Symphony of Light and Winter

Symphony of Light and Winter

by Renea Mason


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Symphony of Light Book One

One woman. Seven men. All bound by one man's undying devotion.

Fundraiser Linden Hill has a knack for reading people. She always knows which conversations will put a prospect at ease, which drink will loosen a patron's lips--or his wallet, and how cleavage will make a donor sweeten the deal. She's even foreseen her dateless weekends four hundred and sixty-four times in a row.

But ten years after watching life drain from her former mentor's and first love's eyes, her skills for divining the predictable are lost. When Cyril returns, he's still gorgeous, but this time he's beyond human, far less dead, and pissed. His lack of memory drives him to desperate acts, and his turbulent re-acquaintance with Linden pulls her into his war with a creature hell-bent on his destruction. His group of six supernatural men share a tantalizing secret, but despite the hunger, it's love that leads her to sacrifice everything to save him...

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ISBN-13: 9781940223513
Publisher: Etopia Press
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

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Symphony of Light and Winter 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Michaela_Miles More than 1 year ago
Symphony of Light and Winter is a sensual thrill ride, and just when you think you're spent, Renea Mason turns the heat up again and again. The Symphony has strong, lustful themes, a wicked undertone, and a heart-wrenching finale. Renea has created characters I care about, and happily dream about, and I am itching to read more when the series continues.
NicoleUlery More than 1 year ago
A paranormal tale like no other. Ms Mason's imagination mixed with the familiar scenery of western PA makes for a delightful escape. The chemistry is steamy. The mystery keeps you turning the pages. I would recommend this to any paranormal lover. It felt well thought out and you would not know this was the author's first book.
Akasa32 More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading this book I read it every chance I got some down time, and several nights fell asleep with my Nook in my hand as I was just unable to stay awake and continue reading. Renea's take on the supernatural is unique, which is something I love about the book. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, Renea surprised me by going a different route.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An outstanding paranormal romance. The whole series is good. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
Amanda_Miller More than 1 year ago
This was one of the most unique books I've ever read. A refreshingly new take on the supernatural, Symphony of Light and Winter, kept me guessing throughout the story. There was nothing typical about the story. The characters have a connection that cannot be denied and the details of their shared past unfolds during the story. There are emotional and erotic elements that only add to the power of the story. I won't spoil the ending, but trust me when I say stopping with the first installment of this series won't be possible!
AnyTime_ReaderSF More than 1 year ago
I am giving an honest review of this book for the author Renea Mason. I really enjoyed reading the first book of the series by the author. Having lost her true love 10 years earlier Linden has tried to put her life back together again and while she stays busy being a fundraiser organizer to help the music symphony company. Her life comes crashing down when she sees her first love back from the dead. Cyril is on a quest to find out why he is attracted to Linden. He has memories of bits and pieces of her and he is out to find the truth, 1 way or another. This book is a great read and has such a smooth flow to it. While the characters are all intriguing it is Linden and Cyril's journey that you fall in love with. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this book and I enjoyed reading it. This book has suspense, lies, supernatural beings, murder and sex. Renea Mason treats you to the best of everything in this book and she will make you want more when you come to the end of the book. Because of the sexual content this book is for mature paranormal romance book readers.
bobbikinion More than 1 year ago
Loved this book straight from the first chapter so much I couldn't put it down. All of the character's come to life. The relationship with Cyril and Linden is funny, loving, and frustrating all at the same time. The ending was a shocker to me but cool non the less. Love how Renea Mason gave the back story between Cyril and Linden. Would I recommend this book to everyone? So definitely will!!!! I can not wait for the next books to come out! I am biting at the bit wanting more of this story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am so happy a friend told me how good this book is. I listened and I am so happy I did. It was the way I like a paranormal romance book to be and had a really good story line that leaves me begging for the next book to find out what happens. All I mainly read is paranormal and I must say this book is packed with everything you might look for in a paranormal book. So if you are looking for a good paranormal romance that is not the same as a lot of them are give this book a shot. Its not like any you have read before and will have you begging for the next one.
kipha More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness I absolutely love this Book! I was totally hook, not just because of the synopsis but because it’s Renea Mason! And her first book! Yay~ Once I got started I had to stay up reading it even if I were to wake up early the next morning for work. I didn’t care. That was how much I enjoyed it. I love both these characters! They were very dynamic and had a lot going for them but they just clicked and Bam! Sparks and old flames are fired up and ready to bang~ with heads, bodies and hearts! Oh I just couldn’t get enough of these two~ All their banter and sexual tensions just get my toes tangling in happiness. They have the best banters Ever! And man can a guy as hot, sexy, dark, complexed, and muscled up like Cyril get any Hotter and a$$ kicked? (Meaning: being a jerk and prick!) He’s so complicating! (Yes we love that about our smexy Heroes, don’t lie) Gosh at times I just wanted to slap him silly if I was in Linden’s shoes! And yes he got me clenching my teeth like crazy and then swooning over him in the next second~ gosh, I was angry at myself to fall for his tactics. I wanted to smack Linden silly for giving in but I would be a hypocrite. LOL And man I had some laughs and angered filled teary moments along with this. They just really got under my skin and drew me to their lives and made me feel them. (If I’m making any sense here) They just touched me! Oh~ I can’t leave out the secondary characters! The brotherhoods and colleagues of Cyril and Linden are just hilarious! I’m telling you, I so love them as much as the two main characters and can not wait to see more of them in the next workings. (You better write them Renea, you better. I’m watching you…..teehee) So, What do I have to say about this. You should read it! Really, what is holding you back? It’s an erotica, I think, is it? Oh well, it’s fabulous! It’s Mystery with Suspense, and a lot of it. It has lots of Sexual tensions and Lustering over bodies and on repeat and replay. It’s also Dark and very Wicked to house a very sexual and Hard Hero. You can’t leave out the very strong, determined, and feisty Heroine who can keeps up to the challenges and muddle the Hero’s head. Plus, it has paranormal activities! No, not the Scary Movie but Paranormal (vampires, shifter, gods, werewolves, zombies, etc…..) Just kidding, it doesn’t have any of these things in the book, besides the shifter and god-likeliness but it’s under Paranormal. So yay for you Para lovers! And thank you for the book Renea! Rate: 5 out of 5 happy faces!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The originality of Symphony of Light and Winter is in a class of its own. Being a debut author didn’t stop Renea Mason from making the story come to life. From a complex hero to gorgeous heroine, they are feisty, prickly, and two of the most irresistible, intriguing characters I’ve read in a paranormal romance. Every array of emotions will hit as you read the love story between two people, Cyril and Linden. From the chemistry building to the intense suspense, this book will have you flipping the pages and losing sleep. The writing and story line is that good. The uniqueness of the plot, which I don’t want to go into details for fear of being a spoiler, grew with the added touch of music and art, hence the title. I can’t wait for the second book. I’m ready for the journey to continue.
Valshemi More than 1 year ago
Okay after a review from a friend and the news on the book I had to read. Love the paranormal/scifi effect!! Has a zeal of heated romance. Cyril and what a roller coaster... I thought I knew and then I didn't.. let's just say I couldn't put this down. Love plots that keep me guessing. A must read.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Filled with a dark presence, an intensely detailed plot and the heat of an erotic dream, Symphony of Light and Winter by Renea Mason is one amazing read! Love, lust, arrogance, need and passion make for a spellbinding paranormal adult read that defies being categorized in just one genre. With a shared past, death, separation and “re-birth” two very strong characters find their love to know no limits, but how long before they are separated again, and what secrets are held deep within as they are drawn into a supernatural war against a demon after their destruction? Renea Mason has set an amazing stage filled with unique and well-developed characters that define power and grace, with a touch of arrogant self-confidence, caught in a web that spans time and defies complete understanding. She tests the limits of her characters with each page, while maintaining a veil of mystery and intrigue. Very well written with intense character interaction, attitude and the growing heat of romance, Ms. Mason has proven she can write with a magnetic pull that will grip your imagination and hold you prisoner until that very last page! I received a review copy as part of the Symphony of Light and Winter Virtual Tour and Giveaway stopping at Tome Tender November 7, 2013!
Melissa-777 More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best books i have ever read **Contains spoilers** I just have to say that i loved this book.I couldn't put it down. i loved it so much i read it twice. I was  so enchanted i completely ignored everyone and sat in my room and read. I was a roller coaster of emotions i found myself at time crying and others yelling at they characters why would you do that.  i absolutely loved the relationship between Linden and Cyril their love was very difficult. their were time when Cyril who linden thought was dead. he treated Linden terribly because he didn't trust her  because of a set of figurines given to her by her late husband Michel. As much as Linden loved him she just couldn't help it, Shes a strong character and loyal to the core but she is n danger from a man  named Michelle her late husband whom she thought had died but is not dead both Michel and Cyril  have a secret one that changes Linden life forever. I loved the whole dynamic of how things play out. Will Michelle get what he wants? Will Cyril save  linden? will Cyril and Linden end up together? to answer these questions you will have to read the  book. it was amazing and i Highly recommend you read this book. The ending of the book i totally  didn't see coming! its one of the reasons i love this book i give it 5 gold stars. I cant wait for the next book to come out i'm so excited. *book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't usually read paranormal, but the first chapter of "Symphony of Light and Winter" convinced me that this was an exceptional read, and from then on it was unputdownable. I found this novel extremely well written with an ingenious premise and the right doses of steam, terrifying fight scenes, and unexpected plot turns. Woven throughout the story are delicious dialogues with the author's irrestible touch of humor, a neverending building of tension, and a wide array of feelings from all involved. As for the characters, they're hot-looking and fiesty - maybe not always likeable, but this reader can't wait to see if they'll be up to more steamy mischief in a second book!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the start to the end you will be hooked! Linden is strong-willed and stubborn woman who says whats on her mind. The hero, Cyril is a bad-ass supernatural alpha male who is sexy as Hell!! I laughed I cried and loved every moment of this book. I am looking forward to the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AshleyBodette More than 1 year ago
I'm not going to lie...when I first read the description of this book, I was a little hesitant about whether or not I was going to like it.  But, once I started, I couldn't stop!  I literally stayed up until 4:30 AM to finish it! I know, I're thinking, "SEVEN MEN?!"  But seriously, it's not whacked out or anything.  Once you come to understand why these men are all bound together, and devoted to Linden, it really is actually endearing, not creepy.  I promise. :) When we first meet Linden, she may be scantily clad, but it's all in the name of raising funds for the orchestra hall.  While securing a donation from the man she is dressed to please, a dead man from her past walks through the entrance into the lounge.  He is also a potential donor, and despite the fact that Linden is positive she knows exactly who this man is, he introduces himself with a different name, and a slightly different accent.  He also seems to know that she was married, which she hasn't told anyone.  But he leaves politely enough.  That is, until she heads to the ladies room to settle her nerves... Cyril is angry.  VERY angry.  He can't believe what Linden has done, and on top of that, he can't remember it, so he hasn't a clue how she did it.  What is it she did, you ask?  Well, you'll have to read to find out.  But let's just say, in Cyril's world, what Linden did is a HUGE deal.  But, when he accosts her in the ladies room, he doesn't expect the few answers he gets out of Linden.  And of course, the sexual nature of this restroom meeting serves to confuse them both. One of the things I love about this book is their shared passion for music.  Both Cyril and Linden play/played piano, and Cyril taught Linden an even better appreciation for classical music when she was younger.  Linden's appreciation for music is shown in her job, and even after being 'dead' for ten years, Cyril is still a phenomenal pianist, using the music to draw Linden in one night. This book will keep you on your toes, and guessing until the very end...and past the end, making you NEED to know what happens next!  I was very, very sad leading up to the very end of the novel, but when I got to the last page or two, I was cracking up!  I promise, this book will not disappoint! The characters in this book, and their relationships with one another, are so different from anything else I've read.  They are not only interesting, but they make the reader care about them, and what happens to them.  They care about each other for unexpected, and what seem like forced, reasons, and yet their relationships still feel so honest and real.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
I was pleasantly surprised at how exceptional this book was! The story line was amazing. It progressed as a steady rate and character development couldn't have been more perfect. Cyril and Linden had the most unusual and amazing chemistry together. I'm not giving you any spoilers so you must read this book yourself. Let me just say that it is the start of a potentially wonderful series. I laughed and I cried tears of sorrow and tears of joy. There was never a dull moment in this book. I MUST read the next installment! Thank you Renea Mason for an exceptional story that I enjoyed very much :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it! Can't wait to read the second one!!!!! I would def recommend this book to all my friends!!!'
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading this I couldn't put it down. I found myself lost in the creative world that Mason created. Can't wait for the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Funny, sexy, and suspenseful, Renea Mason's novel had me laughing and eager to see what happens next. If you like paranormal romance, definitely check out this one.