Swords and Souls: 'Fair Folk' Chronicles, Part One, Illustrated

Swords and Souls: 'Fair Folk' Chronicles, Part One, Illustrated

by Mangion-Cavarra


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Swords and Souls: 'Fair Folk' Chronicles, Part One, Illustrated by Mangion-Cavarra

This brilliant modern re-telling of the timeless tales of King Arthur and his Knights is a "must read." Not only is the text vibrant and fresh, the author entrances the reader into the real lives of the characters as she reveals a world of harsh, brutal reality and enchanting, mystical sorcery.

This epic novel is beautifully illustrated by the author and wonderfully detailed. It is also graphically portrayed as the writing is gritty, lyrical and sexy. Set in the godless times of the fifth century this classic tale (or is it a tale) spans three worlds: The mystical Realm of Avalon, where the 'Fair Folk' dwell; the supernatural lands of the 'Underworld' where the Demon King, Lord Pwyll resides, and the habitual world of men.

Who are the mystifying 'Fair Folk' that appear from the shimmering ether in the darkest hours of night, in the heart of Dumnonia? Why was Rhys the carpenter the only one awake to witness their perplexing appearance while the entire village was asleep as if gripped by death? Fascinate yourself with the voice of the 'Fair Folk,' as the author brilliantly introduces their ancient mesmerising, long forgotten language, which the reader can find great enjoyment by discovering it in this novel.

King Arthur is the knight of two faiths as he is torn between both the Pagan and Christian religions. He is also caught in a grim struggle between betrayal and honour of the Knights of the Round Table. He must do battle with the Northern Lords and the Picts of the Wilderness Lands, both greedy for land. He must also take up arms against Lord Pwyll, the Demon King of the 'Underworld' and against his own half sister Morgan Le Fay, the mistress of 'Fate and Death' who resentfully opposes him.

This Arthurian Legend compiles the true sagas of love, violence, mystery, betrayal, sorcery, loyalty and enchantments. Good versus evil and light versus darkness bound in a cloak of occult lore.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781490455983
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date: 08/07/2013
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Mangion-Cavarra published her first book in 2008 with Lulu.com. It has taken 10 years to write her epic novel Swords and Souls, 'Fair Folk' Chronicles Part One and Two. This title can be bought in standard format and also in wonderful illustrated format to which she created for the epic novel.

She is also a renowned artist and has sold her artworks in Northampton Museum and Art Gallery and countless other venues. She has also created artwork for local music groups and her designs have been seen in Virgin Records.

She also designs tattoos and creates artwork on commission basis. She has taken part in BBC Northampton Radio discussing 'live' concerning her artworks and books and also featured in the National Newspapers and magazines.

She was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, England in 1959 but has lived in Northampton since 1985 where she brought up her two children who have since given her 5 grandchildren. Art and writing is her passion and once on a project she is hardly able to stop until it is completed.

Writing this tale was an epic task but she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will continue her passion as the sequels are completed and currently available.

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