amazing love--bravo! You've done it. I look forward to the next addition to the Dark Sea Annals--the ending of Sword in the Stars left me breathless, shocked--wanting more.
wooton More than 1 year ago
I don't really know what else to say, this book was awesome, I loved the story and the characters seemed very believable, the story follows Alastiar Coldhollow in his search to find the Halfain, but an unexpected turn of events leaves him disheartened... Until an infant is unexpectedly thrust upon him. This is probably my favorite book by Wayne Thomas Batson!
Millard_of_Swiftstorm More than 1 year ago
Sword in the Stars by Wayne Batson: Sword in the Stars is a buckle-up tight adventure complete with cunning and seriously wicked villains, a fun, if violent girl in love with the hero, and a hero worthy of many books. Alistair Coldhollow is the Iceman. A trained assassin who does one thing well---kill. When one day he slaughters a woman's husband, only to have her turn around offer him forgiveness it throws his life out of control. On one of his drinking binges he drinks himself into a Witchdrale induced stupor and wakes up to find himself in a cave-the same cave that the woman and her surviving daughter are in. After reading in the Canticles and Scriptures she provides-- his life is turned around---mostly. Now his skills are lying dormant for now, he is the searcher, or so he thinks, the finder of the Halfanin the messiah of the people. The sword in the stars has appeared, Thel-Mizaret is the destination and he will find the Halfanin, whatever it takes. Enter. Abbagael a woman who's decided to marry Alistair, almost with or without-his consent. Her love for Alistair is beautiful in the way it typifies Christ love for the sinner even as Alistair struggles with his addiction to witchdrale and a war that has more knots than a-uh..knot. Also, some of the parallels and allegorical effects in the book were awesome. Especially, "My Father's book." I had to pause when I read it. Beautiful. With the impending.then in place, war. Alistair's skills are wonderfully highlighted giving me the chills and making me wish with all my heart I had his skill with the blade!!!!!!! The book has incredible potential, in fact, I found that Alistair Coldhollow was the coolest person I think Wayne's ever crafted. However, my qualms with the book deal mainly with the lack of realism in some areas. No one batting an eyelash as Alistair and Abbagael go into the forest for days by themselves with only the baby. And the lack of explanation by the author. Once again, I found massive potential in the book, I just needed more things fleshed out for myself. Don't take me to the doorstep then keep me out! Mr. Batson, I love your work, and God's blessed you with amazing ability. Keep up the writing, just remember, as a reader I want to follow everything and know it all ;) Keep me in the light a little more next time, will ya?
Missy2violinist More than 1 year ago
Hear ye, hear ye, one and all, another incredible work by Wayne Thomas Batson!!!!! Mr. Batson has done it once again! He has created a tale of fantasy, mystery and adventure and thrown great Christian principles into the mix. Sword in the Stars is one book no one will want to miss. Set in Myriad, a fictional land on the brink of war, the story follows Alastair Coldhollow, a man searching desperately for the prophesied deliverer and trying to run from his dreadful past. While he searches, Myriad is on the verge of a full out war with the Gorrack Nation, and their only hope of winning lies with an untrustworthy king. So if you like books that have secrets, suspense, adventure, fantasy, and betrayal. Haunting pasts, promising futures, daring deeds and sinister plots, well than you won't want to miss the exciting kick off to the Dark Sea Annals!
SciFiAuthor More than 1 year ago
Wayne Thomas Batson continues to improve his writing skills while teaching lessons and sharing breathtaking adventures. Sword in the Stars took me by storm. I was virtually unable to stop reading it! :D The parallels in it are also interesting. :) With a unique imagination, Wayne Thomas Batson weaves a tale of forgiveness, a tale that is wrapped up in out-of-this-world creatures, humor, and excitement that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Alastair Coldhollow is a former assassin and arguably the best swordsman in all the world. Reading ancient lore of the First One, he believes himself to be the caller of the Halfinain, whom is to come and save the world from the Dark King. In his quest to find the Halfinain, he encounters many strange creatures and event lead to him ending up with an orphaned baby. He journeys to a friend with whom he intends to pass on the baby to and flee, but she has other intentions and refuses to let him out of her sight. Meanwhile, the world is in turmoil as an evil king masquerading as good stirs up age-old enemies of the united kingdoms, intending to rule them all. War is on the horizon. It threatens to tear up the lives of many, indeed, the entire world, and the Halfanain, of whom it's said to have many Shepherd gifts, has yet to be found. I'd recommend it to anyone. :)
Vrenith More than 1 year ago
Allastair, a man with a dark past, gets stuck with a small child, after seeing the sword in the stars, but not finding the Halfainan. Sword in the Stars is one of Wayne Thomas Batson's best works yet! I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing. It is a twist of adventure, danger, intrigue, and a twinge of romance. Wayne Thomas Batson has done it again, succeeding to write another book for my top tens list. ? --Vrenith
Anonymous More than 1 year ago