Symbols of the White Dove: Channeled Paintings and Messages of Love from the He(art) Brush of the Soul

Symbols of the White Dove: Channeled Paintings and Messages of Love from the He(art) Brush of the Soul

by Vanessa Brownbridge


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Symbols of the White Dove: Channeled Paintings and Messages of Love from the He(art) Brush of the Soul by Vanessa Brownbridge

With its striking visual messages and loving words of wisdom, this insightful book presents the love and healing influences that co-exist simultaneously with the war-rior' stimuli that create rage, chaos and conflict in our everyday lives. Our moment to moment choices allow these energies to manifest themselves and create the now and future of our intent.

It is a loving communication ... an open invitation from Angelic Source Energy to examine closely how we think, for in every given moment we are channels for a constant, dynamic and fluid creating power that manifests our material world. The paintings in Symbols of the White Dove provide the reader with a detailed, graphic representation of what it is that we reach out to with the power of our thoughts, vis-à-vis our relationship to light and dark, and how, in a dualistic setting, we are firmly linked to both.

Offering a rare symbolic perspective tailored to bring into 3D awareness all that we give our attention and intention to, the images clarify the importance of forgiveness and the release of all that we think that we are not, and reveal more of all that we are. More significantly, it will allow you to unravel the truth and wisdom of your own heart's journey and better appreciate the singular uniqueness and design of all human expression, whatever the face it wears.

"Beautifully set down through art and text, Vanessa Brownbridge's messages teach fulfillment through compassion, transcendence through forgiveness, and truth through the divine vitality that produces and restores life-love. The inspirational experiences in Symbols of the White Dove journey through a global negativity rendered powerless by our refusal to believe in it and travel through a unity of all beings which comes from within: what is conveyed in this important work reveals the mysterious beauty that still remains and articulates our infinite potential to set ourselves free, if only we will."

-Cynthia Gagne, BA, B Ed, MA

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ISBN-13: 9781452557564
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/26/2012
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.39(d)

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Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Vanessa Brownbridge
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5756-4

Chapter One

Keys to Truth

As humanity begins to awaken, many are gaining spiritual insights and intuitive wisdom that you, your guides, angels and Highest Self are integrated and Are All One Being. Your highest selves are so profoundly and implicitly part and parcel of the Creator there is no separation. We are you, your higher selves, and all aspects of you existing throughout the Universe, into your OverSoul and all the way to Source. It has always been so.

There are many versions and perspectives of Earth's beginnings and consequent events, and we would like to share with you a glimpse of ours. Encouraging discernment, we lovingly ask that you receive in love, that which resonates. That which does not at this time, allow to rest peacefully and without judgement for it brings clarity for another.

When the first Souls were formed by Prime Star Maker, an occurrence not dissimilar to what is understood as the Big Bang occurred. As we exploded outward like the seeds from a flower and being created in love in the image of our Maker, we proceeded to create and co-create with one other. We knew we were the Grand Carriers of Brilliant Magnificence and Reflections of The One True Vibration. The unfolding Universes were vast and full of potential and many of us turned to playing further afield, creating galaxies and star systems we could experience in a multitude of forms and essences. We seeded the first Universes with new life forms and being able to transcend time and space with the power of our thoughts, we proceeded to bring many expressions of existence to these parts of the Cosmos, this time to begin and design a new and even grander experiential Universe.

Every Creator Being participating in this grand event and cosmic co-creation was given Autonomy – in clear terms – Absolute Sovereign Free Will and the right to create and design reality to express themselves as all that they wished to see and be. Some chose highly lofty attributes and others chose not lesser, but different traits and qualities to see within each other all that they were and all they were not. Knowing that the Soul Self would remain intact, and that no lasting harm could affect them, they set about playing a game of opposites. A unique concept of time was also engineered for the game, and just as you play games within a timeframe, and have your coaches on the sidelines, some of us stayed out of the game and volunteered to watch, observe and record the outcome of the game and re-mind the participants in the game when time was up, so that they could either change the rules of the game, come out of the game and share what they had learned, or experience grander or lesser roles within the construct until such time as they were able to transcend the game. The main goal of the game was to recognise one and other within the concept and reunite themselves. What happened within the game would stay within the game and all would come out intact. Do you understand, Beautiful Ones, who all are and what it is that you are trying to do?

The game was set up so that those participating would be able to also play a game of creation, a game within a game and at certain times there would be cool-down periods, rest phases and the ability for new players to come in and change the tactics of the game. All was to be allowed for this was also the object of the game: learning through experience and exploration and pushing self to the fullest margins without limitation.

Those who volunteered to take part in the physical construct of the game were Grand Beings of such a vast and impeccable nature and so wholly immersed in Love it was inconceivable that they could ever forget their true natures. Because these participants had only ever experienced and expressed love, and considered this in service to love, they were convinced that to successfully make the game truly, magnificently, challenging they had to create an experience so real that when they came to re-cog-nise themselves it would create so much joy within them that it would catapult them into a new expression of being and so they embraced the veil of illusion without hesitation or qualm.

As illusion became 'reality' and matter became more laboriously dense they slowly submerged their true natures and lost themselves within the confines and intricate mazes of the game. The illusion was so powerful and impermeable that those who chose different or opposite traits came to believe that they were the owners of the game and proceeded to make up their own set of rules and command others to obey those rules and those rules only, setting themselves above all others. This created competition within the game of life and caused tremendous friction between some of the more avid players giving rise to fear and disassociation with the spirit self and losing themselves entirely.

Control of the game became paramount and killing and maiming one another to win the game caused splitting and shattering of energy into fractions within 'reality' creating in physicality repercussion or a boomerang effect. As one of the key elements of the Creation game was sovereign free will, this had to be allowed for its experiential value. Once players came out of the game, they were given a rest period and had to then go back to equalize or align portions of the game that they had affected but in the game of make believe the illusion was profoundly compelling and redressing was often forgotten or misconstrued.

Once operating as magnificent, galactic beings of Light these energies remerged into the lower densities incurring and creating karma, for in the Universe all energy is active and magnetic and creates more of the same. Dropping further into lower vibratory fields, these king players still had tremendous power and were able to affect, propagate and manipulate their creations within the game. Millennia have passed and yet these catastrophic events still echo and reverberate throughout the present ages with legends and stories of the great thunder gods, such as Thor, Zeus, Odin, and the female Goddesses similarly arrayed against each other. We use names you are familiar with to give you an inkling of the culmination of power that caused the momentous energy struggles that filter down to you even in your present age like the ripples in a pond.

Simply put, they were killing themselves – just as you are now. As times changed, and new gods replaced old in the hearts of men and women, the built up unhealed energy re-emerged with different faces, names and titles; little gods and kings and men all warring over dust and death and illusion, carrying over burdens and actions from lifetime to lifetime. Creating titanic battles amongst themselves and their creations, they wreaked havoc with fear-induced feelings of jealousy, ownership, revenge and vanity, further tipping the balance into the web of illusion. Incarnating into denser forms and spinning further and further away from Truth and recognition of Source, they captured, enslaved and disassociated with each other – just as you are now.

Because of what they had created within their timelines in lower density, a fabric or wall was fashioned by the violent spent energies obscuring their light and truth even further. This wall was added to, one brick at a time, layer upon layer, until all was walled into solitary confinement. Still acting the parts of renegades and hugely light, as well as love resistant, these fear-based powerful beings continue to reincarnate over and over again within your feudal systems, priesthoods, religious hierarchies, financial institutions, monarchies and governments, holding high positions of influence and authority, firmly controlling all of the world's earthly riches, monetary sources and believe (be-live) they own the Earth. These 'dominant' beings create and attract with their actions, thoughts and intentions to them; lower, darker, distorted, malignant energy fields, holding them in thrall; while these same 'fields' aka The Greys, or Shadow Men believe they control their masters and continue to work side by side with your governments and ruling classes as off world beings, like attracting like.

These estranged ones, so disconnected to truth and having truly forgotten where their real riches lie continue their unrelenting thirst for the elixir of life while tasting the dust and ashes of death in their mouths. This is the impasse and misunderstood secret of power that has been guarded so closely and misused with such blind ruthlessness to create such barrenness and control, perpetuating cycles of systematic havoc, inequality and poverty on Earth for countless millennia. Fearfully and untenably unable to quench this voracious desire, they continue to bind their brothers and sisters in their noxious grip and webs of toxicity. And sadly, in turn, their bound brothers and sisters in their struggles to escape their stranglehold create with their thoughts of helplessness, victimhood and subjugated misery more of which binds them so firmly to their 'masters', one feeding the other in a cycle of repeated despondency and blame.

Yet in disillusionment remember to ask yourselves who it was who took on these roles without hesitation so that all could see their light and in the act of forgiveness and compassion truly understand the magnificence of all that is. The truly grand and magnanimous sacrifice that has been undertaken by all in the service of love for all that is lost is only to be found again at last. Dear Ones, be brave and expansive for the blindfolds are about to come off.

If you are now asking why this has been able to perpetuate itself for so long, as you experience it, within an eternal Universe, it is but a miniscule fragment in the markings of time. Time is a product of the game while in eternity there is only ever Now. This moment of Now is a powerful pivot point from where you can change what is in front of you in the pre-sent time.

Because this is a free-will universe, and First Creator edicts are based on unconditional love, all has been allowed in the game of experience. As with any game, safety margins are set and this particular game is almost coming to its conclusion, but the outcome is up to all of you still within the play. As you begin to awaken and find truth within you, enter us, your angels and co-collaborators, the peripheral observers and time keepers of the game, bringing you awareness of your true Christed nature. Some of you who are called light workers and light therapists have been able to transcend the game over and over again and have come back to hold the light and space for all those still lost within. All of you have been responsible, lightworker or not, for imposing some of the tensions within the game and are back in the field recalibrating the playing grids for yourselves and others to have a surer chance to transcend the confines of the game. No one is greater or brighter, more brilliant or better; it is just what we do for one and other. It is our nature. Our nature is that of Prime Soul Maker of that which is Love. It is so.

Stored deeply within you is the knowledge and homing beacon to get you and all those with lost soul memories home. Contained within the powerful rays of the sun and the solar flares that ignite the cell memories stored within your DNA are the codes to unlock your purpose and reunite all those within creation, for you can never be lost. The re-entrance of the Goddess energy is the impetus for re-membering, re-harmonizing and re-balancing all things. The Earth and all that dwell on her and beyond are being re-minded once more to break free from the bonds that imprison you and return to the truth and the freedom of the whole-hearted beings that you are. You were created in love and you are returning to love to work your magics from there. This opportunity has been presented many times, but the choices have been made in darkness and fear, so recreating the continuing present day quandaries. The way forward through the brick wall is with the tools of forgiveness and compassion for what has been done and continues to be done to you by you.

Some will take down one brick at a time; others will bring many tumbling down. For some it will seem that these bricks are falling on your head and knocking you unconscious. Each has a role to play triggering certain events for others to awaken. You are keys to one another, and gateways for transcendence, for you are still on the game-board of life. You have willed yourselves to be here at this grand awakening and taken this mission on.

We ask you Beloved Ones, what will you choose? All for One and One for All?

Chapter Two

You are Safe

As the age shifts into the new stages of perception change, more will become aware of a Golden feminine presence that lights up your mind and your hearts. In many meditations the vision holds a golden, amber- headed goddess filled with joy and laughter. As she focuses on you, her face glows with love. This is the Divine Feminine that has been in absentia for millennia. Disregarded and dispossessed by powerful male forces, this gentle loving being is once more on the rise. As you seek balance within yourselves, you call out to her, and displaced but not gone she attends that call. Wrapped in light strands in a magnitude of highest love, she comes to bring you healing and propel you into the highest pinnacles and presence of Prime Soul Maker. She is your propulsion to glimpse all you are. As you spin and dance with her, she releases all the toxins and lower fields of energy that cling to you and weigh you down. As they float by in your vision, gently wish them healing and relinquish them to the light strands. Hold no judgement or concern as these are also facets of your being come to seek her love.

All beings and entities are guided to seek the light at this time. Many knowingly, and many without any idea of what they are looking for. Those that come through you may not always know what they are there for and may become alarmed or feel aggressive. Knowing that you are safe and that this is what you have come to do, hold on to the love bond with the Goddess and refuse to feel anything but forgiveness and compassion for that which feels threatening. These entities cannot remain within that vibration for long, as it is too painful for them and will be sent on, to a place of deep rest and healing.

Some of the entities that cling are fragments of energy density from your previous lives – aspects that did not complete the healing process within their life spans. All life is a continuing cycle of expression, and some of these former expressions were unable to reconcile or resolve what it is they came to do. Deep within your own cell memories are archived accounts of all the roles you have ever played. Contained within the nonphysical counterpart of these memory banks and attached to yours by invisible strands of coded light are massive Universal storehouses that contain all the thoughts, memories and experiences of creations' expressions. These are known as the Akashic Records. You are cleaning up and sorting out these libraries and it is a momentous task. Many of you may be surprised to know that you are quite proficient at this and have assisted in this process before. In eternity you have been many things and will be several more. There is no end to expression and your human face is but one small and fleeting one.

Similarly, there have been many faces of the Goddess through the ages and the feminine vibration has faced her challenges too. Not all has been the fair side of the Goddess, but those lessons were learned a very long time ago also in dualistic setting. As the pendulum swings back it seeks to find the fulcrum of all experienced. It is not here to eradicate what you term as dark, opposite or malevolent, but to align with it and make it whole and balanced. It is within wholeness that the value of life in 3D will be found. This is true ascension, living life as co-creating joyful, gracious, wholesome beings and then continuing on to seek even grander expressions of the self within your wholeness and interrelatedness.

The Ascension process has been misunderstood in several ways. It is not about leaving your bodies and flying off to some distant galactic nirvana where all is light and the dark is left behind to destroy itself or do hideous things to what remains of one and other, far away from all that you call innocent or worthy. It is about integration, forgiveness, compassion and making whole what has been torn, separated, annihilated, humiliated, broken and cast away. If it were about the former you would all be rent asunder, for you are a part of all that you see before you.


Excerpted from SYMBOLS OF THE WHITE DOVE by VANESSA BROWNBRIDGE Copyright © 2012 by Vanessa Brownbridge. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Keys to Truth....................11
Chapter 2: You are Safe....................15
Chapter 3: Self-Expression....................20
Chapter 4: Sol's Heralds....................25
Chapter 5: Phoenix Rising....................35
Chapter 6: The Goddess Kundalini....................43
Chapter 7: Earth Mother....................51
Chapter 8: Civilization....................61
Chapter 9: Choices – A Decision in the Making....................69
Chapter 10: Hand of the Goddess....................75
Chapter 11: Planet Pirates....................91
Chapter 12: The Bird People....................99
Chapter 13: Circle of the White Dove....................115
Chapter 14: Guardian Divas....................123
Author's Bio....................137

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