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American Institute of Physics
Symmetries in Nature: Symposium in Memoriam Marcos Moshinsky / Edition 1

Symmetries in Nature: Symposium in Memoriam Marcos Moshinsky / Edition 1


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Elegance and parsimony to understand Nature through symmetry methods was one of the hallmarks in the work of Professor Marcos Moshinsky (1921—2009). These methods continue to blossom in a profusion of tools, topics, and areas of modern physics and mathematics. The Symposium on Symmetries in Nature was convened to manifest the present diversity of their applications.

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ISBN-13: 9780735408777
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 01/11/2011
Series: AIP Conference Proceedings Series , #1323
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Foreword ix

Character Expansions in Physics A. B. Balantekin 1

Fidelity Decay of the Two-Level Bosonic Embedded Ensembles of Random Matrices L. Benet S. Hernández-Quiroz T. H. Seligman 6

Extended Spin Symmetry and the Standard Model J. Besprosvany R. Romero 16

Algebraic Cluster Model with Tetrahedral Symmetry R. Bijker 28

Symmetry Adapted States and the Quantum Phase Transition in the Dicke Model O. Castaños E. Nahmad-Achar R. López-Peña J. G. Hirsch 40

Umbral Orthogonal Polynomials J. E López-Sendino M. A. del Olmo 52

Building and Destroying Symmetry in 1-D Elastic System J. Flores G. Monsiváis P. Mora A. Morales R. A. Méndez-Sánchez A. Díaz-de-Anda L. Gutiérrez 62

Scale Invariance as a Symmetry in Physical and Biological Systems: Listening to Photons, Bubbles and Heartbeats R. Fossion E. Landa P. Stránský V. Velázquez J. C. López Vieyra I. Garduño D. García A. Frank 74

Doorway States and Billiards J. A. Franco-Villafañe J. Flores J. L. Mateos R. A. Méndez-Sánchez O. Novaro T. H. Seligman 91

Diffraction in Time in Tunneling Phenomena G. García-Calderón 98

New Dimensions of the Periodic System: Superheavy, Superneutronic, Superstrange, Antimatter Nuclei W. Greiner 109

The Linear Canonical Transform as a Propagation Model in Digital Holography J. J. Healy 119

Solvable Models and Hidden Symmetries in QCD T. Yépez-Martínez P. O. Hess A. Szczepaniak O. Civitarese S. Lerma H. 129

Seniority in Quantum Many-Body Systems P. Van Isacker 141

Quantum Vacuum Energy in Graphs and Billiards L. Kaplan 153

Multipole Analysis in Cosmic Topology P. Kramer 164

Two Interacting Electrons in a Magnetic Field: Comparison of Semiclassical, Quantum, and Variational Solutions T. Kramer 178

Symmetry Projection of the Rovibrational Functions of Methane O. Àlvarez-Bajo R. Lemus M. Carvajal F. Pérez-Bernal 191

Integrability Test for Discrete Equations D. Levi R. I. Yamilov 203

Canonical Transforms, Quantumness and Probability Representation of Quantum Mechanics M.A. Man'ko V. I. Man'ko 215

Statistical Scattering of Waves in Disordered Waveguides: An Overview of Past and Present Results P. A. Mello 221

The Harmonic Oscillator and the Position Dependent Mass Schrödinger Equation: Isospectral Partners and Factorization Operators J. Morales G. Ovando J. J. Peñn 233

Symmetries of the Periodic System O. Novaro 244

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking by Double Lithium Adsorption in Polyacenes Y. P. Ortiz T. H. Seligman 257

Coupling Constant Metamorphosis, the Stäckel Transform and Superintegrability S. Post 265

Some Properties of an Infinite Family of Deformations of the Harmonic Oscillator C. Quesne 275

Conformal Mapping and Bound States in Bent Waveguides E. Sadurní W. P. Schleich 283

Third Quantization T. H. Seligman T. Prosen 296

The Dirac-Moshinsky Oscillator Coupled to an External Field and Its Connection to Quantum Optics J. M. Torres E. Sadurní T. H. Seligman 301

The Harmonic Oscillator behind All Aberrations K. B. Wolf 313

Ambiguous Red Shifts C. E. Wulfman 323

Symmetry Breaking: A Tool to Unveil the Topology of Chaotic Scattering with Three Degrees of Freedom C. Jung W. P. Karel Zapfe O. Merlo T. H. Seligman 330

Author Index 343

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